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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Ranbir » 11 Jun 2009, 21:37

Hey. I'd like to be considered for the position of GM for version 6

I feel I have all the qualities listed in the first thread. I'm a good natured, friendly and a man of absolute integrity. I've been playing here since the closing turns of v1 and I'd like to assume[and hope] I performed admirably during my first tenure as GM. I can confidently say I ran battles very well[Got them done in under two hours - with RP] and putting a few current staff members, that I cannot speak for, aside; I don't think anyone loved doing them more than me. I loved improving them, I loved making the maps for them, I loved running them. Also I was a good china mapper with the ol'Photoshop. My knowledge of RTK has a solid base, although I may be stuck in my biased opinions on events and characters. I've also been a long time member of our sister site, SoSZ. I don't expect me to leave SoSZ, or here, in the future. I'd like to describe my role plays as light-hearted but am of the opinion they are of good quality and I've had good experiences playing Huang Zhong(v2) and Liu Bei(v2).

I think I'm the only pure Mathematician(BSc)[last I was aware] here so I'm well settled on that requirement. I mean, damn, I read mathematics for fun. I'm that sort of guy! I'm currently 'working' freelance within the Energy Industry so I am in control of how much time I can invest. This isn't likely to change by the time v6 comes around and for however long that ends up running.

I am proud to have been a working part of Simrtk and would hope to have an opportunity to be so again. It was a mistake to drop mid way through v3, especially when things went crazy.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Ji Xu » 09 Aug 2009, 23:57

Hi, I'm Matt, better known as Ji Xu, and I'm throwing my hat in the ring to be a Game Master.

I've been dabbling with the game since early V2 and became an active member of the community in V3. The game has been a steadfast hobby of mine since then and I feel like I should give back to it, and help make sure others get the same playing experiences I had when I was younger.

Throughout my time on the Sim, I've always been friendly and helpful with all players, whether they were veterans or newbies, in fact there have been several times when new players have approached me for help, a favor I did happily and willingly. As for the veterans and active members, I get along with just about everyone, and I can't imagine a reason anyone would speak ill of me. In fact its the players and teamwork that really provide the meat of the Sim experience for me, working with others to build a succesful and competative kingdom is why I kept on playing this Sim year after year. Being a member of Team Zi Shang is actually one of the most rewarding experiences thusfar in my life.

As for the knowledge and skills I can contribute, I certainly feel as if I'm up to par to be staff. My knowledge of RTK era is expansive, as it should be after so many debates and research on SoSZ. I have a strong knowledge of the SimRTK rules, admittedly I know battles better than KTs and such but as a GM I would make sure to know all realms of the rules equally well. While I'm not math major, I have always been competent with math, at whatever level I find myself in. I find the math used to run games like this incredibly interesting, and I'm sure that simply out of interest I would quickly master what I need to know to help run and develop the game.In addition, I've taken three years of Computer Science, so I am able to program at a basic level, and have a good understanding of how programs work. Plus, I am by no means a bad Roleplayer. I won't claim to write those multi-page epics that enthrall half the sim, but I can certainly interact well on a In Character level.

Perhaps most importantly, I am a hard worker and I have the time to be a good Game Master. I believe the greatest reward is a good result, and will perform any task that's important to me with single mindedness.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Crim » 30 Oct 2009, 12:43

Hi, this is Crim. I've been in the game since '04. But, no - I'm not applying for staff position. I'm too irresponsible for that.


Instead, I'd like to nominate Strong Bad for a staff position - a RM, maybe. He has passion for the game, to say the least. He has a solid understanding of the time period of the game as well. While I will not go as far as to say that he is a Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia, I'd say he knows enough about the period to actually play the characters according to history/novel, if need be.

Also, he's a RP addict. Perfect for the Roleplay Master post. Did you see how he had Xiahou Meng take Lu Bu's little angel to bed? That's Exhibit No. 1.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Strong Bad » 31 Oct 2009, 14:35

Well, since Crim went ahead and put me on the spot...

Hey there. I'm the local Strong Bad, and I'm applying for a position as a SimRTK Roleplay Master. This is, I believe, the third time I've applied for a staff position since joining SimRTK three days into V1 back in '03. Many of you know me by my real name, Phil. I turn 24 next month, and have been involved in role-playing on and off for the last eight or nine years. Presently, other than SimRTK, I participate in a biweekly Champions game where I play our superhero group's token superstrong dude, known as Excessive Force. Hilarity often ensues.

