Third Simzhou Crisis: the Hearts of the People

Re: Third Simzhou Crisis: the Hearts of the People

Postby Ashelia88 » 25 Sep 2017, 13:07

Combat Rebel Propaganda
Description: Disrupt the popular support for the rebellion and the false emperor Li Shixian.
Relevant Stats: Int, Pol, Cha
Relevant Skills: Articulate, Charming, Networking, Propaganda, Riot, Rumor

Relevant Stats: 90, 50, 90
Relevant Skills:
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Re: Third Simzhou Crisis: the Hearts of the People

Postby mercurian262144 » 07 Nov 2017, 03:40

As the government forces started to pour into the city, Yuankun heaved a sigh of relief. Now everything within the city should be in order. The market will start to function again, and the people will buy more of his hanfu than his knives...

Or so he thought.

He woke up in the morning with the sound of wood breaking, only to find out that rioters were breaking into his shop and was about to rob everything in it. He quickly reached for his dao and ran towards the rioters, the dao in his left hand slashing at everyone in his path. When they ran away from Yuankun and from the shop, Yuankun became immersed in his thought, while reading a scrap of paper that was left behind by the rioters, "Now who started this outrage!"

After making sure that he left his shop with the most intricate traps so that the raid would not happen again, he set off to find the person who started the riot.

Punish the Fishmonger!
Relevant Stats: All, but especially War
Relevant Skills: Duelist, Investigator, Weaponmaster

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