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History of SimRTK

Postby Zhang Liao 27 » 20 Mar 2005, 05:05

First draft done by Elysia. Updates to be made as game progresses.

Simulated RTK began in the late spring of 2001 on SOC (Sanguo Online Community). It was started there by a player named Jzdman. Over the 2 years that it was located on SOC, there were several people involved in the creation of the game. They dedicated their time and energy into helping to make this sim awesome for one and all. There were 5 versions of the sim played on SOC before moving to their own server.

If you would like to look over some of the archived games that were played on SOC, follow this link: Early Simulated RTK Archives is now CLOSED. You will find many interesting stories there, as well as many familiar faces. Unfortunately, the owner of that site shut it down again. Hopefully one day we will be able to retrieve those game files to add to our collection.

In the spring of 2003, we moved to our own server, and opened this site. Many staff members came from SOC to simRTK to continue devoting their time to keeping the sim fresh and new feeling. And over the past six years, we have added even more staff to meet the demands of our ever growing member base.

If you would like to look over the archived games that have taken place here follow these links:
2003-2004 V-1
2004-2005 V-2
2005-2007 V-3
2007-2008 V-4
2009-2011 V-5

This site is owned and maintained by Xian Zhu Xuande from KMA (Kongming‘s Archives) and SoSZ (The Scholars of Shen Zhou).
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