Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

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Roleplay and Game Master Applications/Nominations Thread

Postby Lady Kerrington » 29 Nov 2003, 20:13

Harimau wrote:Before you post anything you should read the entirety of this post. However since most of you are probably going to ignore that anyway, just take note of these two things:

1) If you post like an idiot, then we're going to assume that you're an idiot.
2) This not a voting thread. You can nominate someone for a position, but please don't just blindly "vote" or "second/third" someone else's nomination. It doesn't make a whiff of difference.

Anyway, some personal advice from me this time. I don't recommend applying or putting up your hand for volunteering until you've had your fill of playing as a normal player. If you apply before you've had your fun as a normal player, you will most likely become miserable after a while. It took me around three games of the sim to finally decide that i've had my fill of playing as a normal player and wanted to contribute instead. Just take your time, we're not going to go anywhere anytime soon. If you're a great person, there's always going to be a spot for you.

If you would like to be a Roleplay Master, or Game Master, this is the place to apply. Please be aware that this thread only serves a minor role in helping the Administrators hire a new RP Master or GM. More important than an application here is your behavior on the Sim (both OOC and IC), your skills and roleplaying abilities that we have seen, how well we think you would work as a game staff member, and other various small factors that give us an impression of how good you would be in the position.

<hr>Roleplay Masters
Roleplay Master (RM's) are typically the entry-level staff which have small responsibilities in the Sim. They are responsible for playing historical and original GM NPCs, running plots, sign-ups and running quests (the latter two is their choice of involvement). These folks are solely focused on roleplay interaction, storyline, and keeping the Sim fun for players. They are not responsible for any sort of technical aspect of the game, such as personal turns or battles.

Required Personal Qualities:
* Friendly/helpful to players.
* Good character/integrity.
* Ability to work in a team.
* Good knowledge of the RTK era.
* Ability to take criticism and scrutiny well. (I.e., patience)

Additional Notes:
Please note that RM's cannot become rulers nor can they take particularly high roles in any kingdoms that their PC's join. Furthermore, they also limited in any sort of contribution they make to any kingdoms their PC joins. In other words, a good deal of the fun that comes from being in a kingdom will not be available to RM's. Do not expect to still be able to play like a normal player if you become a Roleplay Master.

Game Masters
Game Masters on the other hand, carry a much greater responsibility on the Sim. In addition to roleplay (though they are not required to do such), they are responsible to take on at least one major responsibility such as sign-ups, running wars, running larger plots and etc. In addition, experienced GM's will usually be given a GM NPC kingdom to run. Game Masters are expected to be more active and to contribute consistantly to the technical aspects of the game, in order to keep it running smoothly and quickly between phases.

Being a Game Master is a lot more work than being a Roleplay Master, so please consider how much time and effort you are willing to contribute before applying, and apply for whichever suits you best.

Required Personal Qualities:
* All the requirements described for RM's and,
* Attention to detail.
* Some mathematical skill. (Basic operations, knowledge of trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions)
* (Desired) Good Mathematical skill - College/University level.
* Ability to use packages such as MS Excel.
* (Emphasised) Integrity and ability to be objective.
* Good Knowledge of the SimRTK rules.

Additional Notes:
Game Masters are even more limited than RM's. Because of their knowledge, they are heavily restricted in what they can do with their own PC's. They cannot be rulers nor can they take any significant OOC roles in any kingdoms. Furthermore, they are not allowed to give signficant/strategic OOC advice to any kingdoms.

<hr>Please post a bit about yourself, which position you'd like to apply for, what you'd like to do in that position, and why you feel you would be good for the position. Alternatively, if you think someone would make a very good RP master or GM, you may also post such nominations here (though they have the right to decline, and popularity of a person is not an issue). If you do nominate a person, one nomination will suffice. The purpose is to bring a person to attention to the game staff, not just to throw in your vote for someone.

Again, keep in mind this application plays a very minor role in our process of selecting new game staff. It's more of a signal to indicate to us that you're willing to help. Also take in consideration that being a game staff member is based far more on maturity, activity, and skill: how much free time you have, how much you love the game, merely wanting to be part of the game staff, are quite relatively unimportant.

