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V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Liu Sun » 08 Feb 2010, 19:28

So this thread is a little bit different from the Suggestions and Feedback threads. The purpose of this thread is to basically capture a snapshot of player opinion as it stands right now. That and we know what we want to do for next game (more or less, and mostly on an individual basis where everyone's opinions are delightfully divergent) so it's nice to have the same from players.

Please post whatever the hell you want to post below, with a few small caveats:
1) This is a wishlist, so wish for the f'ing moon. Don't worry about how realistic your wishes are, don't worry about how difficult they'll be. Don't worry about opinions or reactions (see #2 below). Post anything from gameplay suggestions, storyline suggestions, rules, even forum feedback (but understand that only James can change anything about the forum itself, it's his site after all :P ).

2) Please don't turn this into a discussion thread. The point of asking for mass feedback like this is a lot like fishing for tuna (And, yes, I'm aware this is technically called "trolling," but that has a negative connotation online :P ) where we want to see how much tuna we can get, and then figure out what to do with it after. If someone posts something that you like, it's perfectly fine to quote the post and say "I like this." If someone posts something that you do not like, then the most helpful thing you can do is not say anything. If dozens of people are saying the same thing, that's great. If a single person is saying something, then that's equally great, albeit in the opposite direction. More importantly, by saying "I don't like this," to someone's idea, you're impeding the flow of ideas. People aren't supposed to feel self-conscious, that way we get lots more wishes which means more stuff to work with later on. (And, yes, it's still much later on. V5 is going splendidly.)

3) Please follow the format shown here. This is the best way to ensure we can keep stuff organized. So here's the preferred format:

Code: Select all
General, broadstrokes of your wishes.
Nitty-gritty details, if any

Liu Sun wrote:I'd like to see more variety in unit types.
Plots seem awfully strong.

The standard four (five? Whatever) is kind of [limiting/awesome] so I'd suggest ....... [Insert wall of text]

Can a brother get a diminishing returns up in here? .... [wall of text]

You don't have to go into details if you don't want to. Just posting something as general as "I like skills and would like to see more" or "I'd like to see fewer skills" is perfectly fine.

So please post away.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Xe of Greed » 08 Feb 2010, 22:23

I'd like to see a crackdown on OOC spying.
On the other side, I'd looooove to see Spying become a 2 SP skill for more effects.
I would like to see more unit variety.
I'd like to see larger battles.
OH. I'd love certain bonuses for actions in battle!

On Spying,
I would seriously love a higher SP cost for more function. I dunno, maybe a battle function of discerning a small part of the orders?

On Variety,
More variety would be nice. Spearmen-Pikes-Heavy-Swordsman-Bowmen-Xbowmen-Heavy-Light-Cavarly-Horse Archers-Elephants would be awesome, although a schooch difficult to balance.

On battles,
I'd love epically large battles but this is wishful thinking due to time :(

On Bonuses,
Archers get bonuses on hills and mountains, and depending on wind (Range from wind, maybe dmg from walls and hills?). Cavalry getting a bonus from charging downhill, boats getting bonuses from wind, etc. It'd be awesomeness.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Sun Tang » 08 Feb 2010, 23:58

-Removal of a large chunk of gimp NPC's
-Right for a lord to release an officer of service without a PR hit
-Right for a lord to refuse service of any NPC found on a search
-More items for Alchemists to craft
- 1 or 2 more SP at signup
- Innocuous stat cap on war and cha raised to 90
- only players who have played an equivalent of 1 sim game can sign up as rulers, no noob rulers or serial inactive rulers!
- Wealth skill gives a seasonal bonus to income
- Development skills such as Farmer, etc, grant +25 bonus and expertised grants 35
- Volley (e) reduces chance of hitting friendlies by 50%
- More chances for Master skills
- Updated and purposeful storyline
- Salaries for NPC's can be set at 50 gold for terrible NPC's and 75-100 for all other NPC's
-Temple Complex gratns additional +5 morale every 5 turns
-Troops lost by dash is 5%, or 2% with (e)xpertise
-Make Inspire an Advisor Ploy which will give every friendly unit +25 TP if successfull.
-Confuse works less often
-Add an infantry skill called spearmen, which grants spearwall. (e) version allows units to throw spears 1-2 hexes.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Lance of Llanwyln » 10 Feb 2010, 03:16

Skills. I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but their current incarnation is fairly flat and boring.