I've been interested in Romance of the Three Kingdoms ever since I started playing the Dynasty Warriors games back in '01, learning more about the history of RTK as time went by. I read the novel for the first time back in '02, and have probably reread it about ten time since (should reread it again in the next month or so; it's been a while). More than that, I've often tried to delve into the actual history of the Three Kingdoms era. Research has presently lead me into attempting a recreation of a Later Han/Three Kingdoms officer in a medieval recreation group I belong to called the Society for Creative Anachronism, though as of this posting the portrayal is merely in the design phase. Nevertheless, there's no way I could ever discount my love for RTK and its history in playing a huge part in my overall desire to learn more about history, culminating in my fascination with the Crusades and the Crusader States.

In the past in SimRTK, I was often involved in school or had fickle interests that often lead to me going through long periods of inactivity; I've tried to change that, both in V4 and V5. Here in V5, I often don't see a lot of GMNPCs interacting with other players, at least not on public forums. With so many officers already serving kingdoms, or with many staff unable to make frequent postings for free NPCs, I'd like to think I could contribute at least a little bit in adding one or two extra GMNPCs to the mix, and provide more flavor for RP out there. There are numerous Three Kingdoms officers whom I've been fascinated by, and being able to tackle more RP than the new character I've got rolled up would provide a welcome distraction, especially in knowing I can affect more RPs than my own. People often need something to aim for on the Sim, and for many, interaction with a persona of the time is something to always look forward to.

At present I'm unemployed, so free time for me is pretty open other than the job hunts I need to make. However, there is a chance I'll be getting back into full- or part-time work later in the year, cutting down on some of the time I could commit other than in the evenings. Even if I don't get back into work again by the end of the year, there's a strong chance I'll be getting back into school at the start of the next year, though that will be part-time at worst, so I should still have plenty of free time to devote to the Sim and the various RPs I'd be interacting with to ensure all players can have a little more fun in our favorite Simulated RPG.

Xiahou Meng will return for V6. Until then...

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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby fate » 09 Mar 2010, 22:32

Putting my name in for the position of Game Master.

Name's Jess, user name fate (formally natalie chan). I've just recently turned 20, and feel I am ready to put up a post in here. I did, many years ago, submit a staff application in here, but it was probably for the best that I wasn't considered back then.

I fully believe I was not ready for the responsibility of staffing the sim at that age, and my subsequent inactivity bursts can only attest to this. However, after over five years of simming, starting right here, I believe I have the mental maturity to be able to handle the position to the standard that would be expected of me.

simRTK Background and History:

As mentioned, started my sim career right here over five years ago in V2. Thanks to some helpful, encouraging staff and players, I quickly became one of the people who checked the site every two hours. This was still my learning time however, so I was focused more on sponging info than dispensing it. Due to school and other RL issues, unfortunately didn't get into much of V3 or V4, though I was eager to return when I heard V5 was close to starting.

Other sim History:

I've been around the other sims, both those that are more RPed based and those that were not. Generally speaking however, I have remained in the family of RTK-era sims. A notable exception to this would be the Star Wars sim of old, to which I unfortunately no longer have the web address, where, after joining just as V1 ended, I staffed V2 before it died, and was one of the very few who tried to bring about a V3.

RTK-era Knowledge:

Probably the weakest aspect of my application, is my knowledge of the era and most importantly, the customs and norms. Coming from Dynasty Warriors isn't really an acceptable excuse, yet I have learnt more than just simply from RPing on RTK-sims. One of the main reasons I will not apply for Roleplay Master, is I still do not think my ability in said area is the level it needs to be. So why do I apply for a Game Master position, when it has all the responsibilities and more? Barring the ability to learn and keep growing as an RPer, I believe I bring other dishes to the table.

Technical Ability:

My special dish then? I certainly hope so. My mathematical ability may not be university level, it is however at college level, and I am fully capable of utilizing MS Excel. One thing I have always made sure to do, since joining in V2, was to thoroughly read all the rules, questions and changes, so I can always advise with a certain degree of confidence. It is this, coupled with my attention to detail and hard-working nature (I enjoy the grunt work :wink: ) that I believe has helped me in this version.

