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PostPosted: 20 Nov 2017, 09:47
by Achira
@Dong Zhou ((need to polish RP skills again xD, go easy on Ju-Long :P))
After receiving his orders Ju-Long went to the armory to pick up his sword. His sword was delivered by Ju-Long for polishing and sharpening. Underway, he stood out because of his clinking of his armor, he was embarrassed a bit. It was not attention he wanted or wanted to show. Meanwhile, he looked at the scroll in his right hand and thought about his first meeting with Huyan Lie and thought "Interesting fellow, I wonder... are there more young men like him... What made him convince to fight?" and before he knew he was standing in front of the open armory.

He put the scroll in his small bag and entered the open armory of the blacksmith, outside of the palace. The old blacksmith looked grumpy and was sitting on an old crutch while sharping the sword of Ju-Long with a whetstone. The blacksmith noticed Ju-Long and said with a thunderous voice, "Just a moment, you want it right and sharp 'dontcha'?!" Ju-Long smiled and replied with a friendly smile "You are the expert... Suprise me." The blacksmith made a gesture to Ju-Long to take a seat on a crutch at the entrance of the armory, which Ju-Long said "Thank you for your kind gesture... I want to see what kind of armor and weapons you have if you don't mind?" The blacksmith laughed and then grunted "Suit yourself! Do not go too far 'dontcha'!... Also, don't touch!" and resumed his task.

While walking through the armory... or blacksmith... he did not know any more now he is here, the hammering sound and shouts of blacksmiths, quartermasters en apprentices nullified his clinking sound. He was at more ease, looked at the helmets, greaves, swords, dao's and so on. He was awed by the craftsmanship these men and woman delivered. Suddenly, he could see the stable across the armory. He saw horses getting in and out, being taken care of by stableboys while the breeder or stablemaster was coordinating them. He could take a glimpse of his horse and made eye contact. Their eyes crossed and Ju-Long smiled.

He could see a small stableboy, of young age, talking to his horse. Ju-Long could not help and smile with happiness. He saw himself in the stableboy... he spaced out while smiling and thought about his time in the stable at home... His feelings were mixed, he missed it but at the same time, he did not... Since his visit to Wan, many things happened in a short period... He thought "Am I crazy? Getting crazy?" and lost in thoughts........

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PostPosted: 21 Nov 2017, 09:52
by Dong Zhou
Li Jun had been resting after a busy time in what felt like she was always going from one part of the city, stopping for merely a few seconds, then heading back to somewhere else. As well trained as she was, it was tiring so she had taken a chance to break at the heart of the city, check her armour and gather some more orders before she headed out for a fresher horse.

It was at the stables where she saw a youth she vaguely recognized. One of the guards? No but she swore she had seen him around a few times and vaguely aware they had talked. Something to do with Jiang Yan? Then again, that seemed to cover most her talks of late. Li Jun shook her head as she realized the youngster in his own world which was never good for a guard... or someone standing in a stables where horses might trample them.

Not unkindly, she tapped his head. Less kindly, she bellowed in her best sergeant's voice into his ear.

"Attention soldier, this is not a time for one to be day-dreaming!?"

OC: was that easy? :P

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PostPosted: 22 Nov 2017, 08:45
by Achira
((OC: Auch :P))

Ju-Long squeezes his eyes and turns his ear away as a reaction to the bellowing sound that is drilling his eardrums. He was not fond of it and thought who could do such thing... not he... Nevertheless, the voice is a familiar one, he tried to remember but could not picture a face with it... The words "attention soldier" came to his mind and assumed that this is a situation of formality. Slowly he is getting accustomed to it, but not fully yet. Finally, he opens his eyes and scratches the place where he is poked and let out a sigh.

He turns around to meet his 'shouter', face first and the body followed. A person as close as Li Jun can see his tired face and a scruffy beard. But even so, he is groomed and Li Jun could smell an incense that he picked up the other day on the market. It was a mix of smoked sandalwood and star anise. It is a soft, smooth, yet warm and a herby smell.

