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PostPosted: 26 Sep 2017, 12:06
by UnholyBlade
While a smile did not reach his lips, his face did lighten as he nodded to his compatriot after her gesture of kindness. Throughout her set-backs and despite her challenges, Li Jun was just as dependable and reliable as she ever was. To Dai Ren, there were no better qualities to have in a person. In respect of her goodwill, he stowed his complaints. His focus shifted back to the task at hand. No need to ruin the gesture with further bellyaching.

"Agreed. An hour ago, there was a mob gathered here. Their intent, I do not know, but now, its as quiet as the night. Perhaps it was reckless to come so quickly, but so far it's worked out fine. We've avoided any casualties, though one of my troopers rolled his ankle. He's atop the office as a lookout."

He glanced once more at the table, taking another look at the troop deployments in response to the gatherings. "It is good that Administrator Liu is back in the city. I can already see his organization paying off. Captain, do you know our next moves?"

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PostPosted: 26 Sep 2017, 15:54
by WesternConqueror
Xu Yuan wrote:As he saw Huyan Lie he turned to give him his attention. His tone was less harsh, "Huyan Lie, you have been invaluable throughout this. It is not proper to place the blame upon you, I realize that. There are forces moving against us that we have yet to fully comprehend. They seek to damage the essential tie which holds a state together, faith in authority. We will combat their methods anyway that we can." He turned to look at the officers who now seemed to better understand their tasks and duties. "When this state of affairs here is concluded, I will join you and the Grand Administrator. Fight well Huyan Lie, but remember now these people are misguided and beguiled. Do not lose sight of yourself upon the battlefield." He gave the young man a military salute before turning back to meet another report.

"Esteemed Sir. Huyan Lie receives your teachings and thanks you for your exhortation. If the Heavens be willing, after peace is finally restored to the city, perhaps we could converse more over freshly brewed fragrant tea and the lovely sounds of the zither. Huyan Lie has much to ask of and learn from you Senior Advisor."

Clasping his hands together, Huyan Lie bows low to Cai Bin. Standing back up, he leaves the City Hall to look for the Grand Administrator who is rallying his troops.

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PostPosted: 27 Sep 2017, 07:06
by Dong Zhou
Li Jun chuckled over there always being one, no matter how benign the task or the mission, would get hurt. It wasn't usually the experienced guards who knew all the little things needed to avoid accident like the need to concentrate, being careful with the way one walked, perhaps someone cuaght up in the moment or just being a bit careless.

As Li Jun shook her head to indicate she had no answers and no doubt come up with the funniest reply in the history of witticism, a messenger from headquarters arrived. After the messenger saluted, he held out two letters with Shentong's seal.

"Orders from command for both of you captains."

Li Jun waited for Dai Ren to read his first as the commanding officer in the situation.

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PostPosted: 27 Sep 2017, 17:34
by UnholyBlade
Dai Ren could not see what Li Jun was giggling at. Was it something he said? He took the scroll from the soldier with a nod. He opened it, and squinted his eyes at the hastily written scroll. It was better when he was the one giving orders, that way he didn't have to read anything. After taking a bit too long to read the material, he folded it back up and placed it on the table, on the bottom corner of the map.

"Good, another regiment is on its way to reinforce our position. Now I can rotate my men and give these ones a rest for a time. Will you be staying, Captain? It's important we don't tire ourselves as well."

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PostPosted: 28 Sep 2017, 10:52
by Dong Zhou
Li Jun read hers with more ease then Dai Ren but was careful not to show it for his feelings. When Dai Ren mentioned he was hoping she would stay, she pulled a face and pointed to her orders.

"I'm to head back to HQ, gather some of the troops that arrived and bring them back here. I feel a tad sorry for my horse at this point, been a lot of travel at speed through the city and I don't want to be slow in bringing you reinforcements. Do you have a spare mount I can borrow?"

Li Jun carefully placed the orders on herself so she could show them if there was trouble later. She gave Dai Ren a weary smile.

"At least when I return, I will be able to slow down the pace while we keep our presence here. Or till they remember something and call me back."