Any spam messages in this thread will be deleted. Treat this as seriously as you would treat the position, folks. And thank you.
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Postby Lucian Flamestrike » 06 Oct 2006, 04:32

I am retracting my application and calling quits on the sim all together.
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Postby Xu Yuan » 06 Oct 2006, 11:33

Hmm... since I'm a lot less cynical then last time let's try this again...

Hello my name is Xu Yuan, at the beginning my RP was awkward and amateur at best, I'd say I have improved vastly since that time. I have a good understanding of math, for any duels or battles that might need attention, as well as calculation's in plot's and the like. Sure I make a few spelling error's here and there, but who doesn't? I have been disheartened at the loss of many of the great Role Player's that were here. That is why to make the game run smoother and slightly faster. I would like to apply for a Game Master or Roleplay Master, whichever the staff feels is best served in my skills.

I have a temp job, which doesn't demand much of me and I'm home during the afternoon to late night. Much of that time is spent here. (It's healthier then WoW...) As an aspiring journalist, I feel this could be an excellent starting point at training my skills. Thank you for considering and if chosen I will not betray your expectations!

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Postby KDS » 06 Oct 2006, 12:09

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Postby Zhou Tai » 06 Oct 2006, 17:09

Aye, Shame my application got wiped also, So I wont go into such detail as before....

Names Chris, from the glorious and largest town in Europe! Swindon. Been partaking in sims for some time now, I have a GNVQ in Advanced IT, Have moderated boards notably Suikosource, Previously a GM of Warlords where I have experience in running battles.

I'll admit my roleplaying capabilities are average at best, but im more of a worker than anything as those in Planning Hall's certainly know.

Im very, 'very' passionate about both the Sim and the History of the Three Kingdoms, my knowledge being fair.

What could I bring to the sim?

1, An active member of staff - This is one of my biggest gripes as a player, no one likes to hang around during events and many people like to get the ball rolling, Im on the sim very often and being so passionate i'll be very commited.

2, Willing to do my share and more, Got a job? Throw it on me and it'll be done within the hour, im very tidy and organised and put in much effort for others.

3, Id be more....More than happy to do battles, As I said I have ran battles on another sim as a member of staff, and referring to 1 Id do my utmost in not prolonging delays.

4, Keyword time and time again.... 'Passionate' if your passionate about something you do everything you can and want to do more, get involved, help out.

Arrogant? Confident? Neither... I want to help out on something I enjoy and hopefully contribute for the overall good of the sim I enjoy.

Therefore I would like to offer my services as a Game Master.

Please do consider. I'd never let you or the community down.
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Postby Lionheart » 06 Oct 2006, 22:38

Well, here we go again. ^_^

Name's Aaron, 20, and I've been simming for about...oh, three years now, perhaps four? Perhaps you have too many of them, but I would still like to apply for the position of Roleplay Master. While I would like to think that my abilities as an RPer and a writer have increased over the past few years, that is of course up to others to decide. Either way, I have shown that I am a capabile worker and able to work with a team (I am currently an Admin over at HoI), have good knowledge of the RTK era and I do not think that I have ever really been much of a problem here to other people both staffers and players alike...well, perhaps to Mongo I have (just check out the title), but I like to maintain a friendly relationship with about anyone I can. On that same note, I also know how to talk to people in a way that does not come off as brash or angry, and I know how to defuse potentially sticky situations. I know how to take constructive criticism well, and am more than open to any suggestions that people may have for me.

I believe that I am more suited for the role of Roleplay Master over that of a Game Master simply because of the fact that while I consider myself a good RPer, I am horrible with numbers. In fact, it has been something of a small little dream of mine to play some of the GMNPCs that are availble and bring them to life. But above all, I am active, have a decent amount of free time especially over the holidays, enjoy this sim and want to make it a more enjoyable place for people to spend their own free time. Having experience working with a sim staff, I know full well that we are here for the players and here to make the game fun for them, nothing else. Perhaps I am a gultton for punishment, but this I understand well, and I am more than willing to sacrifice my time for others. Because after all, if other people are having fun because of my actions, then I have fun too.