Assuming Ju-Long is taller that Li Jun, he faced a bit down and made eye contact while having no emotion on his face. No emotion quickly changed to surprised and slightly happy. To his surprise is the shouter Li Jun and his eyes widened up. He used all his force to stand straight. From the inside, he is genuinely happy to see Li Jun, because she was the first person he talked to when he arrived at Wan. On the other hand, he was a bit troubled. He remembered the conversation they had and ever since Ju-Long thought that she has a wrong impression of him... Also, he wondered why would she do such thing that she did just now... was it a joke or was she serious?

Ju-Long clasped his hand and made a respectful bow towards Li Jun. He said with his thunderous voice, yet a friendly soft way; "My apologies Captain... I could not help but I was remembered... about home... when I saw that young stableboy talking to horses... It gave me a... nostalgic... feeling..." and went back to his somewhat 'attention stance'. This time Ju-Long was more careful with his words. With each pause, he did not look troubled while searching for the right words, in fact, more thoughtful.

He looked at Li Jun and noticed that she is alone. He thought for a second that it would be safer for her if she had a guard or two with her, considering the riots, rebels and the notorious fishmonger. Coming back on the soldier subject, he continued "I do not... see... myself as a soldier Captain... I... function... as a warrior beneath Jiang Meixiu and act as an aide time to time. I follow her... for the time being... She convinced me... to try... even when I decided to give up on joining the volunteer army... after out last... conversation..." he paused. It is not like she was the cause, but the first conversation put him in an uneasy position.

Putting that aside, he asked Li Jun politely "How have you been and how can I be of any assistance to you today Captain?" and ended with a small friendly nod.

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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2017, 10:16
by Dong Zhou
Li Jun nodded in return to his bow, he had answered where she knew him from as Meixiu's aide and she started to recall their past meeting. She wondered briefly if her shouting had rattled him so much given the pauses or whether he was nervous. Perhaps careful? In another situation, that sort of pausing delivery would raise her suspicions but she doubted the taller warrior had ill-intent. The smile seemed genuine and though he was taller then her, she felt no attempt to intimidate her.

When he polity inquired unto her health, she gave a weary smile. She did note how tired the youngster looked and she suspected her own body would soon begin showing signs of exhaustion but for now, the crises meant she was still managing on the rush... and naps.

"I'm healed now but you do not look so good. I know some people like the scruffy look but not when you look like all the energy has been drained from you. Have you been getting any sleep?"

Ju-Long would have felt Li Jun's eyes scanning her face as she tried to recall their past talk in more detail. What was it he had told her once? He wished to be... she remembered it being awkward... breeder? She had been wrong person for him but she was pleased he found found someone. She also smelled something she couldn't quite pin down, was it him?

Gently, she rapped her knuckles on his fine armour and gently scolded him, softening it with warmth in her smile and her voice.

"You are, by your own words, a warrior, you serve under a guard officer, you wear armour then and you have joined the volunteers. You are a a solider I'm afraid, there is no shame in that. That means you must concentrate when on duty or when in a stables like this where people don't always slow down like they should. Be aware of your surroundings, if your mind drifts then you could miss something."

Li Jun couldn't get the smell out of her head but she resisted the urge to sniff him, that would just be awkward.

"So what made you decide to join Meixiu and us? I thought your goals would take you elsewhere if I was honest."

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PostPosted: 23 Nov 2017, 12:37
by Achira
Ju-Long smiled at the warm words of the captain, he saw how good intentioned they were. He nodded slightly on the comment that he is a soldier now. He responded gently with a smile "Perhaps you are right captain... I am a soldier now and I do not see shame in it... perhaps this was a moment of... weakness?... Of course, when I left my village, outside of Xiang Ping, this was not what I had in mind... " the pauses became shorter during their conversation and Ju-Long slowly put more confidence behinds his words "but I need to focus more. Thank you for your wise words and lessons. I needed someone to wake me up." he smiled and looked a bit more lively now.

