Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Taishi Ci 2.0 » 04 Sep 2008, 03:14

In light of the apparently lack of staff and the new announcement, I am applying for the role of Roleplay Master for V5.

*Good knowledge of the RTK novel and related media
*Willing to work hard in my position
*Can keep up with roleplays
*Ruling experience both for V4 on here and on Warlords for V3.
*Good people skills
*Plenty of free time, EST time zone
*Easy to contact via PM or IRC
*No tolerance for cheating or other shady metagaming
*Willing to be impartial

As an RM I am willing to fulfill all applicable duties such as quest design/running, sign-ups, GMNPCs, etc. PM or query me on IRC if interested. Thanks.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Tevye » 04 Sep 2008, 19:44

I am applying to be a GM.

As many can attest, I am very good with numbers and problem solving. I am able to do simple checking/programming of tools (when I say simple I really do mean simple though).

Additionally, I have a solid foundation in the historical RTK period (and the Qin/Han as well, if SimRTK decides to go that direction).

I am outspoken and am willing to help discuss ideas with other staff members. Also, since I believe in transparency I am willing to work with the players more than the staff has been recently.

While writing ability is not the main reason I believe I would make a good staff member, I do have above average ability, and am capable of RPing multiple NPCs.

As Warlords players and staff can agree to, I am fair and I get my work done quickly and efficiently. I always schedule time into my day to get any work I have there done, and it should not be an issue to schedule any additional time to deal with SimRTK work. I am also very professional and try to maintain staff unity in my public posting on Warlords.

I know I'm a longshot due to past criticisms of the staff, and, in my book, I would use that as a reason to hire me, I understand why it could be considered a negative. Just remember what Abe Lincoln did in his cabinet though.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Xeniphon » 04 Sep 2008, 22:04

Well, I doubt people want me in a staff position since I am far to blunt, but I think I am one of the most capable people here when it comes to setting aside personal benifit for the benifit of the whole. I consider this to be the finest quality that a staff member can have. I can be polite and helpful, but I state my opinions bluntly, perhaps to bluntly, but I am quite reasonable. I have very strong opinions but I pride myself on the ability to take every side of an argument, this gives me the ability to remove ego from the context of a debate and change sides without regret so long as the argument is logical and reasonable. I pride balance and fairness above all but honesty. In my time here I have been loyal and honest both in and out of character, cheating and betreyal are simply not things I can bring myself to do.

With my many ideas I am best when used to brainstorm within set peramiters and in finding ways to balance aspects of what I am working on. As such I think that I would make a good Game Master, primarily used for ideas and balancing.

I have a good reputation here on the site; I am an experianced player, considered good with tactics/plots, considered undenyably trustworthy, and I have never been afraid to dissagree when I felt it was the best coarse of action. I am a historian so I understand the historical aspects, I have read the book/played the games, and I am experianced in both playering/staffing role playing games online. I am competent in both practical and abstract mathmatics (though I tend not to like it much) and when I used to do table top gameing all of my friends always had me act as judge despite my involvment since I am unbiased in judgment.

Probably there is little interest in my takeing a staff position, I am admitedly a difficult person to deal with when I think myself correct, but I feel that in terms of contributions and machanical implimentation I believe that I would prove an asset to the sim. I reference Monkey, Liu Sun, and to a lesser extent the other staff who have had less dealings with me than the aaforementioned. I have always been foremost in makeing suggestions and accepting once told they would or would not happen, so now I offer my ideas and efforts to the site. Do with my offer as you will.
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Postby Lao Kong » 05 Sep 2008, 01:05

Lao Kong wrote:This thread existed? Well, thanks to Chris for linking me.

My name's Harley, I'm 18 years old. I live in the U.S., and am a High School student involved in several computer classes, involving probability & statistics, Business math in excel, and computer programming. I've got a knack for math, and would like to apply for Game Master. I can also type pretty fast (120 WPM on good days), and can usually devote a large brick of my time to the internet.

I've Modded on, which I am currently in discussion with old admins to revive that site. I'm a kingdom ruler in As you might know, I'm a Duel Runner on, which is this website, so I can do calculations. Also, I've started my own sim (which isn't about RTK china, gasp!) about Fullmetal Alchemist (note that I started this very recently). I also was the head admin for some time on Era of Chaos, which flopped after a while b/c of unsound mechanics left by the previous admins.

I'm on the IRC a lot, to speak with different users if they need me immediately. I am a patient person (although don't speak to BM about that) and can deal with the immature and the experienced well. I feel with the large influx of users SimRTK is experiencing (and this will be tenfold upon the start of V4) you guys will need some extra arms- or keyboards!- to keep things tidy.