Other Aspects:

As far as the other demands on the staff goes, I will not deny that I have at times become emotional at events in the sim, or say I haven't kept a suitable level of civility when discussing rulings with the staff at times, however, as someone who is currently invested in their kingdom, the odd slip is I feel, somewhat acceptable. Naturally, I understand that as a Game Master, I would have to remove the majority of my connection with my kingdom. That said, and the end of the day, we all play this sim to have fun and enjoy ourselves, and I would not apply if I did not feel I could help keep the game fun for the other players.

Thanks for your time.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Cao Chao » 19 May 2010, 20:16

Hi my name is YiYang Cao (aka Cao Chao) and I am an online simulation addict. I would like to put forward an application for the position as Roleplay Master.

I was born a while ago in Shanghai, China and moved to the United States when I was three. Because of my upbringing, I am fluent in Chinese and can speak two different dialects (standard Mandarin and the Shanghai dialect of the Wu family). As a history fanatic, I have extensively studied many Chinese periods, especially the years from the Warring States Period to the end of Three Kingdoms Period. I've read a lot of literature and have seen plenty of romanticized stories for these time periods in both Chinese and English.

I have been roleplaying for more than seven years now. I first started out doing freeform roleplays on the forums associated with NationStates - the online quasi-game based off of the book by Max Barry. I found this site during the summer of 2004, while at my uncle's house in China. At first I wasn't really into roleplaying with fixed stats and simming, preferring to perform freeform roleplays set in space, modern times, or even in a fantastical realm. I soon got over my initial dislike and grew to love roleplaying on this site, especially as I enjoyed the opportunities afforded me to interact in the Three Kingdoms time period.

As I've stated earlier, I would like to apply for a position as a Roleplay Master. I've helped to staff various online simulation games - some successful, others not so much. What I have enjoyed the most about staffing the various simulations have been the various opportunities afforded me to advance the storyline and to interact with a variety of players. I have quite a bit of RP experience and have learned a lot from the roleplays that I have done both on here and on other sites. However, I know that I can still improve upon my writing skills and my tendency to fill my roleplays with long-winded and bombastic speeches.

I have been known for my temper and my irascibility. I believe that I have mellowed out significantly as I've grown older. Now that I've been out of college for a year and worked in the real world, I feel like I've grown a bit wiser from the additional experience.

I hope that my application will be considered.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Xeniphon » 30 Jun 2010, 01:36

I'd like to nominate Splash as a Roleplay Master!

He is new this version but has learned increadably quickly, is an RP monster, keeps people entertained whatever he is doing, and frankly is an all around good guy. I cant speak to his RTK knowledge or whatnot but I have been repeatedly impressed by both his OOC comments, dedication to others (be it giving advice, creating quests, or keeping up with RPs), and his enjoyable IC posting. It seems to me that whatever he may lack in RTK knowledge could quickly be learned and even if he didnt bother people always seem to end up having fun with him in his RPs. Splash is level headed, unpretentious, and eager to be involved with the sim on many different levels. The staff will need to confirm his trustworthiness, but I can say that he was invited to Li Jun's Inner Circle quickly and without a single decenting voice. He has almost single handedly rejuvinated the RP spirit of the kingdom and regularly shifted a dark mood to a brighter note. He has been a blessing and huge help even to some of the old hands who know all the ins and outs of the game like Kentalot.

I think Splash is definetly someone to be considered and groomed for an RM spot, if not now then later!
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Zi Shang » 30 Jun 2010, 18:15

I'm re-nominating myself for Game Master or Role-play Master.

My name is Brad and most of you already know me, since I've been around for quite a few years, playing in nearly all of the versions. I recently turned 30 and have separated from the US Army after 6 years of service. I've recently married and have started a job doing the same thing I was doing overseas for the military, but instead doing it from Tampa, FL, and for a lot more money.

Despite the new job, I still have enough free time to devote to SimRTK, as evident by my multiple visits each day, even while at work.

SimRTK Background: I've been around since v1. I played on and off until applying for a ruler position for v3. During that time, I learned a lot about the mechanics of the game and dealing with the staff on a near-daily basis. I took a break from the game during v4, but have come back strong in v5, especially since my life has stabilized (not so much moving or deployments) and my work revolves around being on the internet.

RTK-era Knowledge: I've read the books all the way through, and have played almost every version of the RTK game series (RTK proper, Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Tactics, etc) to know the sequence of events and personalities of the majority of characters involved in the storyline. I've also done external research (read: wikipedia and other internet research sites) about certain characters that have interested me while reading through the books.