He continued on the scruffy look "Well..." he scratched back of his head while laughing slightly "I always looked scruffy... Even that my mother sometimes had to shave me during my sleep. According to her young men do not need a full-grown beard... As respect, I keep it short now. No one wants to wake up with shaving marks on his face." and laughs. During his laugh, he realized that it might sound awkward. So he cleared his throat, changed the subject he said with a somewhat pale face "Sleep enough? Yes... Nervous? Yes..." and stopped. Because there was something more to it. He had some dreams, nightmares, which he wished he had not seen. He pondered for a split second "Is it wise to share it with the captain? Will this kind of information make me look more weak or even vulnerable as a warrior?" It is not that he is looking for a psychiatrist, but he has actually no one to speak to here. Perhaps that explains the earlier 'daydream' of Xiang Ping.

He shook his head slightly and said "I am happy to see you in good health captain. I hope we will see more healthy days in the future. I wish this for everyone. That's why I joined the 'cause'. Perhaps it sounds childish, but I know I can not save everyone, but perhaps I can make a difference if it's big or small. Still, my goal is to become a master breeder... But this matter hits us all, without good men, woman, and children breeding has no purpose. There will be nobody that could enjoy the companionship of a great, healthy horse. So perhaps my breeding skill can help us in this crisis. For now, I can do what I can do to my fullest. I will do my best to support and help you captain."

More and more, he felt comfortable around the captain. Perhaps what troubled him was only an illusion that he created unintentionally. He rested his arms on his sides and said "But... I am surprised to meet you here captain. Did you happen to notice me or you need some help?" He looked up while thinking and continued "It has been a while... Sooner or later we would meet again I know." and looked back at the captain "But more in a room like a strategic planning room or such where I met Master Huyan Lie and received my next order."

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PostPosted: 24 Nov 2017, 07:04
by Dong Zhou
"I saw a man in armour looking dazed I'm afraid, it is simply chance that I bumped into you again. I had more expected it to be when I bumped into Lady Jiang, everyone knows that is where to find you."

Li Jun shrugged, life had more or less worked out the way she might have hoped when she joined the guards, better then expected in fact. However for most people, life didn't quite go as planned, plenty of guards whose life plans had been rather different then holding a weapon and standing still for hours. Sometimes it was work life, sometimes it was love life like the dream marriage that fell apart. Maybe this would help Ju-Long in his lifetime ambition or change his path to something other then breeding.

When he talked of his mother, Li Jun was at first amused then worried when she heard he still feared being shaved. Clearly the mother was somewhat overprotective and since Meixu and none of his friends intervened, she felt she had to be the helper. Reaching up to the beard, she fruitlessly tried to get it into some sort of order.

"Someone needs to tell you this while your still young: Very few people can pull off a short, scruffy beard, your not one of them. Short beard is perfectly good but get someone to do it properly, else people won't take you seriously. you will find it hard to get hired, married or any sort of romance. A scruffy beard makes you look disorganized, poor and of bad standards, appearances do matter in this world."

She gave up on the beard and pointed to her own appearance. Her hair well-groomed, her armour in good condition, her feet planed firmly in the ground, her lips drawn into a firm line, a hand drifting to her sword. She may lack Ju-Long's muscles and height but she knew she could project authority and expirence.

"See. I am guard and people know it, they sense it when they look at me. Even when off duty, the right choice of clothing and the right posture, I still project the authority of a guard captain. If I want something more relaxed, I can alter my hair, change my clothing to something more informal, a warm smile and that makes me seem more welcoming."

Li Jun grinned.

"Or less scary if you prefer."

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PostPosted: 27 Nov 2017, 06:20
by Achira
He chuckled at the idea that everybody already knew where to find him. It gave him a bit of sense how well informed the guards and captains get around here.

It was strange at first for Ju-Long that Li Jun reached for his beard. As reflex first he slightly moved his head backward but then let her do what she intended to do. It was a bit awkward, but this time he did not mind because it has been a while that someone took care of him.