Thanks for considering.

I don't know if it's proper to repost or not, but I am now, because that old one is terribly outdated.

My name's Harley, I'm 18 going on 19. I'm a college student at Owens Community College, and an avid RPG lover. I'm majoring in computer programming, although I don't get into the real good stuff until later on. Right now I'm learning a children's programming language called Alice, which really is never going to be useful to me, but I have novice experience with Java and C++ and amateur experience with VB.NET. I also type an average of at least 130 wpm, although it's been a while since I've been tested.

I'm excellent with basic math and have a grip for advanced mathematics like trigonometry and calculus, although it never was my strong suit. Algebra ftw imo. The above links are still valid as my old experience, so I'm not going to repost them.

Why do I think I'm qualified? Because I really do want to see this sim do well, and I had great hopes for v4. I'm user-friendly, efficient when I can find time, good number cruncher, etc. I also love me some Microsoft Excel, if that matters.

Why aren't I qualified? I have classes Monday through Thursday, a somewhat active social life, and I'm currently waiting on job calls, not to mention my internet appetite is a large one, so I will probably have to stop attending some websites to make more time for SimRTK. I'm not the quickest learner so expect me to ask many times in different forms what to do.

And that's about it really.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Vhalander » 05 Sep 2008, 02:20

Well, I suppose I'll throw my name up for consideration.

I'm Peter. I'm 19, and entering my second year at college. I've pretty much grown up with SimRTK. I joined near the end of V1 back in my early-mid teens. I'd like to think I've matured since my first posts, and have made that evident over the years.

I've ruled here twice. Once in V2 for some months, albeit not very successfully. I ran Xiangping these last few months de facto and then de jure. I also ran a quest under the supervision of BM way back in the day (fairly unsuccessfully, if I remember).

In any event, I have my own copy of the unabridged novel, and am entering my second year studying Chinese at the collegiate level. I'd like to think I'm at least decent in my RPs and am fairly prompt and organized. I know the staff said they were looking for new life, and I figured I owed it to the site to at least offer my services.

I'm not too sure as to my availability. I can be on every day to make a few posts, but I'm uncertain if I can commit the time necessary to run a battle or something of that nature. So I guess I'd be better suited for RM than GM, if anything.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Carpevis » 05 Sep 2008, 18:41

Howdy, everyone.

From the sound of things, and my interest in battles and whatnot, after having a long discussion in how they are processed, and after the failing in the V4 in getting reliable help for battles, I'd like to volunteer for the job of War Master. (Battle Master would be abbreviated BM and there are way too many puns for me to suggest that.)

I am a certified IT professional, own my own IT business and do more than a bit of dabbling in programing. I understand how to manipulate code. Javascript or executables, Excel spreadsheets (yuck, and why when a program is more elegant and less likely to be screwed up?) I can deal with. All I really need are the procedures, the variables and the methods and I can write a program to get battle results FAST. Maybe I can even simplify things.

I'm also home most every night, or can take it on the run with me as needed. I have multiple computers so would never be down for long due to a crash.

If you don't need changes, and just need someone to run the things, I can handle that as well as long as I have the tools.

Just thought I'd toss my name out there and see if you'd like to have some help in that department. I'll assume Roleplay Masters's are full, which would have been fun as I have published two fantasy novels and understand something about roles and character development, plots, story lines and such, but it looks like you need more technical help than that. Either way, I'm volunteering for War Master and if you still need Roleplay Masters, I'd be happy to lend whatever aid you need there as well.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Lu Kuang » 07 Sep 2008, 09:22

Tevye wrote:As Warlords players and staff can agree to, I am fair and I get my work done quickly and efficiently. I always schedule time into my day to get any work I have there done, and it should not be an issue to schedule any additional time to deal with SimRTK work. I am also very professional and try to maintain staff unity in my public posting on Warlords.

Edited by GM

JBL EDIT: Please don't place comments like that here.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Zhang Loc » 08 Sep 2008, 00:07

I nominate antlan87. If there is any chance of this sim being saved from people that are self-important and ultimate do nothings, he is the man!

BM Edit: If he's not self-important and lazy, why would we want him? :P
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Gjallar » 11 Sep 2008, 05:51

I would like to apply for the position of Game Master

My name is Erik. I am 17 and from the southernmost state in the Union, Hawaii. Playing as an officer close to the end of v3 when I joined simrtk and becoming and playing as a ruler for the large majority of v4, I have experienced much of what the game has to offer, including a small stint as a free officer before joining a kingdom in v3. Because of this, I have had a satisfactory fill of experiences and enjoyment as a player of this game. I would like to have the chance to actively contribute to the well being of the game as a member of the staff, and I am willing to have the limited role as a player of the game to do so. I think I am qualified because:

Gamemaster Required Personal Qualities:
* All the requirements described for RM's
RM Required Personal Qualities:
* Friendly/helpful to players.

