The Hammer and Anvil [Shop]

The Hammer and Anvil [Shop]

Postby Calistoknight » 23 Aug 2017, 22:45

The Hammer and Anvil

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the main marketplace in Wan one will find the uninspired named shop of one Xu Bao. Visitors will hear the hammering of metal and the beating of the forge's heart long before they see it. The shop itself is not particularly impressive as shop goes, there is a table outside with several weapons displayed behind it. Behind that is a three walled room with a tarp loosely over the roof, allowing plenty of circulation as the heat blasts out of the open areas. Many young mend, dirty and sweat stained heat, bend, and shape metal into various weapons and tools.

The shop is mostly known for supplying Wan's military with various mass-produced supplies created by the apprentices but Xu Bao himself does take requests for more individual items for those that ask.

Prices: 70% of the market price
Items Made: Any Craftsman or Artisan gear.

Current Queue: None

OOC: Will add full item/price list at some point
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Re: The Hammer and Anvil [Shop]

Postby ShadInquis » 23 Aug 2017, 22:54

As previously discussed, Li Sheng wants to buy Lvl 3 weapon (400 Craftsman) points for 280 Gold
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Re: The Hammer and Anvil [Shop]

Postby Mat » 23 Aug 2017, 23:02

OOC: As previously discussed, Liu Shentong would like to commission the following:
Banded Mail [bodywear] (War +3) and Steel Helm [headwear] (War +3) for a total of 560 gold

For years now Shentong felt as though a stranger in his own city.

The streets of Wan held no comfort. Each step upon the stone roads felt unfamiliar to Shentong, as though he was a wanderer just passing through. Merchant stalls had vanished from their previous locales. His favorite food carts were nowhere to be found. The city was beginning to show signs of life, yes, but not in a way the warrior could recall.

It was dirtier than Shentong remembered growing up. The pride of the people had diminished over time. The neglect of the government had somehow seeped into the attitude of the populace resulting in a sense of complacency. It was if the city itself was sleeping, a drawn out rest that it refused to wake from.

But there was a pulse to be found if one knew where to look for it. It grew louder with every step south of the garrison. To some the sound of hammers on steel were simply that, but to Shentong the blacksmiths were poets. They spoke with steel; each ring carried with it meaning.




This was the Wan that Shentong remembered. It drew a rare smile from the man as he entered the shop.

"Good afternoon. Could you please inform Master Xu that Liu Shentong has arrived to speak with him?"
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Re: The Hammer and Anvil [Shop]

Postby Dong Zhou » 26 Aug 2017, 06:02

Li Jun wishes to commission Steel Helm [headwear] (War +3) for 280, will wait for when slot free

IC: Li Jun had money in her pocket of late due to patrols and wages coming in, she had been considering adding some equipment to her armoury. Her weapons and armour was fine but she was aware she could add that extra something special if she brought well, something to give her that little edge in battles and fights. It wouldn't hurt her morale having something special she could polish and keep, something that stood out.

She had considered going to market but she had heard Xu Bao was taking orders, she knew his work was good for general equipment and maybe he could bring that extra individual touch for her. Besides they had recently had a lecture in the barracks at the importance of buying local to help boost... something. Probably something involving commerce.

So it was that Li Jun found herself away from the main market at the ordinary looking shop but the sound of hammers on anvils was reassuring. Putting on her warmest smile, she headed inside.

"I wish to order something from Master Xu for myself."
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