Rules for Tactic Submission

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Rules for Tactic Submission

Postby Aureal » 01 Nov 2012, 20:38

Welcome to the pre-game tactics forum! Please keep your hands and arms inside the forum at all times and wait until the thread has come to a complete stop before exiting...

Um. Anyway. The layout here should be fairly obvious- there's a thread for each kingdom, and their tactics go in that thread. The last post in that thread is what will be used by battlerunners in determining what the kingdom does on the battlefield.

:arrow: Treat the tactic submission threads exactly the same as a PM submission. Do not post drafts/discussion/comments etc. in the tactic submission threads. The only thing that should be posted in them is a fully complete tactic submission.
:arrow: Any player may post tactics for a kingdom (or several kingdoms), but the tactics should reflect what the kingdom has been established as wanting to do. Do not attempt to change the storyline with your tactics.
:arrow: Be aware that staff may over-ride your posted tactics for any reason to facilitate the proper flow of the pre-game.
:arrow: Try to be coordinated in tactic-writing. If you see other people interested in participating in tactics for a kingdom, work with them to develop one set of tactics instead of creating confusion by submitting different tactics for the same kingdom.
:arrow: Please actually read the draft of battle rules. Battles are obviously much different now.
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