Market Thread

Market Thread

Postby Sir Ebrum » 15 Jan 2017, 18:24

Welcome to the Market Thread. You may purchase items for your character, or characters in your kingdom (in the event of rulers) by making a post in this thread with your purchase and removing the money from your profile. Check back later to make sure your post was confirmed (sometimes mistakes occur and posts are rejected).

Common Reasons for Rejection Include:
1) Failure to put a link to your officer information in your signature
2) You do not have the accounting put in for the item you are trying to purchase
3) Skills or stats not listed, or the skills are not in alphabetical order
4) There is no gold history
5) No verification provided for a loan from another officer - link the transfer or get them to post here too.
6) Gold history does not show the current balance after each transaction

The items available in the Market are:
Weapons: These items are hand-held implements of war and combat.
Bodywear: These items are worn on the body.
Headwear: These items are worn on the head.
Mounts: These are animals you can ride.
Jewelry: These are items that can be worn such as rings, pendants, and bracelets.
Manuals: These are books that can be carried on your PC.
Treatises: These are scrolls that can be carried on your PC.
Maps: These are maps detailing specified locations.
Treasures: These are items that can be given as gifts to PCs or NPCs.
In order for your post to be confirmed, you must have a link in your signature or in your post to your Officer Information post, and there should be a list of gold transactions in your Officer Information. This way, we know the gold isn't coming out of thin air.

All officers, upon creation, are assumed to have basic equipment. This includes a normal sword, armour, bow if they like, etc. The items sold here are exceptional items, and increase your stats or give you skills and special abilities. Items may increase stats beyond 100.

Remember, you may only equip and receive the benefits from one of each type of item listed in the chapter. The only exception to this is Jewelry, for which your character may enjoy the benefits of two Jewelry-type items. However, your character is free to own as many of each item as they wish.

For the items listed below, you are free to RP them in any way you wish (within historical limits and realism), but cannot change the type or bonus that the items give. So for example, if your character owns a Level 3 Melee Weapon, you are free to describe it as a whip, axe, or mace, depending on your RP preferences.

Special Items Last Restocked In: JANUARY 190

Normal weapons include the following examples: Daggers, Swords, Axes, Halbreds, Polearms, Staves, Bows, & Crossbows.
Normal Weapons
ItemCost (gold)
Level 1 Weapon (War +1)100
Level 2 Weapon (War +2)200
Level 3 Weapon (War +3)400
Level 4 Weapon (War +4)800
Level 5 Weapon (War +5)1600

Special Weapons
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Demon's Flame (War +3, Offensive Wound Chance +5%)12001
Tortoise Shield (War +2, Defensive Wound Chance -10%)8001
Twin Hook Swords (War +3, Double Strike Damage +20%)8001
Meteor Hammer (War +1, Capture Success +5%)6001
Whispering Blade (War +3, One Blow Success +5%)12001
Sleeve Darts (War +1, Better consideration in plots)3001
Hollow Darts (Ideal for poisons)6001
Master's Bow (War +3, Arrow Success +10%)8001
Steel Dragon Crossbow (War +3, Arrow Damage +40%)8001

Normal Bodywear
ItemCost (gold)
Scholar's Robes [bodywear] (Cha +1)100
Fine Robes [bodywear] (Cha +2)200
Court Robes [bodywear] (Cha +3)400
Padded Armour [bodywear] (War +1)100
Leather Armour [bodywear] (War +2)200
Banded Mail [bodywear] (War +3)400
Embroidered Padded Armour [bodywear] (War +1, Cha +1)200

Special Bodywear
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Palatial Robes [bodywear] (Cha +2, Chance of finding NPC in searches: +5%)8001
Craftsman's Robes [bodywear] (Cha +1, Personal Turn AP: +3)6001
Ornate Armour [bodywear] (War +1, Battle TP: +10)5001
Chain Mail [bodywear] (War +2, Duel Initiative +5)6001

Normal Headwear
ItemCost (gold)
Bandanna [headwear] (Cha +1)100
Silk Scarf [headwear] (Cha +2)200
Leather Helmet [headwear] (War +1)100
Bronze Helmet [headwear] (War +2)200
Steel Helm [headwear] (War +3)400
Helmet with Feather [headwear] (War +1, Cha +1)200

