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Postby Connor » 04 Jan 2007, 19:14

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Postby Lao Kong » 27 Feb 2007, 20:29

This thread existed? Well, thanks to Chris for linking me.

My name's Harley, I'm 18 years old. I live in the U.S., and am a High School student involved in several computer classes, involving probability & statistics, Business math in excel, and computer programming. I've got a knack for math, and would like to apply for Game Master. I can also type pretty fast (120 WPM on good days), and can usually devote a large brick of my time to the internet.

I've Modded on, which I am currently in discussion with old admins to revive that site. I'm a kingdom ruler in As you might know, I'm a Duel Runner on, which is this website, so I can do calculations. Also, I've started my own sim (which isn't about RTK china, gasp!) about Fullmetal Alchemist (note that I started this very recently). I also was the head admin for some time on Era of Chaos, which flopped after a while b/c of unsound mechanics left by the previous admins.

I'm on the IRC a lot, to speak with different users if they need me immediately. I am a patient person (although don't speak to BM about that) and can deal with the immature and the experienced well. I feel with the large influx of users SimRTK is experiencing (and this will be tenfold upon the start of V4) you guys will need some extra arms- or keyboards!- to keep things tidy.

Thanks for considering.
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Postby Chen Ning » 21 Mar 2007, 13:18

Chen Ning, a.k.a Tom. I wrote and came up with most of the background for the Que'Ru, (aside from the calender) I also ran a successful debate and was an rp aid in many scenes in the Temple of Serene Peace, rping many NPC's. I feel that promoting the rp vision of the PCs should be formost goal of an RM. Anyway, I could go on, but there is really no shortage of qualified individuals for this post on the site. Just putting my name up here if I am needed for anything :)
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Postby AaronH » 10 Jul 2007, 19:22

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Postby Tian Long » 12 Jul 2007, 16:21

Well, I suppose I can toe the line as well now. I am formally submitting an application for a Roleplay Master position, if available and subject to approval of course. I haven't much time spent on SimRTK, but that time which I have had I believe I have been fairly compliant and exceptional with my own RP.
Much credit of this of course to the innumerable outstanding RPers on this site as well.
I have experience on other sims ranging from strictly RP based, to more elaborate game systems and am fairly active throughout the day.

The main strength I have in my favor is a vast working knowledge of the various heroes of the era, and I have done my best to aid both Dong, and Tarrot where I can in laying out some of the NPC's stats and such, by supplying some obscure references, and pointing out various facts. That said, I feel I have a real good grasp of just who these ancient heroes were, and just what made them tick, conversely giving me the ability to RP them in a manner accurate to the character. I feel I can be an asset to the site if given the chance.
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Postby reasonedmonkey » 23 Sep 2007, 21:19

I came in at the end of V3 and found I really enjoyed the game. Kimche and LanceDearnis have helped me learn the game and the ropes around the game. I am able to post quickly and am creative with my role playing. I did want to try and rule and have decided against that, as I have another game that is run by Kimche for ruling that will eat up that kind of energy. I don't mind doing drone or grunt work for the game. I enjoy RPing and keeping other people on their toes and playing devils advocate for some of the stronger players. I am eager to help and am not adverse to not ruling as it looks to be becoming more work than I would like for something like that since I am aiming to do something similar in another game. I will be a hard worker and will be around quite a bit for the whole of the game and enjoy playing and doing strategical stuff in the game. I thank you for the opportunity if allowed to help staff and will work my hardest to live up to the standards.
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Postby vonFiedler » 24 Sep 2007, 06:19

Well since I asked, and since someone else just posted an application, I might as well.

I am Ryan von Fiedler, patron saint of canines and future greatest video game designer. I hereby humbly request that in the future I be made a roleplay or gameplay master. My qualifications? For the roleplay aspect, I've been writing comic books since the first grade, published comic books since middle school, and I'm genius storytelling autistic savant. Only time will tell if I can roleplay just as good, but I have faith in my abilities. As for game master, I may not have savant math abilities but that is not to say I am not a math genius. Though I often doubt my abilities of calculation many a relative and mentor have recommended the field of math or physics. Another savant ability of mine is game design, possibly useful, who knows.

