A thank you.

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A thank you.

Postby Ishy Julu » 21 Aug 2003, 17:02

Now I'm not real clear on the rules for posting here, but I feel since it's the Hall of Supremacy, and I'm tired/lazy from 30 hours of work in 3 days (One more day, wai!), I have a thing or two to say.

I'd like to take this moment to thank all the GMs/Admin for all their hard work on this sim. Having close to five/six years of gaming admin experience, I know how thankless a job it is. You do tons of hard work to make it fun, and you don't hear a damned thing unless something breaks. And that's lame and shouldn't occur. I'm not saying people here are thankless (though alot of them bloody are ^_~), But I 'do' know Xian Zhu Xuande, Mao-sama, GN27, Harimau, Junts, Kchan and Davion, and all the rest do an absolute hoarde of work here, to make it enjoyable for all of us. And all I ever hear is griping and whining except from a handful of folks. So this is my thank you. ^_^ (I actually have something I'm working on ... but this whole "work" thing is bruising what little energy I have left)

So, Arigato! ^_^ I originally wasn't going to stay here long, I admit. Tian Shi told me to check it out, so I did. Thus, Minzhi was born, slowly but surely. My skill was appreciated by those who encountered it, and it was a pretty good feeling. And all the GMs/Admin I've spoken to have been such great help, because I'm "new" here. And a good many of them fed my ego and bore into existance the Silvertongue. So once more, I do so appreciate all the work. I hope noone says I'm trying to suck up by this, God knows I refuse to lower myself ^_~, it's just one of those things I feel should be said while I'm in a thought-filled mood.

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Postby Strong Bad » 24 Aug 2003, 04:18

::mutter:: Should've stuck this in the thread I made specifically for this... Oh, err, ahem, sorry about that. Agreed, all the Admins and GMs deserve constant thanks and praise for their time and effort into making this the most bitchin (albeit only) Sim I play! Hail the dudes (and chicks) in power!
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Postby Guang Jue » 14 Sep 2003, 03:33

Wow, after reading through the Sim for a while, I just noticed how much work it reallt takes to keep this running. Thanks to all those who keep this Sim entertaining.
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Postby Rainer » 26 Nov 2003, 04:51

I would to like to give a big thanks to the people that make sim RTK sim RTK. So keep up the good work and lets all have fun.
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Postby pulselite » 26 Nov 2003, 04:57

-bows- Arigato to all GMs and like!
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Postby Sima Ce » 17 Feb 2004, 01:44

Most people think this is a easy to mantain message board. It may be a message board but it isn't easy to mantain. And not to mention it's free. they are paying for the bandwith themselfs so lets congradulate them all. Thank you Admins and GMs.
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Postby Hyuga » 16 Apr 2004, 20:06

Bahahaha! I'm the reason you all get Bishy Minzhi!

But he's right. All of you staffers rock.
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Postby Kentalot » 16 Apr 2004, 20:12

I already thanked them, but never too many thanks :). Thanks for running the sim, thanks for working hard, thanks for approving my IF.... oh wait, that didn't happen yet ;) thanks for everything though, seriously, I'm glad the game turn is about to restart, I was dying from withdrawal that even HoC couldn't cure... ok i shut up now.
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Postby noblefoushin » 16 Apr 2004, 20:25

Yes, even though I did not have much of an impact in the last game the staff needs to be thanked for putting up with players like me. Thank you very much.
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Postby Smith » 17 Apr 2004, 06:32

I tried running a forum once, and that was so hard and tiering, and that was with only 100 users!

Congrats to all the staff, your doing a great job! I have no idea how you do it...
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Postby Chaos » 17 Apr 2004, 10:01

No thanks from me.
But they did great as admin I must say, very great.
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Post Subject:

Postby Liu Drew » 22 Apr 2004, 02:52

I have to agree. Asa guy who's been playing RTK games for a decade I have got to admire the collection of knowledge and the way it's laid out. Awesome Job for all those involved.Keep up the good work guys!!!!!
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Postby Lee » 06 May 2004, 05:47

I wish to sinceraly thank you all those who have contributed in making this place so meaningful. This SIM is really cool. I dont want to know how hard to maintain this as It will make me think too highly of the admins, cus they are humans anyway, and they too, tend to get cocky. :lol:

But honestly, I learned alot from this place, met new friends and finally, I care to touch a PC besides my dive computer. I play this everyday. It is so addictive. Thank god you guys made this. This trully is a work of talents.

Finally, another thank you for I will not forget the admins who tried so hard to maintain this. They dont work on this 24 hours, I know. They have their own life to run but still manage to create something to make us happy. :o

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Postby Hian Huang Tzu » 06 May 2004, 10:09

I've being playing this Sim less than a month now and I think my post count really does reflect my addiction to this game. The major factor for this is the tireless efforts of the staff and the sim community. Thanks guys, my social life has gone out of the window! (Should I be happy of sad? :? )
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Postby majobajob » 06 May 2004, 10:11

i, also, have only been playing for less than a month... i guess todays a one month aniversary of me joining.
but if u guys never made this sim i would never have created Wulong(not the name, i stole that from tekken, i ment the actual character), so i take my hat off to you... im not wearing a hat though so i guess i can only say thanks
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