My kingdom was comprised largely of new players to the game and less so of veteran players. With these new players, I spent much time answering questions about the game and showing them the ropes. Outside of my kingdom, I did contact a number of players who had errors in their signups and through a series of pm's helped many by giving them advice on how to properly do the signup and explaining the current political situation with the Zheng in place of the Han.

Good character/integrity.

I set it as a goal this version of the sim to, at the start, define a true character and personality for Cong Yao-Ren which I would stick to throughout the game. I believe I did accomplish this without any aberrations. I played Cong as he would act even in cases where it strained the diplomatic relations of my kingdom in situations where it would have been much more desirable ooc to change his character to secure an alliance.

Ability to work in a team.

I spent a month away from home taking a college course on the mainland during my High school's summer. In addition I turned in two turns while out of house on athletic commitments. During these times even more so than the times I was home, I relied on the other officers in my kingdom. I was able to delegate tasks effectively so I would be shouldering a reasonable workload. Through relying on my fellow kingdom teammates, I was able to accomplish the task of being a ruler even at times when I was out of house or having very little to no internet access during a critical time for the sim. During the last turn for instance, I was at football camp and trusted my officers to complete the tactics for the battles, which they did, when I had imparted upon them all the information I had gathered. (Enemy Kt's, maps, activity levels.)

Good knowledge of the RTK era.

I have a general and relatively good knowledge of the storyline of the RTK tale. I have not read the novel itself, and therefore unable to answer nitpicky questions asking what Cao Cao had for lunch on Tuesday, august the 22nd. I have had classes in Asian history and would be able to answer questions about the lifestyle and customs of the three kingdoms period of ancient china.

Ability to take criticism and scrutiny well. (I.e., patience)

I am open and receptive to advice, critique, and outright criticism. I did listen to suggestions from officers within my kingdom and even some from outside my kingdom to improve it. When faced with confusion over the new practice of activity threads, it was suggested in my planning hall that an easier way be made. This lead to me doing individualized instructions on activity posts for each character and sending them out via pm. (What to post, where to post (linked), where to notify the kingdom that they made an activity post.)

That concludes the RM requirement for GM so I will now go back to the other GM requirements.

Attention to detail.

I try to be as aware as I can be. Whether it is in a game or in real life, attention to detail is nearly always one of the keys to success. In simrtk this largely manifested itself in my desire to have an in head mastery over the rules of v4. This is the genesis of my avatar which I have stuck with for the whole version. (Commitment!) This desire to know the rules very well also covers this requirement for GM.
Good Knowledge of the SimRTK rules.

Some mathematical skill. (Basic operations, knowledge of trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions)
* (Desired) Good Mathematical skill - College/University level.

I am currently enrolled in differential calculus. I think that should speak for itself. I am quite competent in math and because of mean, but quality teachers forcing students to do work by hand in prior courses, I can do all of the lower math accurately without a calculator should it be necessary. Calculator is of course preferable.

Ability to use packages such as MS Excel

Spreadsheets are fun and easy. Learned how to use them in sixth grade.

(Emphasised) Integrity and ability to be objective.

This is perhaps my strongest suit. I have been on this sim for two versions and made some friends as I have fit into the community. Thankfully I have never built up any grudges towards other players on this sim. I was never plotted against :mrgreen: and have never had any chance to create biases towards other players. I would be able to be objective in my decisions as a GM, bearing no partiality towards any side. I would have and display the integrity required by a GM when keeping staff duties and the knowledge entrusted in the position separate from non staff professions such as: Just kicking it and talking story.

In addition, I would hope that my time as a ruler would prove that I would be able to competently manage a GMNPC kingdom if assigned one and rule it as the character would. I would also hope that the time I have already given to this sim will prove that I do in fact have the time required to complete GM jobs such as running battles.(One of the tasks I would most like to do.) I would also like to process sign-ups as I know from experience, the wait to get in the game for the first time can sometimes be near unbearable.

Also, I am easily able to be contacted and approachable by others. I am often on the irc channel using the nick of Gjallar as per my username on this site. I check this site daily and reply to personal messages I receive.

I think that wraps up this application. Thank you for your consideration and time spent reading this application. If you wish to contact me, one of the aforementioned methods is best with personal messages probably winning out if you are a number of time zones away from me.

