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V6 Storyline

Postby Aureal » 16 Oct 2012, 04:23

April, 190 CE

Several years have elapsed since the Yellow Turban Rebellion ushered in a new era of strife in China. The influence of corrupt eunuchs over the Han Emperor was known throughout the land, and the people suffered for the faults of their leader. Using his mystical powers and charisma, a man named Zhang Jue raised an army of poor peasants wearing yellow turbans and bearing the banner of his tome of mystic knowledge, The Way of Peace. Having no standing army capable of dealing with the hordes of peasants, regional warlords were authorized to raise armies of their own to combat this new threat.

At first it seemed as if the Han dynasty might end ignominiously, crushed beneath an ocean of yellow rebels, but the heavens were fickle even in their disfavor. The Imperial Commander Huangfu Song successfully pushed back against the rebels from the capitol, while a talented young general named Cao Cao gathered support from his clan and homeland and marched against the turbaned armies from the south. The untrained peasants, caught between assaults from two directions, were worsted and scattered into the countryside once more. Their leader Zhang Jue was widely believed to have died but no trace of his remains were ever found. Nonetheless, the Yellow Turban Rebellion was ended, although the rebellion of others still smouldered.

The corruption and influence of the eunuchs in the Imperial court was still unabated, and the newly-empowered warlords of the realm intended to do something about it. The Regent Marshal He Jin, caught up in political intrigue, sent out summons to several regional leaders, urging them to bring troops to support him in sweeping clean the capitol of the eunuchs' corruption. However, news of this was reported to the Ten Regular Attendants, and they hatched a plot to murder He Jin. In the end, He Jin was slain and other members of the court banded together to slay the eunuchs in return. However, the Han dynasty was no safer than it had been, for He Jin's summons had brought a wolf to court.

Bringing his armies from Yong-Liang, Imperial Protector Dong Zhuo had responded to He Jin's summons. An ambitious man, Dong Zhuo quickly seized power in the court for himself, for the old Emperor Ling had recently died and the new Emperor was still a child and easy to control. He plundered the realm's treasuries, he conferred high ranks upon himself and his close associates, and earned the enmity of the world when he forced the young Emperor Liu Bian to step down in favor of his younger brother Liu Xie. With this act, he had proven his true nature to the world, and the world was forced to act...
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