But why should I be a staffer? A wise man once said that in order to be an admin you have to be willing to spend all of your free time making others have fun and doing tedious crap. Sarcastic perhaps, but if I didn't enjoy making others happy I wouldn't be in the comic book industry and wouldn't want to be in the video game industry. My life goal is to make as many people happy as a result of my existance as possible, and as a guy with obsessive compulsive disorder I also enjoy tedious crap, as it's been refered to.

EDIT: Post edited for eccentricity.
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Postby Ishida » 19 Dec 2007, 04:07

I would to apply for the possition of Roleplay Master. The main reason i joined the forum is to role-play. I am a college student with a lot of time on his hands and a habit of playing anything with RP involved. Most of my experience comes from DnD back in the day as well as Neverwinter Nights online. I am very active and have been taking part in role-plays when i get the chance to. I just wanted to let it be known that given the opportunity i would be very pleased to act as a role-play master. Hopefully i can show my love from RP in V4. As for helping I am not much for programming but am handy with excel and other graph base formats. I would be willing to help out as much as possible and learn any necessary skills or programming that would be needed.
Much obliged Ishida.
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Postby In Ferro Veritas » 24 Dec 2007, 03:17

Now that the flu lost the bout:

I'm Matt, and I'm applying for the Roleplay Master position. I'm a history buff, which spawned my interest in the Three Kingdoms to begin with. Eventually, I wandered to SoSZ, and then here. I'm the type of person who likes roleplaying, and I enjoy roleplaying with new people and old friends equally. This game is the second version I've been involved with -- I joined up with Peng Chao back in v3, which was my first game here.

I am currently in college, in between semesters (wheeee). I'll be taking a few courses online next semester, so my availability won't drop too dramatically come Febuary.

I'm a patient and stable person, even though I imagine I come off as a bit eccentric. I speak both English and German, as you may have gathered from my IRC name. I hope that, given the opportunity, I might prove my dedication to this site and this past time.

If further details (ie, roleplay samples) are required, I'll be happy to provide them. I'm available on MSN, IRC, AIM, and email pretty much everyday.

Happy Holidays.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Snowbunny » 30 Jan 2008, 18:20

I would like to put in an application for Roleplay Master.

First, a little bit about myself. My name is Ashlee and I'm 23 years old. I'm a veteran of the Marine Corp and spent roughly 3 years in the Middle East during the Iraq War. I'm a high school graduate and am just a few credits shy of my BA degree in Criminal Justice. I have been Roleplaying online on various sites for roughly 7 years, with some time down due to my military service. Roleplaying, or writing in general, is a hobby of mine and I find great enjoyment in it. I also have an evil Siamese cat ;)

Why would I make a good Roleplay Master?

- I feel that my writing and roleplay abilities are excellent and believe that roleplaying is the most important aspect of this game.

- I'm not overzealous in my affinity towards my PC; being that I joined a GM NPC kingdom and have sacrificed my PC on two separate occasions for RP purposes, as Liu Sun can attest to. So I think I can bear with taking some focus off my PC.

- I believe that it is a Roleplay Master’s responsibility to, at times, seek out players to interact with, as well as provide the players with quality roleplays. Quality over quantity, I guess that would be my motto, if there was one. If people get garbage RPs from staff, the site as a whole will undoubtedly suffer when interest and fun begin to wane.

- I check on this site at least once a day, so activity is not a problem for me.

- Going back to my military background, it is very easy for me to work as a team. The more heads and hands, the better. Work will be done more expediently and be of better quality when compared to a bunch of individuals doing their own thing. Teamwork is a necessity.

- I have extensive knowledge of the RTK era. I have posted a bit in the RTK Discussion Thread in the Tavern and used to be an active memberof sites such as SoSZ and

- I can take criticism well, but believe that those that give it, should be able to take it as well. The best ideas and resolutions usually come from the lowest ranks, being that they are the most numerous and diverse. Elitism can utterly kill any organization.