On skills- Basically, my dream is some sort of fully-functional V4 that doesn't grind the Sim to a halt every turn change. Failing that, existing skills could be expanded somewhat. Like unit battle tactics giving small, thematic boni to to the stats of the appropriate unit-type(like Wall having a small, passive defense boost). Maybe push down the success rate of stuff like Confuse a bit and sort of give it back, so to speak, in skills like Wile and Cunning. These little benefits should always be minor, kind of little perks, and care should be taken to not create too much synergy(unless there SHOULD be synergy, like with unit-related battle skills.) Ideally, SP could be revamped somewhat to accomodate a slightly wider range of utility in skills.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby OneEyedDrgn » 10 Feb 2010, 04:27

-Increased stats for the NPCs. It's ridiculous that 90% of the NPCs have lower stats than Fish Merchant.
-More units. I really liked last version... With Archers, Crossbowmen, Spearmen, Light Infantry... The current set of units in v5 is extremely boring.
-Debate system.
-Removal of the damn penalties for getting a second+ character.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Han1977 » 10 Feb 2010, 20:11

- More starter ruler slot.

- Possibility for player to gather forces outside kingdom, not from the start but as the game moving, it could be in the form of pirates, IF or what so ever. Although it will need good plot, large fund, etc.

-Short time between V5 and V6, I don't mind formula tweaking and rules editing but don't spend too much time on that.

-More duel tactics, things like seduce and trap for officer with lower war is a nice option, why we don't have it in this version?

-More risk for general to be captured in battle -> so we could have something like Nobunaga did against Yoshitomo (its Yoshitomo right? Maybe I'm wrong). Perhaps each general could choose how they will positioned their PC in leading their unit. Lead them in front -> bigger risk of being captured/injured, higher effect of leadership, better chance of rallying and jeering, etc.
Lead them behind, safe in the middle of your soldiers -> less risk but less effect of leadership too, less chance of rallying and jeering, etc.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby RandomRobert » 10 Feb 2010, 22:52

1. More cowbell.
2. Player bands of bandits.
3. Battles inside cities.
4. A skill to improve melee counterattacks
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Xeniphon » 10 Feb 2010, 23:48

I'll post more later, be VERY sure of that as I have long lists of suggestions Ive made plus others I havent.

1) I agree with the more units thing and I have suggestions to make it simple, plus bring back eliphants (I miss them).
2) I agree with the idea of battles inside cities being changed to better reflect the nature of fighting in cities.
3) I still want the option to build cities on fort locations so long as you have upgraded the fort all the way and not before, give it the starting stats of a burnt out city.
4) Oh, I forgot to say I agree with the skill to increase counterattacks. More defensive functionality would be good. I know we have several skills but I loved my V4 Spearman General who couldnt deal much damage but dealt more damage to an attacker than the attacker dealt to him (its so my style and I just loved it to death)!
5) Ive harped on it for years now, more water routes!
6) make mountain road maps more rugged to better represent how broken the terrain is (like JuLu, not like JieTing).
7) More synergistic effects by having certain skills like Wile and Volley, Ambush and Arson, or Terrain and Trap. It makes for more ways to play each skill and promotes a wider variety of skill combinations.

I'll stop there, I could go on for pages and pages...

Most of what I put above I have either already suggested several times in great detail but I will make a few notes.

