IP Sharing & IRC Guidelines

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IP Sharing & IRC Guidelines

Postby Forum Administration » 18 Nov 2007, 23:17


It is perfectly acceptable to share a computer or internet connection with friends and/or family members, so long as you are not involved in any sort of cheating. As a safeguard for both the staff, the players, and yourself, you need to comply with the following guidelines to share a connection (not a forum account).

All involved account sharers must send an email to simrtkadmin@gmail.com from the email account they signed up with, with the following information:

Full name (if you are uncomfortable with this, send first name and last two initials):
AIM Address (optional):
ISP Name (e.g. AOL, Comcast):
Region you Live in (e.g. the Midwest, Central Canada):
Username of the person(s) they are sharing with:
Full names (see above) of the person(s) they are sharing with:
Emails of the person(s) they are sharing with:
Why they are sharing the account:
Brief Biography/Information About Yourself (optional):

The optional items are obviously not required, but help us establish further that the people sharing the connection are different people. The information gathered in these emails will not be shared with anyone and will only be accessible to the administration itself, for the sole purpose of account verification. If you are uncomfortable sending your information to the entire administration, you may contact one of the administrators you feel comfortable with to send it personally. Once the account sharing has been confirmed, your information will be deleted and you will be noted by the staff that the account sharing is valid.

IP sharing is only valid for those of you who wish to earnestly share an account with friends or family. Those of you who wish to cheat the game by creating a second account to have a second character, to get a reroll, or to give free items or gold to yourself, will be quickly IP-banned with no reinvitation to the Sim. Trying to decieve us in the IP Sharing process will also result in quick confrontation. You will not succeed in cheating, so we recommend that you do not even try. :)
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Postby Forum Administration » 18 Nov 2007, 23:18

[#simrtk IRC CHAT RULES]

SimRTK has its own IRC channel, #simrtk on irc.lunarnet.org. More information can be found here. The following are the rules for #simrtk, subject to change at any time if necessary.

If you do not follow these rules, the ops and half ops may kick or ban you as necessary. If you are excessive in breaking the rules, you will get warned on the forum itself.

:arrow: All rules that are applicable on this forum also apply in IRC. That means no spamming (see below), no flaming, no trolling.

:arrow: Spam in IRC is not simply flooding the channel with a lot of text copied and pasted at once. Emoting for tke sake of emoting - when it goes beyond about 10 lines in IRC - is also considered spam. This means conversations that look something like this:

* ircbot stabs sillyplayer
* sillyplayer dodges it with the power of cheese
* cheeseball doesn't like being used as a shield, splatters on sillyplayer's face
* ircbot cries and stabs cheeseball

Should be restrained. Standard spam rules (spamming a lot of dots or words without meaning) also apply.

:arrow: Flaming and trolling in IRC are the same as they are on the boards. While banter is not a bad thing, there is a limit to how much can occur. If it might hurt someone's feelings, or is intended to insult them, don't say it. This applies even if the person is not in IRC or does not come to IRC.

:arrow: Within the scope of flaming, "your momma" jokes are not allowed, and result in a 24 hour ban from IRC.

:arrow: If you get into an argument with another person, learn to take it to query or drop it entirely from IRC. Exposing the room to personal arguments is uncalled-for and may result in a ban from IRC.

:arrow: Some topics must be limited in the forums because of age appropriateness or because of the inherant hostility in them. Remember that the forum and IRC are both PG-13 areas; sexual innuendos and sexual discussions therefore should be limited. Topics such as religion, politics, abortion, etc, may also be asked by the ops to be ceased if they get out of hand. An op's decision is final.

:arrow: Profanity is likewise to be kept at a minimum. Excessive profanity or vulgarity is unacceptable.

:arrow: Abusing kick-scripts, quote-scripts, or other kinds of scripts by using them repeatedly in a short amount of time will result immediately in a kick. If the behavior continues, or has been warned about before, it will result in a ban.

:arrow: IRC handles (your screenname) should be no longer than 15 characters, in general. You should also never take the name of another member, as impersonation or attempts to flame someone by their own name are unacceptable. Please try to stick to one name. Changes for no reason are frowned upon.

:arrow: When the channel is put into +m mode, it is being silenced for moderation purposes (usually because the channel has got out of hand). Do not attempt to talk in the channel by changing your screenname (once or repeatedly). If you need to talk, query an op.

:arrow: The ops (@) and half-ops (%) in IRC have the right to make a judgement call at any time, and their word is final. If they ask you to stop a certain behavior, you are expected to stop immediately, and any kicks or bans that result will be reinforced by the administration. If you feel any kicks/bans are abusive, you may bring the issue up to one of the Admins.
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