Thank you.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Gafgarion » 16 Sep 2008, 17:08

I'm not good at writing applications, so I'll try to make this brief.

I am signing up to be a Game Master primarily, though I will offer my services to be a Roleplay Master as well.

First, about me. I'm 24 years old. I have been with SimRTK on and off since v2 (I think it was v2 at least), and have been roleplaying on and off for the last decade. I'm a semi-perfectionist, and feel that my posts have to be just right before I hit Submit, that my projects have to look and feel just right, that I have to do the best I can, otherwise it's just not worth doing at all. And with that out of the way...

I am mainly interested in the mechanical side of SimRTK. The battles, fights, plots, KTs, PTs. If there are numbers involved, I want to play with them. I could spend hours playing with stats, figuring out totals, and the like (and did, during my rulership in v3). Not only would I not mind the repetitiveness of running a battle, for example, I would likely enjoy myself while I do it.

When I roleplay, I try to act as my character would. By thinking as the character would, I bring out more life from the character, and they become a little more real. I will act according to how my character would act, even if that means I would be forfeiting my well-being. As for the quality of my roleplaying, it has improved some over the years, but I feel it could be better. I would like to think of myself as average at worst, though.

I meet all of the qualifications to be a Roleplay/Game Master, but I feel I should point out a few things. My ability to work with a team is good, but given the choice, I prefer to work alone. I tend to rely on myself more than others, but I realize it's not possible to be an RM/GM without being part of a team. Also, my attention to detail is great, as I said above. Everything needs to be just right before I can call it finished, and that passes onto my roleplaying/work. I just felt I should point those two items out.

While I am more interested in being a Game Master than a Roleplay Master, I wouldn't mind the opportunity to be either.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Uni » 15 Dec 2008, 09:52

I would like to apply as a Roleplay Master. I might not be the friendliest of sort, but I am definately helpful. After spending years here, I know what kind of standard this SIM wants and I do think I can coperate with the other staffs to ensure a smooth ride. Integrity? Stick by the rules is what I think of integrity. I have been reading RTK era since 12yrs old and now I'm 27, so I guess I am experienced alright. As for "ability" to take criticism and scrutiny, I think as long as they are in order and correct, I'm always fine with criticism as such. I believe a person will only grow/mature if he/she can accept other people's opinion.

Think I have been here long enough to not want to become a ruler. Neither am I that interested anymore to make huge contribution to any kingdom. V4 has changed quite alot of my perception about SIMRTK. Contributing to the general community is what I would enjoy more rather than the actual participation itself. Other reasons being that I would like to see this SIM continue on.

Lastly, my own introduction. I believe I have not introduce myself to anyone yet. I'm a 27 yrs old guy, living in Taiwan now working as a transport and logistic company. Been in simrtk since v2 I think. There's a lot of ups and downs when I was here. Fustration, anger all that sort. Generally, I think its a good experience. That's why I stick my arse in here for so long. As for my real name, I think using my nickname will do. If for some reasons any of the staffs needs to know my real name, just let me know.

Don't want to keep this too long, this will be my first and last application to become a staff here. I believe I can do a good job and working as a team is definately no problem to me. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Elidan » 21 Dec 2008, 08:15

Hello, I'm 21 years old and my name is Matteo Leonardi. I will propose myself for the rank of GM. I came from Italy and I admit that I can't be on the Sim 24 hours in a day, but I'm in more or less 1h every day to read posts (not in the last period because I had university exsams).

So well, why I'm asking this position... Because I'm a student of the physic university and I'm interesting in the informatical world. I have big mathematical skill (that compensate my little english knowledge) and I'm a good programmer. I have a lot of patience and now that I have only 1 exam more until end the university, I have a lot of time. I know quite good the RTK period, but my desire is not help in the roleplay (I explain, I want to do this also, but is not my task), but most help the Sim to do the techincal part and drive it to a stability that in the V4 it didn't have. I think I can bring to the Sim a good experience in doing stuff and technicism that everyone need in the game, but noone knows or understand how they can work.

The last thing I can say is that living in the other part of the world of the others GM I can be online when the others are offline (in the v4 I hated when I was online and noone of the big boss was online with me :evil: )

Hoping you will like my presentation.
Awaiting an answer.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Angelic Crux » 21 Dec 2008, 21:56

I'd like to apply for the position of Roleplay Master. I'm not very good at trying to sell myself, but here are a few reasons why I think I would be a good Roleplay Master.

* Academic background in the area (East Asian Studies major).
* Research fiend (I love tracking down facts!)
* Friendly!
* Lots of free time for the foreseeable future (six months to a year)
* Previous experience as a ruler and as a Roleplay Supervisor.
* Enjoyment of working as part of a team.

