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September 21, 190

Postby Aureal » 12 May 2013, 14:35

The Siege of Cheng Du
Gan Ning continues his attack against the east gate. (-3 HP)
Huang Quan uses Siegeworks on Gan Ning. (-6 GN, -20 TP HQ)
Zhang Ren shoots Gan Ning full of arrows. (-18 GN)

The Assault of Luoyang
Cao Cao marches towards Luoyang.
Yuan Shao marches with Cao Cao, generously giving him some supplies during the march. (+/- 500 food)
Huang Gai holds his position for the time being, southwest of Luoyang.
Xiahou Dun advances towards Li Ru and Luoyang.
Yan Liang heads towards the city as well.
Wen Chou, perhaps too eager, advances on Li Ru and flubs a charge! While the attack still hit, it wasn't nearly as effective as it could have been. (Charge failed, -24 LR, -6 WC, -30 TP WC)
The remnants of Liu Biao's troops retreat southward, and they manage to find dry land.
Jia Xu heads towards Luoyang when a messenger approaches him with orders. After eyeing them, he orders his men west, away from the city...
Li Ru heads into Luoyang and waits for the next step in his plan to unfold.
He doesn't have to wait long, as Jia Long, Sun Qi, Xu Si, Bao Chu, Sheng Xian, and Cai Gu swarm out of the headquarters of Luoyang and begin to set fire to the city! Stores, stables, restaurants, inns, homes, and residents are all targeted. None are spared. During this, Teng Zhou sets out, heading west with a transport, loaded to the brim with gold and food.
Luoyang has burned!
Wu Anguo, Gongsun Yue, and Hua Xin stand in stunned silence as they watch Luoyang burn.

End Turn:
Morale for Li Ru's army changed by -1
Morale for Yuan Shao's army changed by -1
Morale for Huang Quan's army changed by 1
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