Anyway, I really don't know what else I can say. If there's anything else that you would like to know about me or that I should put in, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to tell you about it. So! That about does it for my application.

EDIT: I'm changing my application a bit. Due to the trouble that SimRTK seems to be having, I'll volunteer my services as a Game Master as well. While you can see above that I do have trouble with math, as I hope I have proven with HoI, I CAN work with numbers well enough. I'm only interested in having the game run more smoothly, and combined with my activity and experience running sims, I hope that this can garner my some consideration.
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Postby Liu Sun » 07 Oct 2006, 02:43

I'm not sure if I ever posted in the last one, but I figure I may as well put something up for this one.

I'm not very good at selling myself, so I'll just say that I've been here two years and think I could add a bit to the game as a staff member. That being said, I'd rather not do it while my character is alive, because that would tecnically make my kingdom a GMNPC kingdom and I'd rather win :P

But, after all of that... *shrugs* Anyhow, I've given a bunch of suggestions in the Suggestion thread, most of which elicited responses along the general lines of "Eh." But seeing as how no one ever said "Well that's just silly," I count it as a win. As for what I'd be willing to do, the answer is simply whatever needs to be done. I tend to have enough time to myself after work during the weekdays that I could run plots, battles, etc. without getting too stressed out.

I suppose it helps that, of the 24 hours in the day, I spend about 20 of them on-line.
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Postby Cao Chao » 07 Oct 2006, 04:57

Withdrawn, Retiring from SimRTK
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Postby Xu Quan » 07 Oct 2006, 13:41

[ Updated 07/15/2007 ]

I'm Xoo applying for Roleplaying Master, and I've been sober for over 365 days, which is plenty longer than Lucian. :P

Past Experience:

Past Experience:

Administrator on Champions of an Empire.
Administrator on TRoL. (tear)
Game Supervisor on HoC. (Japan)
Roleplay Master on HoC. (China and Japan)
Duel Master on HoC. (China and Japan)
Battle Master on HoC. (China and Japan)
Roleplay Master/Kind-of-Game-Master on A New Era.
Ruler on HoC I, A New Era, and Era of Chaos.
Game Master (3x) on Way of the Dragon.
Duel Master on Way of the Dragon.

Been roleplaying for 7-ish years, probably more if I count chatroom roleplaying. I'm a workaholic as many of you staffers already know, and basically when I start a job, I normally don't start until I get it done. Xoo hates stopping in the middle of something, which is the beauty of my efficiency.

A few roleplaying examples:
King Mulu Arrives
Meeting Mi Heng
Quarrel at Qiao

( If you ever need more examples, just PM me, I suppose. )

Umm, I'm social, try to keep things fun, attentive, and love working when my heart and soul is in it. I could also run battles because I have plenty of experience with it, and I don't mind bogging down at night to get it done... I usually have an easy time decoding battle tactics and making the battle overall a good and easy read.

Yup, that's all the important things I think. If there are any more questions, PMing me or querying me on IRC would be two methods to getting a speedier response.
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Postby AaronH » 08 Oct 2006, 11:31

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Postby Zei_Zao_LS » 09 Oct 2006, 07:22

Well then.

I can only imagine the chuckles emanating from the higher ups as they see a post from none of than myself, Zei, in the flesh, here. Nonetheless, a bit about myself, for those in power that haven't paid any attention to me rambling on about myself in IRC.

I'm Blake DeArman, currently living somewhere in the depths of the freezer known as Arizona. I'm 18, and have been playing SimRTK for a bit over two years now, and have taken an active role in several kingdoms, including serving as an advisor to rulers and as the primary tactics writer for several kingdoms.

That said, I'd like to apply for the position of Roleplaying Master on the grounds that I'm awesome. I've noticed that being awesome generally isn't quite enough to gain a staff title, however, and would like to point out that aside from being awesome, I'm an avid writer and reader. I have a very good knowledge of the three kingdoms period. (Not encyclopedic like Rob, but I've been known to ramble for long periods of time about relatively unknown figures.) I enjoy the history surrounding RTK and I enjoy the play enviroment surrounding SimRTK, which maintains a very creative atmosphere among all the rigid statistic based systems, which is always a bonus, as I'm a major fan of stats and their effect on various situations in the game.