Self reporting is always kind of suspect, so if there's any interest in having me as a RM, I really implore you to talk with some of the people who have worked with me, as either a ruler or a RM. Taishi, Flawed, Lance, Ai, and Swiss all have been able to see my strengths and weaknesses up close, so they can probably give you a better sense of whether I'd be a good RM than I could.

Thank you very much for your time!
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby VigoEaterOfWorlds » 05 Jun 2009, 23:29

I can't decide if I'm supposed to post more like I"m running for office or applying for a job. :P

But, check it: My name is Jake Jacobson (Th3 in the IRC) and I'd like to try my hand at being a Roleplay Master.
I would say that I've been here since early v3, but technically I took v4 off (then again, who didn't?), so my time on SimRTK isn't as all-encompassing as that. But I was around for v3 and now for v5, plus I've probably lurked in the IRC channel for a little longer than that.

On the forum side, I love RPing. My favorite thing about making a character isn't thinking about what stats and skills would fit, or are sought after at the time, it's trying to think of a new character personality. That's sort of why I'd like to be a RM--the opportunity to become these different characters is really something that I would enjoy being able to step into. Running (and really making the descriptive post for) plots would be added fun, plus I wouldn't mind helping out with sign-ups (though most of the rough sign-up stuff is long since gone).

On the IRC side, I'm on IRC as much as someone can be, so I'd be around often to answer questions or just watch over the place.

I think you could ask most people on IRC about my abilities or my character. I don't really feel like it's very objectionable for me to go into how I feel my strengths are and whatnot. The only thing I could say is I could use more knowledge of the RTK era, but if I got assigned characters, I am more than willing to read up on their histories and the like.

So... yeah. Just throwing my hat into the ring, so to speak. The only thing it's missing is more Quan Yu. :guanyu:
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby SYL » 08 Jun 2009, 22:23

I'm SYL, I'm a 22-year-old History graduate, and I would like to throw my hat into the ring for a position as Game Master.

I have been a member of this community and a player of the game since early in v1, way back when. I was a regular PC learning the ropes by jumping in at the deep end (complete with sharks) in that first game, becoming heavily involved in a variety of failed plots and schemes right from the offing. I ended up as a ruler in v2, and the proud leader of the Di barbarians pulled off a string of small successes before being crushed under the might of Meng Jun. I was made a Roleplay Master and then shortly thereafter a Game Master for v3, and I played my part in the development of that game and its storyline. While my tenure as the supposedly competent GMNPC ruler Wei Zhao was unsuccessful ( ;) ), I was heavily involved in running plots, running battles, roleplaying NPCs and generally helping things to run smoothly. I think that I was good at this, I certainly enjoyed it a great deal, and I would like to have the chance to help out again. I regret leaving the game at the point I did, but my life and studies were getting hectic. I apologise to any I let down. I am applying, in one respect, to make it up to people, and to do my part in keeping SimRTK the best sim-game around.

I first read Romance of the Three Kingdoms as a teenager, and shortly thereafter became fascinated with the novel, the period and its history. My grasp on the period, its characters and events is solid, but I'm always willing to discuss, read and learn more. I am patient and accepting of criticism, and I am always willing to discuss problems, offer advice and help when needed. Moreover, I am a hard worker, and am not shy of facing new challenges or taking on more work than I had anticipated in order to help things run smoothly. I have a good sense of humour and enjoy working with a group of people towards a common goal. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong, but I will stick up for the course I think is right (although not so stubbornly that I refuse to believe I can be out-argued). I am good at playing Devil's Advocate.

My mathematical skills are solid and I have plenty of experience of working with the systems, the rules and the various calculators. I am interested in pitching in to development and am a good problem-solver. I am a mature and responsible community member, with a keen sense of integrity, and I can be trusted to uphold the standards we expect in the game. I can cool arguments and enforce the rules, but do it in a considerate manner.

But most of all, I like to have fun as much as anybody else does. I believe in a game where people can achieve great things - becoming Emperors, carrying out daring raids, outmaneuvering political foes. I believe in a gameworld which affects and changes characters, and in turn, characters who can change and affect the gameworld. I believe in fairness, good sportsmanship, and fun as the core of a great game. And they are at the heart of what I offer.

As far as my experience, I've been a DM on a Neverwinter Nights persistent world, a GM on SimRTK, I've been the vice-president and treasurer of two University societies. All of which have involved teamwork, hard graft, adaptation to changing situations, and organisational skills to meet sometimes tight deadlines.

Finally - thanks for reading. SimRTK is great fun, and long may it continue. :)
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