Liu Biao's Kingdom Tactics

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Liu Biao's Kingdom Tactics

Postby Aureal » 15 Oct 2012, 12:27

This thread is the official record of tactics for Liu Biao's kingdom only. No posts other than the final tactics should be in this thread.
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Re: Liu Biao's Kingdom Tactics

Postby webby » 13 Jan 2013, 16:39

Huang Gai
Duels: Accept challanges from Jia Xu or Zhen Langcun before engagement,
accept challange from Lu Bu only if Lu Bu is injured by 20 or more
War penalty
Movement: Move to (X203,Y195)
Target Priority:
1)Lu Bu
2)Zhen Langcun
3)Jia Xu
1)If all enemy units are within range Blitz,
If Lu Bu and Zhen Langcun are within range Blitz, otherwise Fire Ambush
2)Missile trap (X203,Y194)
3)Fire Trap (X202,Y195)
4)Rumor Lu Bu or Zhen Langcun whichever is closest
5)Simaltanious attack any enemy that meets the requirements

Cai Mao
Duels: accept challenge from Jia Xu only
Movement: Move to (X201,Y195)to set ambush
Target Priority:
1)Zhen Langcun
2)Lu Bu
3)Jia Xu
2)Rumor Zhen Langcun or Lu Bu whomever is closest
3)Confuse closest enemy
4)Melee attack

Liu Biao
Duels: accept from Jia Xu only
Movement: Move to (x202,Y196)
Target Priority:
1)Jia Xu
2)Zhen Langcun
3)Lu Bu
1)Confuse closest enemy
2)Melee attack enemy unit with fewest troops,
infantry first, then Cavalry
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