That said, I've also got a good deal of experience simming, having run Way of the Dragon rather successfully (even through staffing lapses) thus far. I enjoy creating new variations of certain aspects of the game and am always looking at ways to fix and balance the existing aspects of the game.

That said, I'm always very careful to seperate and differentiate IC and OOC, which is very valuable. I'm always willing to make a joke about my own kingdom just as readily as someone elses, and can't help but chuckle at the OOC thread propaganda wars, even if it's my own kingdom doing it. I find value in looking at the whole situation, from my perspective and that of others, when trying to evaluate my surroundings, and it's proven to be quite useful in maintaining a positive attitude and good relationships with those around me.

On the other hand... I'm know I'm no angel. I believe I've been ahead of everyone in IRC as far as kicks and temporary bans go. The envelope doesn't seem to get pushed to far before it rips, in my case.

... But I've been much better about it lately. ;)

I suppose this concludes my staff application. Any other info needed (Hah!) can be easily obtained through AIM, MSN, IRC, PM's, or some other acronym that I missed.
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Postby Patricoo » 11 Oct 2006, 11:03

What... you mean when you guys pruned this applications thread you didn't delete mine?

I'm honored, but my services are no longer available.

Please delete.
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Postby Xiu » 14 Oct 2006, 22:26

Well, this is Xiu aka Katy.
My age is known to those who need to know and will not be divulged here.

Applying for RM.
I think most of the GMs, RMs, and Admins know me fairly well. About me, I am currently employed full time so most of my workday is eaten up. I get along with most people fairlly well and do not usually let too many things bother me. I have been RPing on SimRTK since the beginning of this game and sporadically during the last version. I was a Kingom Ruler on HoC China and am currently a Business Owner on HoC: Japan.

While my knowledge of the RoTK era is sketchy at best (sometimes this had made things far more entertaining) I am willing to research characters to be able to portray them more accurately and I enjoy getting in depth with a character.

I am available most evenings and weekends.
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Postby Zhao Ren » 18 Oct 2006, 15:21

And... I'm applying again, either for Game Master or RP Master, depending on what is needed. Okay, now for some facts and reasons to accept me:
    Name: Andrew, though I'm pretty much unanimously known as "Ren" here

    Age: 17, graduating from High School in June

    RP Ability: See the 4500+ posts? At least 2000 are RP, a majority of which are longer than what most people consider normal. Apparently my name is a synonym for long posts, or something. Oh, and Xiahou Mao even noted "Will there be any ramipercussions from this execution, beyond relief from some that there shall be no more monolithic Zhao Ren speeches?". Anyways, if needed, I can provide several examples of my RP ;)

    Activity: I'm online every day for at least five or so hours. Only day that is questionable is Tuesdays, and that's because I have a night class and thus am in school for around twelve hours. As of next semester, however, I will be here all week :P

    RTK Knowledge: I've been quite interested in the history of the Three Kingdoms era for around three or four years now and have studied it a bit. I'm quite good at doing research, so anything I don't know I can easily learn. Oh, and I am learning Mandarin currently, and thusly also learning a bit about Chinese culture, which I am sure is useful

    Mathematical Experience: I have taken several classes up until Elementary Statistics and have recieved several grades over 100%

    Knowledge of SimRTK Rules: I know them quite well and have helped people who had questions about the rules before

    Past Staff Experience: Administrator on Dragon Realms (since closed), Creator of SimEurope (closed by me to work on the next site), Staff Member on Twilight's Prophecy (quit due to staff problems there), Creator of Tears of Verianna (closed due to lack of staff activity)

    Ability to Get Along: Let's just say that I am known for my cordial personality by almost everyone I meet :)

I had a lot more on my last application, but that was wiped with the purge of applications which I have forgotten since, but I'm sure if you have any questions, I can answer them :)
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Postby Kagemusha » 14 Dec 2006, 19:49

Since I've been accepted as staff over on HoC: Japan I'll just be removing this application. :wink:
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