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Postby Chaos Knight » 20 Jul 2014, 23:37

[OOC: Wow this ones old.]
Tzarzael wrote: "This is a bad idea." His voice was only spoken just above a whisper but it carried well enough in the alleyway that everyone could just barely hear him. Slowly he straightened, re-counting the number of possible opponents he might have just picked a fight with while still holding his spear in one hand.

Ling Luan Shi walked leisurely down the bustling street oblivious to all of the commotion taking place around him. He instinctively weaved through the flow of people without a conscious thought. Lost to him was the creaking wheels of hand and horse drawn carts filled with all manner of produce and goods, as well as the hawkers shouting out their wares to all manner of passerby hoping to pique someones interest. Shi's head was filled with thoughts of his present and future, problems he must overcome, things he needed to do, goals, aspirations... just an ocean of mental images swimming through his mind. His dark blue jacket and loose grey pants ruffled in the slight breeze of a nice day.

Turning down an alleyway he often used to avoid throng of the busy main streets for a short time, he smelled the delicious aromas of hot tasty meals wafting out of the door of the restaurant leading into this alley. He could also pick up the foul taste of wine which he despised. The unsavory smell brought him out of his thoughtful daze as he wrinkled his nose in disgust at the harsh clash of aroma and odor. Suddenly he became aware of a rather unpleasant scene. A young beautiful woman laying on the ground surrounded by four uncouth men with blades drawn, and on the far side of this circle was a man with a spear who appeared to fit in with louts with the swords, by appearances anyway.

The swordsman stared at him menacingly as if to say "keep it moving if you know what's good for you." The thought had crossed his mind. This was really none of his business. He sighed to himself as his armed crossed to grab the hilts of the twin blades at his sides. Blades drawn he smiled at the swordsman and said "Can I play too?"
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