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PostPosted: 28 Sep 2017, 12:39
by UnholyBlade
Dai Ren nodded. It was a sensible request after all. "Of course. You may borrow my gelding. My orders require me to stay here, but your horse can rest until you return." He gestured for her to follow as he led Li Jun to where his horse was waiting. Like much of his clothes and personal effects, his horse was also brown. At some point, one had to wonder if Dai Ren knew there were more colors than just brown. "Here he is. I left him saddled and bridled, just in case... We've done well so far, just be careful Captain."

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PostPosted: 29 Sep 2017, 13:13
by Dong Zhou
Li Jun mounted with the ease one would expect of an experienced solder and waited for the gelding to settle to her presence. She was grateful to Dai, both for seeing the need to borrow his horse and for not trying to be "gallant". Many a young prospective romance had ended up with an "inadvertent" kick to the face

"Don't worry, I'll go straight to the HQ and bring back the soldiers so we can keep this area calm. I have no wish to engage in any needless fighting or seek trouble, I suspect enough of it will find us."

With a nod, Li Jun checked her armour and helmet was secure both squeezing the flanks of the gelding to get it started at a gentle pace.

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PostPosted: 29 Sep 2017, 20:08
by UnholyBlade
Dai Ren watched for a time as Li Jun trotted his horse back towards the central complex. A thought crossed his mind as she departed. Their relationship had improved. They weren't at odds before all this mess, but neither were they particularly close when they both only served in the guard. The dynamic between them had been getting more amiable as time progressed. They had both been assigned more responsibilities with Liu Shentong's ascension, and most of the military leaving with the previous Governor meant their inevitable cross over into martial affairs. By his estimation, this was what soldiers felt toward one another after spending time and serving in campaigns together, this feeling of camaraderie. It was strange to him, this feeling, but not a bad strange.

Turning, he strode through the office grounds, giving additional orders and relaying the information he received to his troops. They would rotate with the squadrons currently out now, and they would all rest once Li Jun returned with more soldiers. He settled onto the vantage point at the roof of the civil office, surveying his section of the city. For now, all had remained as it was, with an occasional squad of soldiers making their way through the streets. After a few minutes, he returned to his makeshift command tent and proceeded to pour over his map and the deployments of the city forces.

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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2017, 04:14
by WesternConqueror
Huyan Lie takes some of those earlier scathing remarks about his combat ability to heart. He makes use of the long pause to learn some cool martial art moves from Grand Administrator Liu Shentong...;P

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PostPosted: 09 Nov 2017, 11:31
by mercurian262144
Open RP

It was an unnormal day in a marketplace of Wan. Actually, it was one of a few marketplaces where a good number of its shop owners decided to open their stores despite the problem brought about by rioters within the city. In every store could be seen a number of burly-looking people who were hired by the owners as their bodyguards, with the exception of a small one which door was only left intact by some boards nailed to it. Its signage indicated the family that owned that store: the Jia clan of Ba.

Inside the store could be found a number of oddities ranging from sculptures that was almost accurate in its depiction up to the detail of a small nail; to robes that were, although elaborately dyed and embroidered, had some quirks too extreme to be deemed fit for wearing in court; to various weapons that almost could not be distinguished from the standard shapes of what weapons they should have represented. The person sitting at the back portion of the store, who was referred to as its owner as he converses with a native of the area, also exemplified the accurate yet ostentatious display of the shop. He had a very youthful face that was accentuated by amber eyes and long hair with the color resembling that of an old man, like the person he was conversing with. By the way he was sitting, he seemed to be a tall but lanky person, half-dressed in his beautifully dyed and embroidered robe, exposing the supple pearly skin underneath.

"Yuankun, isn't it time for you to hire some bodyguards?" The old man was heard talking to the younger person. His face was filled with concern, given that the rioters were still combing within the city, and the state of the door of the shop was exposing its vulnerability.

"To tell you frankly brother Shu," The young man, who was referred to the man as Yuankun replied, "I am just starting the shop and I do not have the money to hire assistants let alone bodyguards. I would really hope that I could sell these pieces so that I would never need to fight the looters frequently."

The old man known as Shu looked around the shop, and then laughed while saying, "Well looks like by the quality of your wares even the aristocrats would never dare to ask about their prices!"

Yuankun then pouted like a little child, then curtly said, his face reddened, "Then they should ask! It is not as if I am going to hack away their arms and legs to purchase my wares! They are as cheap as could be, you know, I always price my services lower than the materials and tools I used to make them!"