When Li Jun said " will find it hard to get hired, married or any sort of romance. A scruffy beard makes you look disorganized, poor and by bad standards, appearances do matter in this world." Ju-Long chuckled and shrugged slightly. He said while continuing to straighten his beard further so they all move downwards and look symmetric: "Perhaps... but those things were never my priority... But to be realistic, you are right... But does not the inner count also? So if you are corrupted, but you can sell yourself as a guard or captain... is that not wrong? How do you counter a thing like that then? Maybe an out of order question, but frankly, he accidentally spoke out loud.

Ju-Long listened to Li Jun with full attention as she continued about how 'image' can give the people certain impression. He looked at her and at himself, comparing the armor, the grooming, her posture and thought maybe some things can be changed to give them the right impression. But he also thought this is who he is... Perhaps he has to look into this matter for his own later one.

Dong Zhou wrote:Li Jun grinned.

"Or less scary if you prefer."

He could not help and said as a joke "I do not want to see you angry at all." and shook his head while laughing. He continued "Even I am young I know how scary it is when a woman gets angry. Heavens, if a man is involved in this matter, he'd better run."

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PostPosted: 27 Nov 2017, 16:02
by Dong Zhou
Li Jun gently shook her head as he joked of fearing an angry woman, she wondered if Ju-long did fear angry females or if simply a boyish joke.

"Fear not the angry, fear the ones who can get hurt you. An angry woman is the same as an angry man, reading the situation and knowing when to soothe, when to fight and when to run. Even better, knowing when to apologize."

Ju-long's question about the "inner count" was a good one and it required a bit of thought from Li Jun as to how to explain it. She was sure many scholars and philosophers could provide a far better answer but she could only go with what she knew. Crime and law.

"A person who relies on charm and wowing in the first impression has a short time to make it count before they flee or entrench themselves into the area so it is more difficult to remove them then to keep them. In a good system, most corrupt people will get cuaght becuase their superiors notice or something is missing but the clever ones can take awhile to be spotted. In a bad system, the corrupted can stay on top as the whole thing becomes a matter of who you pay off."

Li Jun resisted the temptation to add "just like Wan was" under the old governor.

"In any system, if you don't make a good first impression, it can hold you back. When patrolling, guards don't get time to build impressions over time with a mass of people, they must project authority immediately to keep things calm. This can help cover for when guards are new and not yet as ready as one would like, over time guards will build a reputation but most of the time, what people see is the armour, the sword and the air of authority."

Li Jun realized guard analogy might not be helpful for Ju-long so it tried to switch it, knowing what little she knew of merchants.

"I imagine if you plan to be a breeder, your going to have to convince customers until such a time as your reputation establishes you as one to hire. If I needed a horse and I don't know the right person, I'm going to end up with the breeder or merchant that can convince me their work is good, most people have to decide based on that. Make the wrong first impression and you might not get the sale or an opportunity for other things."

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PostPosted: 04 Dec 2017, 06:23
by Chen Ping
*Meanwhile, in an open plot of land behind Honest Chen's Emporium & Clinic*

Chen Ping and his bodyguard, Fanyin, were locked in an epic training duel! Chen had already lasted a dozen moves this bout, longer than any match up to this point. He felt eager and hopeful to finally earn a win against Fanyin.

And there it was, an opening in his Fanyin's defense! With all his might, Chen jabbed his spear at his opponent's gut, hoping to end the match right then and there.


Sadly, his jab contacted only air, well wide of Fanyin who had suavely shifted away from danger. Before Chen could recover, he felt a swift pain in his chest from his opponent's counter swing. Chen's back crashed hard against the ground, and he soon found himself as helpless as a turtle, unable to move.

"Ugghh, well done Fanyin..." he groaned. "Now can you help me up? I think that's it for the day!"

After getting pulled back up, Chen dusted himself off. He dismissed his guard and went to collect his training spear, ready to return to shop. However, thinking no one around, he decided to get in a few more practice jabs, without fear of further pain or humiliation!