Abilities: I have extensive experience with MS Office, especially MS Excel (having to keep track of government funds while overseas :wink: ) I'm very meticulous with my work, double- and sometimes triple-checking before submitting, and am excellent at math. I'm also very organized and normally keep copies of everything I work on, just in case they are needed for review or to be used as a template for future projects.

Reasons for Nomination: I have noticed that, as the game progresses, the rules become more and more refined, as does the player scrutiny of how the rules are implemented. I believe that, with my abilities listed above, I can assist in alleviating the current GMs of menial tasks they may not be able to accomplish due to real life responsibilities, such as assisting players, running battles and plots.

I hope I can help. Thanks! :mrgreen:
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Kang_Lun » 01 Jul 2010, 02:13

((Puts on formal suit XD))

Hey I would like to nominate my self (Kang_Lun) for Roleplayer or Game Master position.

My main reason is that I am in love with this site and I am constantly on it. I spend at least 53 hours on this site a week. Constantly. I am constantly refreshing for that little moment I can develop my characters. I know I'm kinda new but I believe I have a good grasp on this game. I am fast learner and would love this. I know how important this position and I respect every person. I hope you review this and don't laugh at me. I hope I you pick me but if you don't that is understandable. I haven't spent enough time on the site and maybe my RP's aren't that up to snuff, but I assure that if you hire me I will not fall back on it. Please and thank you.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby AaronH » 01 Mar 2011, 15:18

My Application for Roleplay Master/Game Master

Name: Aaron Hughes
Age: 20
AIM: Hghmari

Well, I have applied to be staff before a couple of years ago and I must admit that I now think that I did not possess the level of neutrality needed to be an effective staff member. Since that point however, I have been involved in several large game events and problems which have tempered my view somewhat, though I openly admit that my reaction to the whole Unholy Alliance thing was quite....expletive at times, I have found in recent times an understanding of how staff are even handed and think that I would now be able to judge things with as unbiased a view as is possible for a human to give.

SimRTK History:
I have now played in the game for 5 years, which is actually much longer than I remember it. I joined during the closing weeks of v2 but never really did much. I have experienced ruling twice, once in v3 where I really enjoyed it despite losing and had one of the best deaths of all time. In v5 I actually thought I would go insane at points during my tenure but I stuck with it and believe it has given me an understanding of how/why some big kingdom rulers get irate.

Non-SimRTK History:
Outside of simRTK I have ruled in various places such as WotD, Warlords, HoC and rtkonline which led to me engaging in large amounts of RP across many different forums. Alongside this I have also been a staff member on WotD, Warlords and rtkonline at various points engaged in many different activities up to an including creating the map for the current iteration of WotD. While I accept that being a staff member elsewhere is rather different than here due to the volumes of people involved in this game I think that it has given me a solid basis to work from.

Technical Ability:
Well I am not certain what levels are the minimum these days but while I do not posses full knowledge of Mathematics to University standard I do in some areas, while in regards to the rest I am at college standard. I am also undertaking in the next year a subject knowledge enhancement course to bring up those areas not at University level up to that standard to allow me to teach mathematics as a career. I have good experience with spreadsheet programs, notably MS Excel and am able to operate and interpret information in this form. I am also fairly adept at the use of photoshop and other imaging software should that in fact be needed.

Other Aspects:
I am able to work as part of a team due to working in a team based environment for years. I have also over time come to realise that through spreading needed tasks throughout several people leads to work being done more efficiently than if one engages in it alone. I cannot lie and say that at some moments in the past I have not become very much involved in some of the factional infighting between PCs on here but that tended to be just due to being the head of a kingdom involved neck deep in it and not of my choice.

Thanks for reading,

Aaron G. Hughes
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Xu Yuan » 19 Mar 2013, 20:30

Six years later, boy doesn't that make me think...

Hello, I'm Xu Yuan and have been around since 2005 on this site with varying levels of activity over the years. Ever since discovering the Three Kingdoms Era through Dynasty Warriors I have been hooked, my knowledge of the era is large and ever expanding (I wouldn't say immense, that would be reserved for people like Dong Zhou, Tarrot, etc) and my free-time is also quite large, with only two classes to attend to this semester and in the summer I'll have a part-time job which will cut into my availability but it won't be a major slice.

