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Postby Forum Administration » 20 Nov 2007, 21:00

Welcome to the Kingdom Roleplay forum! This is where kingdom and area specific roleplays can occur.

Kingdom specific roleplays merely assume that you're an officer (or a citizen or invited guest) of that kingdom. They're meant to divert non-ruler essential roleplay from the audience halls. What you want to do with them is endless; they can be used for merely chatting with your companion officers, for taking the kingdom's guests or prisoners aside to deal with them, and other various things. You may take roleplays from the Audience Halls to your Kingdom RP thread, or vice versa (try to copy a link of the last post when you switch threads however, for convience).

Likewise, area-specific roleplays are meant for provinces. Currently, we don't have any area-specific roleplays; that will change as the rulers get larger kingdoms and take control of larger areas (such as provinces).

Threads here are created at Game Master discretion, and they reserve the right to create new threads and close old ones as necessary to the changing political climate of China. All roleplay that is not Kingdom Specific (quests, taverns, etc.) need to go to the Roleplay Forum.
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