Shu was laughing as he was patting the head of Yuankun, which proved to be a burden since even when Yuankun was sitting, his head was still higher than Shu's standing body.

"You're really a child, even if you're taller you are still a child. That's what I like about you."

Yuankun was still pouting. "If your children heard you talking like that they would be jealous."

Meanwhile, a group of people were spotted on the road where the store was located, inching closer to the store.

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PostPosted: 09 Nov 2017, 19:09
by Bradums
A young man, tall and muscular, pushed his way through the gaggle of onlookers who were slowly but surely making their way toward the shop. The initial couple of men looked in disbelief while the rest simply stepped aside in wonder that someone would be so bold and/or rude as to move them out of his way.

With a yawn, Zhou Liang straightened his elaborate robes and entered the shop. As he stepped through the threshold, the noble scratched his nose nonchalantly and took a look around.

Without turning to face them or making any sort of movement toward the pair who were present, the man spoke up, "Good day, gentlemen. Would either of you be the proprietor of this shop?"

Despite his regal and intimidating appearance, he sounded pleasant enough, even if he seemed fairly uninterested in most of what was going on around him.

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PostPosted: 10 Nov 2017, 01:59
by mercurian262144

As the group of men were approaching the shop, two men, who were at the tail end of the group, were conversing with each other. By the bandages on their bodies, it would seem that they were caught in battle a day or couple of days before.

"Damn it, these wounds still hurt. I really hope that we can take revenge on that person. He treated us like targets for the demonstration of his blades!"

The other person smiled and said, "I am sure that we can pillage the store this time. You know, Jun is very strong, he lifted a huge jar of water without much effort. That young bastard that wounded us? He's tall and all, but he was never muscular like Jun over there." He was evidently referring to the person at the front, an intimidating presence, his bare copper-toned body riddled with scars. "We would attack that bastard without giving him any chance to grab a weapon. I tell you, we will be successful this time."

They were still talking when another person, who although of a regal presence was also intimidating, shoved the whole group from his way. Even the muscular Jun could scarcely stand in the way of that person. The group could only stare at the man, who was about enter the shop with amazement, which soon transformed to seething anger, particularly the muscular man who took the shove as affront to his dignity and self-perceived dominance.


As much as the amazement that the rioters felt, was the feeling of Yuankun as he stared at the person who was entering the shop. Here was the uncommon visitor, maybe he was one of the aristocrats that Shu was referring to. The feeling that he felt from the crown of his head to the sole of his boots, was that of excitement. He was thinking what would he do to please this man who may have exquisite taste for anything and everything. In his excitement, he scarcely heard the words of the person. He continued to stare at a person when Shu started to elbow him to try to snap him out of his thoughts.

"Hey hey Yuankun, I think he was referring to you," Shu said, laughing. "Lucky you, I have been trying to have a customer like that for years."

Fortunately Yuankun heard the words of Shu, and he shook his head to get rid of some thoughts that was forming, and he then exhaled forcefully. "I do what I always do," he then thought as he stood up and approached the man who was looking at the displays of the shop. Although he was taller than the man, he was never as muscular as the latter as Yuankun was the embodiment of a beanstalk personified. He then bowed and said, "I am the proprietor of the shop, the name is Jia Yuankun zi Yuansheng of the Jia clan of Ba. I have a wide range of experience in forging, sculpting, and stitching any material within the Middle Kingdom, you may ask about making anything from any kind of material and I will bring it to you, as much as possible, earlier than your given time."

((Anyone who had the dueling tool? As much as possible I wanted to run a duel for Yuankun against Jun later. Wanted it to be as realistic as possible.))

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PostPosted: 10 Nov 2017, 17:51
by Bradums

Liang poked a few pieces of cloth, testing their feel and sheen. He was hardly an expert, of course. Far from it. His inspection of the material was really just out of curiosity more than a professional analysis. Normally, he left the craft to the craftsmen.

As the proprietor identified himself, the young noble turned partway and offered a polite bow in his direction. "A pleasure to meet you, young sir. I am Zhou Liang, of the Zhou clan."

He left out the titles and lineage. That all seemed unnecessary. This wasn't a matter of official business, and he never considered himself important enough to make his position known unless the situation demanded it.