1) I suggest more units based on equipment, for instance a newly drafted unit is "Infantry" with a simple spear and thats about it. Add Heavy Arms to an Infantry and you have Heavy Infantry. Add a Horse to Infantry and your have Cavalry. Add Horse and Heavy Arms and you have Heavy Cavalry. Add Horse, Heavy Arms, and Bows and you have Chariots or something similar. You see, everything is the base "Infantry" unit with arms added to form the unit. Each set of arms would add something spacific to the base stats of the unit type so we wouldnt have to balance the unit types, only the arms. For instance Heavy Arms might add +25 Def, +5 Atk, +5% Counter Attack and -2 MP, Horses +20 Atk, +10 Def, and +4 MP (plus higher cost than Heavy Arms to offset the greater overall bonus). So you would have a base unit that is altered by the equipment it has rather than becomeing a whole new unit, this makes it easy to balance out the effects of different units than say comming up with numbers and testing until it sounds right. Also it would allow lots of different units based on the different equipment. So you could combine Horse+Heavy Arms+Bow, or Heavy Arms+Bow and get Chariots and Armored Archers respectivly without any kind of strange formule being involved to balance them out. It would also make producing arms more important than it has previously been and would allow for new playstyles in battle not before seen. For eliphants dont make them city spacific but have a limited number of them in the Game Turn thread to be bought at high prices, more or less RP wise these would be Nanman merchants selling things to the Chinese... Of coarse this principle could be done with Rattan Armor too and whatever else we might have dropped because it was city spacific and not very balanced in distribution.
2) I dont yet have a firm idea on how to do this, but the grassland and periodic forest hexes inside cities just dont strike me as right... There should be mor ebuilding hexes in them.
3) Building cities as an upgrade option for maxed forts would give 1 city kingdoms a better chance in the frey then they currently have by building forts early and then upgrading them. It would also make those forts that are on the edges of the map actualy worth something. It also gives players another option besides attacking their neighbors in order to gain cities and will support less agressive rulers better than the current system while not taking any of the agression or it's benifits away from the agressive players.
4) A skill to rais counter attack would be awsome, Im very defensivly minded but all our defensive skills cost so much TP it really isnt worth as much as an attack skill. However the Spearwall skill in V4 was one I REALLY liked a lot and put to great effect. I think having such a skill would increase the number of playstyles the game supports without introducing a new mechanic to battles.
5) Navy just isnt as useful as it should be... In the time waterways were what we think of as highways today and the road was the poor man's route. Water travel should be properly represented not only for flavor but also to increase the sparse number of naval battles and bring the long abused Navy skill into its own.
6) I mentioned this in the suggestions thread but when you have a mountain road that you cant take some siege engines down and 1/3 of it is open grasslands in a straight shot to the objective it just doesnt feel right. It also acts as a simple grassland battle as if you were in the central plains rather than the mountains. So the use of rough terrain is severely limited. When I was preparing for the JieTing battle I expected rough terrain I could take advantage of, the enemy had a straight shot to our forces though over a wide swath of grasslands and the rough terrain off to the sides where it would play little if any part in the battle. It so severely restricted options that I nearly tore my hair out.
7) When I say skills with synergy I am not talking synergy like Raid+Valor+Stealth where it just boosts effectivness, Im talking two or more skills combined creating a whole new effect. For instance Ambush+Arson allows Fire Ambush which doesnt increase the success but creates a new effect related to both skills. Volley+Wile means Volley doesnt hit friendly targets (its the only way it cant too) and that is a new effect from two skills. Wile+Rumor gives you Falsify which also fits this mold. Such combinations bringing more effects promotes different builds to take advantage of different effects and also adds the effects of more skills in without the need to actualy add more skills to the list.
Oh well, back to the drawing board...

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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Diablo Del Tierra » 11 Feb 2010, 16:33

-Make battle tactics writing less daunting. I've no idea how this could be implemented, apart from maybe a simplification of the rules or maybe a couple of example tactics documents.

-Abolish or reduce significantly the penalty on making a second character. In a game so open-ended, and especially one where you can get a major injury in a PT, it's quite easy to lose your first character, and starting over without the usual small item boost to stats/ with an SP cut is annoying.

- The PH Inner Circle thing was a good idea, include it in next game.

- Have items in the Market reduce in value a small amount over time. For example, a +1 weapon could reduce in price by 5% every season, down to a maximum reduction to 60% of original value.

- Have a greater availability at the start of a game for special items in the Market, like the Sleeve Darts.

- Have a code for ranks in KTs, eliminating the need to remember what the original rank was actually called when you've been going around for 5 months known as the General Who Protects Underpants. MilR01, CivR01, etc, for example.

- More very cheap, RP-based skills. Or just more skills in general, actually.

- Better improvements on study time if you have Study, if Study isn't abolished next game.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Carpevis » 11 Feb 2010, 19:13

Wish list:
1. Crafter's Skills
2. Change Confusion
3. Combine Charge and Blitz
4. XP's for some kinds of RP
5. Mastery skill changes

1. Create an All Crafters skill, dependent on the stat, costing 4 SP, and add it as an option to the current list of crafting (call it Master Crafter or something like that). This would open up all crafting types to everyone who takes the skill and not create the bottleneck of Scribes or the drawbacks to having Alchemist, while at the same time giving those who want to specialize and save SP's that option as well.

2. Nerf Confusion. It's WAY too overpowered. One confusion beamer can shut down an entire battle, which is neither probable or fair. Shorten the duration or make it a hell of a lot harder to pull off. Having had some experience in this, I can guarantee you that confusion on the battlefield is VERY short lived once you know where to shoot. Failing that, give defense bonuses while confused and offense damage bonuses for the turn after the confusion ends. (People get pissed when they know they've been duped). Last option, make it a skill that costs 2-3 SP. It's certainly worth that.