Special Headwear
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Ministerial Hat [headwear] (Cha +1, Pol +1, Magistrating Success Rate +5%)8001
Plumed Steel Helmet [headwear] (War +2, Cha +1, Lead +1)8001
Phoenix Tailed Headress [headwear] (Cha +2, Intimidate Success +5%)8001
Tiger Helmet [headwear] (War +1, Cha +1, Enemy One Blow Success -5%)6001
Dragon Helmet [headwear] (War +1, Cha +1, Defensive Wound Chance -5%)6001

Normal Mounts
ItemCost (gold)
Draft Horse [mount] (Lead +1)100
Mare [mount] (Lead +2)200
Gelding [mount] (Lead +3)400
Purebred [mount] (Lead +4)800
Warhorse [mount] (Lead +5)1600
Armoured Horse [mount] (Lead +2, War +1)400
Pony [mount] (Lead +1, Cha +1)200

Special Mounts
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Champion [mount] (Lead +2, Battle retreat success +10%)8001
Charger [mount] (Lead +2, War +1, Charge TP cost -50%)8001
Stallion [mount] (Lead +2, Dash morale loss -1)7001
Scout [mount] (Lead +2, +5% detection of Ambush/Traps)6001
Courser [mount] (Lead +1, *Dash)11001
Akhal-Teke [mount] (Lead +2, Morale +1)*10001
*Morale does not stack from multiple units fielding Akhal-Teke.

Normal Jewelry
ItemCost (gold)
Ornate Silver Ring [jewel] (Cha +1)100
Gemstone Ring [jewel] (Cha +2)200
Carved Jade Bracelet [jewel] (Cha +3)400
Jade Tiger Pendant [jewel] (Cha +2, Pol +1)400
Jade Dragon Pendant [jewel] (Cha +2, Int +1)400
Black Onyx Elephant Pendant [jewel] (Cha +1, Pol +1, Int +1)400

Special Jewelry
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Sapphire Rose [jewel] (Cha +2, Illusion success rate: +2%, Haste success rate: +2%, Treat Wounded success rate: +2%)5001
Ruby Ring Pair [jewel] (Cha +2, Recruitment success rate: +5%)8001
Gold Earrings [jewel] (Cha +2, Pol +1, +5% crafting points)9001
Floral Pottery Arm Bangle [jewelry] (Cha +2, +5% when treating wounded)8001
Emerald Bone Choker [jewelry] (Cha +2, *Charming)22001
Ruby Hummingbird Pin [jewelry] (Cha +2, Pol +2, Int +2)24001
Jade Phoenix Pendant [jewelry] (Cha +2, *Medic)32001
Jade Qilin Pendant [jewelry] (Cha +2, +5% to Mystic ploys)9001
Jade Tortoise Pendant [jewelry] (Cha +2, +5% defense)9001

Normal Manuals
ItemCost (gold)
The Virtues of Command [manual] (Lead +1)100
Logistics and Supply [manual] (Lead +2)200
Military Classics [manual] (Lead +3)400
Strategy Guide [manual] (Int +1)100
Scroll of Rites and Ceremonies [manual] (Int +2)200
Book of Changes [manual] (Int +3)400
Book of Heaven [manual] (Int +4)800
Universal Knowledge [manual] (Int +5)1600
The Doctrine of the Mean [manual] (Pol +1)100
The Classic of Filial Piety [manual] (Pol +2)200
The Analects [manual] (Pol +3)400

Special Manuals
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Formation Theory [manual] (Lead +1, Int +1, Battle MP on land: +1)8001
Siege Theory [manual] (Lead +1, Int +1, Ram damage to gates and walls: +5)7001
The Art of War [manual] (Lead +1, Int +1, Battle attack: +1, Battle defense: +1)10001
Military Organization [manual] (Lead +1, Unit Limit: +10)7001

Normal Treatises
ItemCost (gold)
Rights of the Accuser [treatise] (Int +1)100
Codes of Justice [treatise] (Int +2)200
Astrological Observations [treatise] (Int +3)400
Book of History [treatise] (Pol +1)100
The Book of Rites [treatise] (Pol +2)200
History of the Han [treatise] (Pol +3)400
Warring States [treatise] (Pol +4)800
The Grand Histories [treatise] (Pol +5)1600
The Classics of Poetry [treatise] (Cha +1)100
The Classics of Music [treatise] (Cha +2)200
Introduction to the Classics [treatise] (Int +1, Pol +1, Cha +1)400