"I'm in a strange position, Jia Yuankun. With the rebel outbreak nearing Wan, I donated most of my household's armory to the administration. There's a few basic sets of practice armor, but...none of it is really practical. I was looking for a craftsman with the ability to create a unique set of robes for me. Something that combines the presentation of a public figure with the protection of light armor. Odd as it may sound, is that something you may be able to draw up for me?" Liang asked, turning his glance once more to the shopkeeper.

[OOC: Essentially, looking to RP him getting a proposal on crafting him a set of Embroidered Padded Armor in the form of robes.]

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PostPosted: 11 Nov 2017, 12:21
by mercurian262144

((Order accepted. And if no one could run the duel, I have rolled the encounter between Yuankun and Jun shortly after I posted my last post. Pegged Jun's stats as 50-65-20-25-50, with first two turns being Intimidate and Disarm, and Yuankun's tactics used for the first four turns being One Blow, Feint, Double Strike and Arrow. Will RP the result if possible.))

"Hmmm... battle-ready robes that are presentable to the general public..." Yuankun seemed as if he was caught up in his thought, which he immediately doused with the response, "Surely what I wear right now and some of the displays here are battle-ready robes, but are maybe too flamboyant for what I perceive is an honorable person like you." He then dished out a confident smile. "Not saying I can't make it though. In fact, you came at the right place. I would just make it as elegant as possible without overdoing it."

The order having been accepted, Yuankun pondered on the reason for this odd, yet understandable and practical order. Surely the reason for this eventual order was the unrest of the peasants within the city, the reason why merchants chose to hire bodyguards for their business in order to protect themselves from the worst-case scenario when rioters would break open their shops like they did to Yuankun's. The person might also be a target of the anger of the rioters due to him being one of the nobles within the city, therefore the order which Yuankun had already expected and had already made for himself in the form of the flowery robe that he was wearing right now. As he was thinking, accurately-placed embroidery can fasten some stacks of resilient cloth together so that it would form something like a padded armor. But of course instead of making small gains selling weapons and practical armor, was it not desirable for this unrest to end so that business will be back as usual again and people will come to his shop for pieces of art that would sell higher? Hearing that the person donated his armory to the administration, he then thought of how could he help them. His mind then dawned on one aspiration, something that became embroidered on his mind like the flowers on his robe.

"I heard that you have donated your armory to the cause of the administration of Wan, and I think that it is for them to fight off the misinformation within the city," Yuankun said resolutely, and then handed Liang the piece of paper that was propagated by the false emperor to sway the feelings of the populace into his cause, which Yuankun had picked up earlier when he was fighting off the rioters that was about to raid his shop. "Personally I should have no motive in helping and would have focused myself into my business. I humored myself that it was a small incident and the administration of Wan can suppress it easily. But as I have encountered the rioters face-on and have seen this blasphemy, I have thought about something: As long as these riots continue, it would never be safe for business, and once Wan falls down, it would only involve a short time before my own city Jiangzhou would also be involved in this."

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PostPosted: 13 Nov 2017, 14:33
by Bradums
Sighing, Liang crossed his arms and shook his head.

"Unfortunately so," he replied, "One of the most dire mistakes loyal men of the Empire seem to make is to pretend that this rebellion is simply a passing concern. Too often have I heard my peers fool themselves into thinking that if they just hide their wealth, hire a few extra guards, and stay at home...this whole thing will figure itself out."

The tall man turned and walked closer to the shopkeeper and his compatriot, a little more comfortable now that they had spoken a little and started on a more personal conversation.

"It's delusions like this that lead to inaction, and inaction is what allowed the rebellion to grow as strong as it is today. Cities lost, villages ransacked, thousands and thousands of lives lost...all because men in positions like mine decided it would be easier to hide like a turtle in its shell and let the wave pass over," Liang professed, his youthful brow furrowed with concern.

Shaking his head, the Zhou scion concluded, "This is no wave. This is a blaze, destructive and chaotic, and it thrives as flames do on momentum. By ignoring the threat, what was a small flame has been allowed to grow into a raging inferno that threatens all that holds our civilization together. It must stop at Wan if we are to survive, and these riots are the kindling that must be stamped out."

Raising an eyebrow, he clarified, "Uh...metaphorically speaking, of course."