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Re: [Pre-game] Dong Zhuo's Kingdom Roleplay Thread

Postby Kongming999 » 13 Nov 2013, 01:42

In response to Xiang Li’s terse and not-very-enlightening comment about whether he owned property in the new capital, An Xuan merely nodded gravely. Though he was youthful, Xuan possessed a keen ability to accurately interpret the emotions of those around him- often before the perpetrators themselves were aware of their feelings. Xuan now realized that Xiang Li’s mind was heavy-set with burdens beyond those of a typical Chinaman and thus decided not to pry. Instead, he simply nodded. He continued to nod as the minister uttered his next depressive statements.

Upon the conclusion of Xiang’s history, or rather, lack of one, Xuan finally spoke up.

"Y'know, minister... You really do sigh quite a lot. Sighing means that you’re sad. Being sad means spending a lot of time on unhappy, dark thoughts. Thinking too much means that you won’t be able to move on. So yeah, you say keep going, but can you really?"

Though his delivery was rough and his vocabulary nowhere near as sophisticated as his master’s, Xuan spoke these words out of genuine concern for the melancholy minister. In fact, all of the young monk’s comments came from the bottom of his completely innocent soul- a soul that was truly interested in helping the suffering world around him.

"Maybe master was on to something after all,” he continued softly, “maybe you really should empty your cup. Not the responsibilities that you give yourself- no, keep those. Not your self-appointed mission to end the world’s suffering either- keep that too. Just… All these bad things that are bothering you. Maybe you should try to let go of them.

If you told me about your past, maybe I can help you move into the future."
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Re: [Pre-game] Dong Zhuo's Kingdom Roleplay Thread

Postby dskod1 » 13 Nov 2013, 02:16

Xiang Li only shook his head from side to side in response to the mans thoughts.

"If I did not have these bad thoughts, I would have nothing to strive for. I look on both sides of the coins. On one side there is there is the positive success for the people and on the other side there is the negative failure for the people."

Xiang stops walking and turns around taking his right arm and hand and pointing at Louyong.

"That is the negative failure of the people. Before today I would have never imagined that even possible. "

Xiang turned once more and kept walking

"Now what if all the court officials loyal to the Han knew that unless something was done this would happen? would they have still sat around and done nothing? By Imagining the worst possibility that could happen if nothing is done we know just how far we must be willing to commit ourselves to end it."

Xiang's head turns and looks at the young man.

"If I had thought for a second Dong Zhou would have ever used this outcome as a solution to his problems, then I would have used even my life to end his. I therefore changed my evaluation of Dong Zhou, and now I know what truly needs to be committed to prevent future atrocities."

He said the last line with some hatred in himself as he looked ahead with utter determination.
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Re: [Pre-game] Dong Zhuo's Kingdom Roleplay Thread

Postby Kongming999 » 17 Nov 2013, 17:28

"I guess you’re right," responded the boy slowly, contemplating the ministers words with an odd expression on his face- an expression that signaled an incomplete understanding of Xiang’s motives.

"I remember my pops would always tell me to... uh. Plan for the best and hope for the worst? Or was it the other way around..." Xuan scratched his chin, thinking hard.

"Oh well," he finally shrugged, deciding that the proverb wasn’t that pertinent after all.

Xuan nodded as Xiang Li told the young monk about his future plans to stop the tyrant from Xi Liang. "Yes, Dong Zhuo sounds like a very bad man. I heard that he steals food from the poor people!" The rotund little monk seemed more aghast at the prospect of stolen food than anything else.

"Oh hey, speaking of food... You must be hungry, minister." Xuan unslung his old cloth bag from his shoulders and started rummaging around in contents. Finally, he emerged with a medium sized package, wrapped in waxed paper. Unwrapping the paper would reveal several fried onion pancakes, still warm despite being kept in the bag.

The aroma of fried food wafted up to Xuan’s nose, causing his voluminous belly to rumble slightly. "Here," said the young monk, breaking off half of a pancake and handing it to Xiang.

"It’s yummy."
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A Mother Lost

Postby Mat » 28 Jul 2014, 15:09

It seemed a mundane assignment at first. Daiyu had been given the task of defending the northern gate of a city besieged from the east. Had it been any other place she would have considered it a boring assignment. But this was Luoyang. This was home.

The emperor’s soldiers hailed from every corner of the realm. Their loyalty, as far as Daiyu was concerned, was to the nation (at best). But for garrison officers like Daiyu, the men and women with family in Luoyang, the stakes of this invasion could not be higher.

For days the raven-haired soldier spent an inordinate amount of time sharpening her sword. From atop the north wall her almond eyes involuntarily drifted to the northeast corner of the city where her son and daughter slept. That neighborhood was of no strategic value, Daiyu told herself. Even if the city was breached they would be safe. But her heart proved stronger than her mind in the internal discourse; every night she was left with unquiet dreams.

Her fears materialized one early evening in late September 190 when the smell of smoke woke Daiyu. She could see flames throughout the city in every direction. The wind carried ash along with the mournful wails of the populace to Daiyu’s ears. Worse yet, she could see fire lighting up the sky over her neighborhood.

No. No, no, no!

Sprinting down the stone steps, her unbound black hair trailing behind her, the garrison captain accosted the first military officer she could find.

“What’s going on!? How did the invaders breach the walls!?”

“The invaders have not breached the walls, captain,” the army officer said plainly. “We have been ordered to set fire to Luoyang and abandon the city. We are to leave nothing for the invaders but rubble.”

Daiyu’s eyes watered as the emotions overcame her. She was angry and scared and could not believe what was happening. She spun on her heels and stalked off, leaving the army officer behind her. Gathering up her three lieutenants she amended their standing orders.

“Tell the men to grab their gear and any buckets they can scrounge. Our new orders are to save our city from this madness.”

Daiyu’s three lieutenants sprinted off, mobilizing the northern garrison in short order. It took little to convince the soldiers, locals all, to attempt to save their own neighborhoods. Divided into four groups, the garrison-turned-fire brigade scattered and attempted to put out the fires.

Their efforts were futile. The fire was too widespread and the garrison simply wasn't prepared to fight a fire of such magnitude. Daiyu arrived at her neighborhood just as Bao Chu and his soldiers departed, finding her home only lightly filled with smoke, but the roof a veritable crown of flames.

Whether real or imagined, at that moment Daiyu heard the voices of her children from inside her home. Unable to bear the thought of losing them, she rushed past the gathered citizens and garrison, dashing in through the front door in a frantic search for her loved ones.

Moments later the roof gave way, caving in and raining fiery debris down on Daiyu. The brave warrior, mother of two and captain of the garrison, died instantly. She was just one of many that night to fall, a victim of Dong Zhuo's tyranny.

As one philosopher observed, months later, “Although the danger has passed, for some the fires of Luoyang burn still. These people have been marred by betrayal, unable to find peace in an unjust world. For these troubled souls the world will forever be a place of smoke and ash.”
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