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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Lu Kuang » 25 Mar 2008, 10:29

I'd like to throw in a nomination for Xiang Zhuang as a Game Master.

XZ has experience as staff from HoC and Warlords, where he conducted himself in such a manner that was nothing short of brilliance. I know that if I had a question regarding the game, I'd go to Xiang Zhuang.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Cai » 25 Mar 2008, 23:31

I would like to recommend Lu Kuang for the spot of Game Master. I have worked on numerous sims with him when he was an administrator position, such as The Rise of Lords, Way of the Dragon as well as Warlords. He is an excellent number cruncher and often gets stuck doing a lot of work, but takes it all in stride. He's also Australian, so we know he does well in the face of adversity. If you would like more information, feel free to PM me.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby jiangbao » 27 Mar 2008, 22:58

Hi staffs,

My name is Ivan and I would like to apply for the position of Roleplay Master. I had listed out in point forms for the credibility of my application.

1) I've read the entire story on RTK and generally know from the Yellow Turbans to Sima Qian of the Jin Dynasty. Other than RTK, some of the Chinese history I have a few grasps here and there but foremost, RTK is still my favourite.
2) Fan of RTK be it game, comics, movies. Have been that since 15 yrs ago.
3) I can be active everyday, partly due to the availability of the internet at my work desk.
4) I used to partake D&D (Not Dinner and Dance ) when I was young. The Pen and Paper type. So generally I know about what is call Roleplaying.
5) I can be a team player or even as an individual.
6) As I'm in the creative industry, I don't think I had problems coming out with storylines or plots. But with regards to programming staffs, I'll leave to the better person to handle it.

Well I hate to list cons but for the benefit of the interviewers, I had to.
1) I'm from Asia so I believe my active time in simRTK will be slightly different from the West.
2) I'm new to simRTK. Still catching up on the fundamentals of simRTK.
3) On the weekends, my time will be reserved for my wife and my little girl. I would say my probability online will be 30%.

Thank you for your time in reading my application

I just realise I can nominate others as well. If that is the case, I would like to nominate See as roleplay master. If you need proof please see Tsui Rui Kingdom Role play thread. We are the current most active KRP mainly due to See's abilty to act as our very own "GM". If you have any queries, I think anyone in my kingdom can attest to it.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby nuttley4t3 » 28 Mar 2008, 12:02

I very much agree with Jiang Bao. See Wichai has been keeping us between the lines, keeping us organized and clean. He would make a great GM.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby osiris » 28 Mar 2008, 16:12

I third that nomination!
See Wichai would make a brilliant GM! He has been helping us with our massive and extremely active kingdom and I am sure he would be able to help others!
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Postby Liu Sun » 28 Mar 2008, 16:19

This is not American Idol, so please stop voting ;)
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Xiang Zhuang » 29 Mar 2008, 15:01

Lu Kuang wrote:I'd like to throw in a nomination for Xiang Zhuang as a Game Master.

XZ has experience as staff from HoC and Warlords, where he conducted himself in such a manner that was nothing short of brilliance. I know that if I had a question regarding the game, I'd go to Xiang Zhuang.

I greatly appreciate any and all consideration for this position, especially from someone who has seen me work from both the inside and out. However, I must withdraw my name from consideration. While assisting SimRTK and, perhaps, restoring it to its full glory is something that is greatly appealing, I am too independent-thinking and have too much of a maverick streak running through me to really work inside of a system that in the past I have found disagreeable. There was a time when I thought differently, though, so perhaps my mind may change in the future. I do wish the sim well in my continued absence from their staff, and would suggest that many of the more recent names be considered to help supplement the current ranks, although I think that is considered voting or something, and is probably against the rules. But if you are curious, feel free to ask me via query or other route :)
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Zi Shang » 01 Apr 2008, 10:38

Updated. Please delete this post.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Revolutionary » 01 Apr 2008, 19:09

I'm officially going for the position of Roleplay Master. I've been around the sim for almost two years and have a concrete understanding of the rules. The only occasions I am inactive is when there are extenuating circumstances involved. I've always been friendly and have infinite patience, even when it comes to long turn changes. :)

I would say my knowledge of the RTK era is average. I've read the novel once and am currently reading it again. I also plan to start studying the historical details as wells. Most of the small details I know concern major figures such as Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang. But my interest of the era has grown considerably with my time on this sim and so will my view of the Three Kingdoms era.

My experience with roleplaying is extensive. I can roleplay almost any character except those with strong accents. In addition to my roleplay experience I have also been writing short stories since forever.

I spend a little time on the Irc and am alway obtainable through e-mail.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Vladdie » 08 Apr 2008, 02:08

Formal Application for Roleplay Master

MSN: Barihawk@hotmailDOTcom
AIM: jgiles86
AGE: 22

OBJECTIVE: To join a team of fun individuals and become more involved in this game.

-I am generally fun. (although BM will state that I am not funny often enough)
-I love new players who are enthusiastic about the game and wish to make it a more enjoyable experience for them as GM's did for me when I first started.
-I have never attempted to cheat, scam, or break the rules of SimRTK.
-I am a team player, and enjoy strong leadership in a group setting.
-I am now on my third read-through of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, have played DW3-5, RTK6-11, Kessen II (LOL) and Destiny of an Emperor.
-Being a teacher, I am incredibly patient...because if I was not I would have ripped out my hair and shot myself. Thank Goodness for that!