Special Treatises
ItemCost (gold)Stock
The Works of Master Han Fei Zhu [treatise] (Pol +2, *Investigator)18001
The Duke of Zhou's Art of War [treatise] (Pol +2, Int +1, +5% success to Wile ploys)10001
The Life of Lord Shang [treatise] (Pol +2, Lead +1, Int +1)8001
The Feng and Shan Sacrifices [treatise] (Pol +2, Weather success rate: +5%)8001
Shi Qi [treatise] (Pol +1, Int +1, Cha +1, Drafting limit: +5%)8001

Normal Maps
ItemCost (gold)
Commandery Map (Lead +1)100
Provincial Map (Lead +2)200
Topographical Map (Lead +3)400
Strategic Map (Int + 1)100
Political Map (Int +2)200
General Map of China (Lead +1, Int +1)200

Special Maps
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Smuggler's Map (Lead +1, Ambush unit limit increases by 10)6001
Currents and Reef Charts (Lead +1, Int +1, +1 MP when in Battle, water only)6001
Scout's Map (Lead +1, *Scout)11001
Naval Mechanics for Dummies [map] (Lead +1, Int +1, *Navy)12001

Normal Treasures
ItemCost (gold)
Ornate Box [treasure] (Bond +10)200
Silk Sheets [treasure] (Bond +20)400
Gold Brick [treasure] (Bond +30)600
Silk Palace Robe [treasure] (Bond +40)800

Unique Treasures
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Bull Lantern [treasure] (Bond +50, Loyal)15001
Faerie Stone [treasure] (Bond +50, Loyal)15001
Copper Pheasant [treasure] (Bond +60, Loyal)17001
Kneeling Lady [treasure] (Bond +60, Loyal)17001
Lacquered Kettle [treasure] (Bond +60, Loyal)17001
Boshan Censer [treasure] (Bond +65, Loyal)18001
Dragon Ring [treasure] (Bond +65, Loyal)18001
He's Jade [treasure] (Bond +70, Loyal2)24001
Lu's Mirror [treasure] (Bond +70, Loyal2)24001
Gold Kettle [treasure] (Bond +75, Loyal2)25001
Gold Vase [treasure] (Bond +75, Loyal2)25001
Awards of Valor [treasure] (Bond +75, Loyal3)30001
Dragon Vase [treasure] (Bond +75, Loyal3)30001

[The District of Completely Normal and Law-Abiding Establishments]
For the more esoteric items sold herein, it is suggested that the buyer have the Negotiator and/or Mystic skill when possible.

Normal Items
Level 1 Injected Poison [poison] (Level 1)150
Level 2 Injected Poison [poison] (Level 2)300
Level 3 Injected Poison [poison] (Level 3)600
Level 4 Injected Poison [poison] (Level 4)900
Level 5 Injected Poison [poison] (Level 5)1500
Level 1 Ingested Poison [poison] (Level 1)150
Level 2 Ingested Poison [poison] (Level 2)300
Level 3 Ingested Poison [poison] (Level 3)600
Level 4 Ingested Poison [poison] (Level 4)900
Level 5 Ingested Poison [poison] (Level 5)1500
Level 1 Injected Poison [antidote] (Level 1)150
Level 2 Injected Poison [antidote] (Level 2)300
Level 3 Injected Poison [antidote] (Level 3)600
Level 4 Injected Poison [antidote] (Level 4)900
Level 5 Injected Poison [antidote] (Level 5)1500
Level 1 Ingested Poison [antidote] (Level 1)150
Level 2 Ingested Poison [antidote] (Level 2)300
Level 3 Ingested Poison [antidote] (Level 3)600
Level 4 Ingested Poison [antidote] (Level 4)900
Level 5 Ingested Poison [antidote] (Level 5)1500

Schmuck Bait
ItemCost (gold)Stock
Mystery Box (???)6009
Coming Soon (???)20000
Sun Liren (54) ~ 55*-57*-81*-108*-107* ~
Acumen, Architect(e), Articulate, Charming, Farmer, Invent, Propaganda(e), Rally(e), Riot(e)

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