In this game I have played very different characters over the years and even more so in other places so my skills as an RPer have only improved with age, so I am no one trick pony as far as character archetypes go.

If it matters, in college I have taken English 101, 102, 207 which will all the more hone my skills as I proceed forward.

I would call myself a friendly person who doesn't allow IC problems to be taken OOC as is too often the case in these sorts of games. As for my integrity, I can't really vouch for my own integrity but I am certain that there would be some (perhaps even among staff?) who could speak for me.

As for my ability to work as a team, when I took over for a basically flailing kingdom last version I managed to bring a fair amount of the older officers back out of inactivity and this inspired some great RP between officers in a kingdom that was for all intents and purposes, doomed before we even stepped foot on the battlefield. In addition after the kingdom was destroyed I managed to keep most of the remnants that I managed to bring out of inactivity to continue to follow my character until a second upset. But that's neither here nor there.

I am always looking to improve myself and thus I take criticism very well. I have been here for seven years, I'm well aware that people are not always available to respond to an RP. After all, real life comes first.

Now to those who recall my last character, Mi Zun, he was a wide dreaming and highly ambitious character who did what he could to have an impact on the world. I understand this can't be done as an RM. My next character was always intended to be low profile who would play an observer role and if I had the chance to also play a couple of GMNPC's alongside this character I would make sure I wouldn't fail. I consider myself impartial and would only allow the biases of my characters, never myself, to influence any decisions.

As to why I haven't gotten involved in the pre-game yet is because frankly I've arrived too late. When I found out V6 Pre-game was in full swing, it was mostly over. However if you'd like me to take up a couple GMNPC's for the pre-game I will read through every RP thread thus far to get a full scope on what I should know.

Thank you for reading over this application.

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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Connor » 04 Apr 2014, 18:58

Applying for Roleplay Master, given the apparent need for some fresh staff.

I've been here for a decade, which is almost ridiculous to think, and have been involved in some regard in V3, V4 and V5. Having recently finished university, I have an absolute abundance of time on my hands and a desire to do something with that. Roleplaying is certainly one way of doing that. My knowledge of the era is good enough to not make a fool out of myself and I'd like to think over the course of the past few years, I've grown able to thread a good story together with various characters. I'd never really suggest that I've been abrasive or difficult to get along with, and working as part of a team has never been a problem.

I've applied for staff in the past and it was a blessing in disguise that I never was afforded the opportunity for a multitude of reasons. Now there's a need for new blood and I'm not seventeen and dumb, I'd at least like to be considered for the role. Thanks.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Dorin » 29 May 2014, 19:54

*shrug* What the hey, least can happen is Rob falls down and whines. *preemptive cuddles*

Anyway, as former staff I'll reinsert an application to whatever position comes available.

Hi everyone, I'm Dorin, long time player on SimRTK and former Roleplay Master for the site. I'm a history major, currently pursuing a lesser degree in computers for the time being. I miss the activity of the site and want to help breath life back into its again. So without bothering to waste breath I'll lay out a self-nomination for the Admins to consider. (Cuddles for Rob)

Roleplay Master;

History major: I've done a pretty detailed study of RTK and the history I've been able to find, mostly through de Crespiginy. My capstone project in college was a report and presentation on the effects of Cao Cao's tuntian system, and the effects scarcity of rations had on some of the major battles throughout the period. Like most of the people here, I've fallen in love with the time period, and the wonderful games that Koei has brought us over the years.

Long experienced rper and GM: I've run several tabletops, or IRC games over the years through a variety of systems. DnD, Pathfinder, Werewolf, among others.

Former staff: Like many, stepped down for being tied up with school or work. But greatly enjoy interacting with players, and particularly in creating some hilarious interactions with others. Mi Heng was some of the most fun I've had in my entire life with rp'ing.

Long time player: Not that his is some large achievement. There are several of us, but I've been on the forums for over a decade now, and been through each version and its changes. Familiar with many old time players and staff. I love interacting with everyone and the environment we have.

Open schedule: I've sorted out school and work, and have the free time and dedication to give back to the forum I love to play on.

Game Master:

Previously stated: Long time experience in GM'ing tabletops. Positioning, mechanics and visualizing how things play out. Dedicated to memorizing systems and applying them in the most consistent and fair ways possible.