- Here is an example of my Roleplaying ability, taken from Yuan Shang’s PH. I have other examples, some of which are in Xiang Qiong’s KRP and PH.

Thank you for taking your time to consider this application. :)
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby King Tao » 18 Feb 2008, 04:34

I'm applying for Roleplay Master. My name is Dylan, I'm 15 and am a student, meaning only six hours of school a day. I'm on SimRTK at least two times a day, so that shouldn't be a problem. I have only been a member for like two months, but I played D&D for four years, which should make up for the lack of time as a member.

Reasons why I would be a good Roleplay Master are:

-As I said earlier, I'm on at least twice a day for extended periods of time.

-I have experience RPing and I'm very confident in my skills.

-I can be very modest with my PC, since I joined Xu Tan and the planning hall is very slow right now, due to the lack of members of his force. So I think that I can afford to take some attention off of him.

-I can work really well with the other RP Masters and members.

-I'm very patient, thanks to living in the middle of nowhere in Fulton County for over a year.

-Lastly, here's an example of some of my work from Taklimakan Desert.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby See Wichai » 05 Mar 2008, 03:57

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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Zhang Loc » 06 Mar 2008, 01:27

Greetings. My name is Scott Jackson and I am looking to apply towards any staff position where help is needed. With two recent resignations I assumed that some of the staff may be overworked. I read the OOC thread and noticed a few people were concerned with the status of the sim, and I decided I would take a more proactive approach to resolving any issues, i.e. applying. Having been a member here for quite some time; however, I really do not believe that the sim is in any real danger.

My qualifications as far as computer boards go are rather limited. I've played in this sim for quite sometime and have played at a few other boards. However, my real life qualifications superior. I have worked for the past three years on developing a resume that would aid me in my goal of being accepted into a top 25 law school. I've met this goal and will be attending law school in the fall.

With the addition of law school to my life I realize that many would be concerned with my time factors. I acknowledge this concern and I am more than happy to properly address it. I have found during my busy weeks of school, work, extra curricular activies, et cetera, that SimRTK serves two vital functions: stress reliever and writing aid. Anyone can see that SimRTK is a great stress reliever, but some may not realize that going to law school require a great amount of writing, and even moreso an ability to write clearly. SimRTK has done wonders in improving my writing abilities without the added stress of 'writing practice.'

That is me in a very concise presentation, and so I request that I may submit an actual resume and a personal statement. Thanks for your time!
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Monkey » 15 Mar 2008, 21:03

*Monkey throws his hat into the ring!*

Hello everyone! Most everyone around here still knows me and for everyone that doesn't, search the term "White Cake" in the v3 archives. I write today to resubmit my previous GM nomination for Discordia (which was apparently wiped clean as of v4 starting) and to nominate myself for GM.

My qualifications include time as a GM/Battle Master at HoC: China and as a Duel Master at HoC: Japan. I also have a substantial amount of simrtk experience from my time as the ruler of Jian Ye in v3. I have the requisite math abilities with collegiate mathematic training in everything from calculus to partial differential equations (none of which will be useful in being a GM... but I have them anyways).

Because of my substantial prior sim experience, I have little vested interest in coming back as a character, but I would like to continue to run the sim because I enjoyed playing it so greatly. I know that I have been "inactive" for quite some time, but I know that my particular skill set will be useful in the GM realm and I have the requisite time to be an effective GM. Thank you all and I hope to see you around as an active GM in the months to come!

(For references please contact: Discordia, Naurek, Liu Sun and anyone else who served under Bai Dangao, Bai Gui, or Zheng He from HoC: China)
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Tevye » 19 Mar 2008, 16:10

I'd like to nominate Kymvir Raemiz for the position of Game Master.

Kymvir is a great RPer, and he knows a lot about the time period. Also, his knowledge of sim mechanics and tricky little nuances is second to none. His domination of V2 reflects an excellent knowledge and complete understanding of the SimRTK system and how to use it.
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