Educational Experience:
B.A. History, Texas Tech University
Classes taken include:
History of China, Japan, Korea History of Africa
History of Vietnam Africa: Empires and Civilizations
History of the Vietnam War American Sign Language
History of North American Ranching (woot!) Art Appreciation

Work Experience:
-History Teacher in the State of Texas
-I teach World History for mostly Freshmen.
-I am certified in general history as well as composite social studies

SimRTK Experience:
-Joined April 2003 by word of mouth
-V1 served as high ranking official in Ye
-V2 started out as ruler in Shou Chun
-V3 Served Bai Dangao for most of game
-V4 Active member of Wu, willing to step down from power if accepted to the position

-High at present due to lots of free time
-Will be higher during summer due to even more free time
-In fall will be slightly higher than present

-If allowed to serve as RM, I will remove Xiang Liang from Warlord status in Wu and step down to a much less desirable post.
-I will not use ingame knowledge as a staffer to further the powers of my kingdom
-I swear to fully uphold the office of Pres...wait.

-I believe I can fully execute all duties of Roleplay Masters.
-In addition, I would like to volunteer for sign-ups and quest duties

All in all, thanks for the time and all the fish. Goodnight.

EDIT (04/17/08) Realized that I didn't put my age. It's at the top. Sorry.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Christian » 10 Apr 2008, 00:48

Updated during v5 Ruler Sign-Ups
(While yes currently I do desire to be a ruler in v5 my desire to join staff far exceeds that)

Name: (If you want to know just ask me via PM)
Age: 21

Application for Role-Play Master or Game Master

Why I desire to join the staff:
- In the position of staff I feel that I could truly add to the gaming experience here on simRTK.

Experience on simRTK:
- I've been a member for 5 years and have experience in seeing how situations are handled by staff.
- V1
- I was an active member of Junt's kingdom
- Participated in the Justice Quest and Snakes in the Grass Quest
- Ran the Shu Family Merchant Guild
- Joined Kymvir Raemiz's kingdom and became an active member, later becoming
a governor
- V3
- Ran the Ting Shi Qiang bandit group
- Moderately active throughout the rest of V3 (Real life constraints)
- V4
- Member of Wu
- Achieved the top military position in Wu through Role-Play

Other experience and skills:
- Participation in an RP (no actual game mechanics) based on Star Wars.
- High School Graduate and Junior in College studying History and Communication.
- Member of simwarlords.
- I am a Dungeon Master who has run a game for one year, and has now begun a new game.
- Have played characters in many other Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.
- While not a mathematical wizard, I am capable at doing mathematics when given formulas

Participation and Roles Desired:
- I hope to achieve the position of Role-Play Master or Game Master
- I would gladly run quests, as well as working on developing them.
- Rolling up sign-ups would be a task which I would be very willing to take on. I feel that it is important to get new players into the game as soon as possible.
- At this juncture I would be very glad to help get v5 off and running.
- If chosen as a Game Master I'd be happy to assist in running battles.

What I'd Be Willing To Give Up:
- If in a GM status where I were to rule as a GMNPC I would be willing to go without a PC altogether if necessary.
- I would not participate in specific tactics discussion for any kingdom my PC would join, should I have inside knowledge of battle rules.
- I'd do what would be needed for me to do. I have played on here for five and a half years and I don't mind loosing out on playing a PC in order to help staff.

Why should I be chosen:
- Simply put I want this position. While I do want to help the game run faster, my top priority is to add to the gaming experience. I want to be able to create new opportunities for players to participate in.
- This isn't something I take lightly. Staff positions are positions of responsibility and should be treated that way. What I do would reflect on the staff and the forum as a whole.
- Violation of any of the forum and game rules is wrong and should be dealt with quickly and efficiently. As staff I would strive to watch for potential problems both in the IC and OOC threads.
- I can be active at least two hours a day, up to five or six if including during school hours. When I am at home, I can log into mIRC and leave it on and check it periodically to see if I'm needed for any duties as well. Typically though if I'm on mIRC I'm active and not away. I am also periodically available throughout the day to fulfill any smaller duties such as sign-ups. Pretty much I'm on simRTK most of the day.
- I don't work weekends so I'm available on weekends as well.
- While it may seem egotistical, I'm not the type of person to compromise himself for the benefit of others. I like to think that I have the needed integrity to staff and be objective in rulings.
- Unlike many people I prefer to be critiqued than to be just easily accepted for any decisions I make. Self-improvement is important to me. Any time that a player may confront me on a rule argument in an immature manner I would not approach them in any sort of derogatory manner.
- I am willing to help.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby JBL » 16 Apr 2008, 01:28

I would like to apply for the postion of Game Master

I'm Dave, 22. I feel I would make a good addition to your team for many reasons. Firstly I work in the world of IT and have a excellent grasp of the IT world and applications. I am a excellent team player. In work I have to work with many people in many areas and have to get along with them all. With my job work days and nights I can be online all around the clock so I will pretty much be online at any time of the day/night. I'm good and formulae and number crunching. I have passed college courses in IT and currently hold A-Levels in ICT and IT.

GM on the Star Wars RPG
GM on the WotD RPG
GM on the Chaos Fantasy RP Sim (wouldn't surprise me if it's changed name again)
Admin on the Ronin of Edo RPG
Admin on the SJS Sim
Admin and creator of the Roman Empire RPG

Should you wish to contact me to ask further questions then feel free to via MSN, PM or even E-Mail.

(Yes I know I'm not brilliant on writing Applications like this)
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Xe of Greed » 17 Apr 2008, 09:30

Out of date. Delete please.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby AaronH » 27 Apr 2008, 17:44

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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Penguinguy37 » 07 Jun 2008, 17:37

Remove, I don't think I am ready...
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