Math oriented: I'm not a math major, I wouldn't be very good working out designing formulas, but when I have something I've gotten hold of I can work through it efficiently and get it rolling.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Sun Tang » 16 Jan 2015, 01:18

I would like to throw in my name to help move the SIM along in any way shape or form that i possibly can.

A brief bio..

My name is Chris and i am 33 years old. I am a father to an 11 year old boy and have also been married, twice even. I spent 12 years in the Air Force and now work for the federal government as an IT specialist. I am conservative in my views, but i consider myself open to all viewpoints, even if we differ. I have been on this SIM since V1 and have matured very much and gained a lot of life experience. My love for Romance of the Three kingdoms goes back to a young age when i was younger than 10 years old and my uncle was playing Nobunaga's ambition on the NES. He let me watch and soon play and i was hooked. I loved it and i thought it was really cool until he brought home Romance of the three kingdoms. I have played and owned every English version since and i still play them on my phone, PlayStation and computer. Everything about the time period, the history and way of life is interesting to me. I have a lot of free time now that i have finished my degree and have my certifications, to be honest, sometimes i don't know exactly what to do with myself.

Position applying for: Role play Master or Game Master.

Qualifications: When i think of these two staff positions, i think that for someone to excel at either of these roles, they would have to be diverse, indiscriminate, attentive, dependable and creative (amongst other traits). I am an avid reader of fiction books (fantasy such as the Shannara series and Wheel of Time), i write a LOT of e-mails at work and during college wrote a lot of papers that required a lot of research. I think i could put all of same efforts into use here. It would actually be a sense of pride to pitch in for all the enjoyment that this website has provided me over the years.

Required Personal Qualities:

* Friendly/helpful to players: I have been around here for quite a while. I was a noob once and i made very noobish mistakes. Through it all, i was always willing to assist others and welcome them, especially via RP.

* Good character/integrity: Integrity has been somewhat drilled into my head, but even if it wasn't there has always been a voice inside me that speaks to me to do the right thing, even if no one can see it.

* Ability to work in a team: Working on a team is one of my strong points. I am not the type to take offense easy, dismiss an idea outright, quick to anger, or undermine others for my benefit. I am considered one of the "go to" guys and i like to be in a support role, rather than a leadership role, however i often find myself doing both when it is required.

* Good knowledge of the RTK era: I am no scholar of Shen Zhou, but i am confident in my knowledge of the RTK era. Documentaries, books, movies, this website and my efforts to research the era for RP purposes have really helped me with learning about the era.

* Ability to take criticism and scrutiny well: (I.e., patience) My life experience as a single dad with residential custody has forced me to patient, but also my job working with customers, including high ranking people and very pushy people has honed my patience skills. I have always been a patience person regardless.

With my application i would just like to reiterate that i do this to help in any way i can. I know the staff does not get paid, do not get any special benefits for keeping this site up and hear a lot of moaning and griping from players. I willingly put my neck out and offer my assistance if there is any use for it. Thank you for your consideration.
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Re: Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Kang_Lun » 10 Apr 2015, 09:26

I have already applied for a position before, five years ago, but I know I've matured as a player and as a writer so I believe now is the time to apply again.

First and foremost, the name is Kang. I've been roleplaying for almost 8 years now. On this site for about five years now. And it's saddened me to the fact that this site has fallen so low, since this was one of my all time favorite sites to ever roleplay on. I'm applying for this position because I crave to see this site up and running. I want it to be returned to it's former glory.

The position I'm applying for is Roleplay Master. If a Game Master is needed, I can fill that spot. Prefered a Roleplay Master though. I understand that I won't be able to play the game like normal, but to see this site flourish again would be amazing.

I have a solid grasp of the game after five years and I've almost exclusively roleplayed RTK era (With some Skyrim, RE, and Sengoku thrown in). I'm in fact, the process of creating a sim myself, but I'd rather see this place up and running and would gladly love to put my time and effort into bring this place back from the ashes.

I also believe I'm of good integrity and capable roleplayer. If anything, my strength lies in my ability to create storylines (at least, my DnD partners say so) and ability to help mediate any tension and issues that may arise. If you need someone who dedicated to a cause, one who will put as effort as possible to get the game rolling, then by all means, I'd love to help you out. SimRTK must not die. SimRTK must arise from the ashes like a phoenix! WE STAND STRONG!
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