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Re: Out Of Character (OOC) Thread

Postby Diethe » 15 Nov 2019, 14:30

How old are you guys by now? It's been ages, I realized. And by you guys I mean I'm a vampire.
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Re: Out Of Character (OOC) Thread

Postby Kontiki » 18 Nov 2019, 07:03

Hey gang. I highly recommend Kyiv if anyone is looking for a travel destination)

I enjoyed reading the conversation a few pages back about downscaling parts of the game to make it more manageable, and I think it could be applied to just about every aspect of the game.

Character stats could be boiled down to something like single stats to represent competencies with individuals, groups, institutions/laws, and combat with single-digit ranges, plus one or two skill equivalents for specialization (duelist, engineer, farmer, critic) that give percent bonuses to relevant actions, and just freeze player stats from sign-up.

I'm interested in the idea of also shrinking the map by changing the basic unit of space from city to province. In terms of battles, things could look more like the grand campaign mode from RTK X, in which as long as there is someone contesting the province, anyone else can opt in to combat that has a stake in the province - I think this would motivate people to not turtle and reward decisive action. Especially if cities are reduced from distinct, stand-alone spaces for development to points of contestation on a larger map that offer a smaller range of resources for combat. That is, reduce city stats from four-digit numbers down to one or two, and just have stats for gold, food, defense, and revolt.
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Re: Out Of Character (OOC) Thread

Postby SimpleMinded » 06 Jan 2020, 15:03

Diethe wrote:How old are you guys by now? It's been ages, I realized. And by you guys I mean I'm a vampire.

I've been here for half my life. Crazy when you think about it.
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Re: Out Of Character (OOC) Thread

Postby Xiahou Mao » 06 Jan 2020, 21:53

I haven't!

I'm old.
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Re: Out Of Character (OOC) Thread

Postby Elysia » 07 Jan 2020, 01:57

I am even older. But I am cute. :ely:
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Re: Out Of Character (OOC) Thread

Postby Bradums » 11 Jan 2020, 21:11

I'm 33. Pretty sure I was 17-18 when I first started here.

*Awkward emotion noises*
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