3. Combine Charge and Blitz and split the differences between them to keep them from being overpowered. There are two different outcomes to a maneuver that is essentially the same movement type. Simplifying that would help. I don't know if it should be nerfed to split the difference between each effect or double the SP's and keep both effects.

4. Some kind of XP considerations for RP'd recruiting and RP'd diplomacy (Pol or Cha or both). This will encourage people to get involved in that aspect of the game. Right now, most of the diplomacy and recruiting are carried out by only a few people in a kingdom. Generals and advisors get XP's for going to battle, but diplomats and recruiters get squat for doing their 'jobs' and they have put in a lot more effort on a player-by-player basis.

5. More mastery skills sooner or make them more attainable. One would think that at the beginning of the game SOMEONE would have at least one mastered skill. Roll for it at initial sign-up. Better odds for the more active players based on past performance (After all, it's the more active players TODAY who are approached to learn Mastery, right?).
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby MisterSherbetLemon » 12 Feb 2010, 06:31

1) Realistic unit numbers (e.g. 5000 Soldiers as a figure rather than just 5 units or however it works.)
2) Lower or no stat penalties for second characters, not enough officer deaths just now :P
3) Bring back the old NPCs and NPC kingdoms (back when we had Cao Cao and junk!)
4) More items? There's only so much to benefit us right now, how about expendable items for RP plots and such? (Hooked rope - +10% infiltration chance) or something like that.
5) More PT actions.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby PaintedJezebel » 12 Feb 2010, 08:00

First off, two points mentioned above that I strongly agree with:

1. Crackdown on OOC spying. And several other OOC things. I know you can't eliminate it, but at the least I don't think it should be encouraged.
2. This one was by our own Lemony Scot:
More items? There's only so much to benefit us right now, how about expendable items for RP plots and such? (Hooked rope - +10% infiltration chance) or something like that.

I LOVE THIS. I've played a couple fantasy sims with various sorts of expendable items and they can make things really, really entertaining. They add an extra level of depth to all sorts of scenarios without greatly increasing the complexity.

Onto my other wishes:

1. No penalties for officer death. For retirement I can understand, to discourage gaming the system, but for death it's usually enough of a penalty that you lose all that experience and study time. It can put you months, sometimes years behind other officers in some games. Granted the 1% REALLY isn't bad, but you know.
2. Make PR less important! Yes, it should have some effect obviously, but in particular the whole treaty-spamming thing I find really annoying.
3. Maybe make governance less stat-dependent, like RTKO? The system as it's written feels like being a great ruler DEMANDS a certain build, and I don't really like that.
4. More DUELING skills! I'd be very interested in playing a duelist if there was more depth to the system, maybe skills for different styles of combat? Right now, good duelists all look alike: 90+ War, Duelist, Weaponmaster, rinse, repeat.


Also, he's totally wrong in every other thread ( :wink: ), but I second everything Carpevis said, he made some great suggestions there!
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Marik » 12 Feb 2010, 20:55

1) Fix the Write Letter PT action. It requires the Pol stat to succeed but gives Cha experience when successful. I find that a little incoherent.

2) Change the stat used to determine dueling initiative. The Lead stat is more suited for battles, not one-on-one fights. Changing it to Int (Or (War+Int)/2 or something to that effect) would be better, I think.

There's probably more stuff I can write about, although I just can't think of anything else at the moment.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Ranbir » 12 Feb 2010, 22:14

- Tighter mechanics built around simpler...uh...not exactly concepts and not exactly procedures but the game 'stuff', if you know what I mean, to guarantee statistical balance;(because it can easily be tested and not left to be concluded if it all is 'off the cuff'.)
-hopefully no rule changes/fixes once game starts x_x
- Less mechanical levers brings back the great role-playing of old. It's all about having simple elegant parameters that give freedom to do things within them.
- No PR. It is one of those mechanics that just get 'gamed'. If you need to use it to measure 'the people's' feelings towards a political body keep it hidden. Player actions, from the player end, should not be judged on numbers but their own feelings and personalities of the character they are role-playing.
- Less trying to be a koei game and back to being a rtk roleplaying game that just happens to have some mechanical boundaries in which to roleplay in. Past few versions have seen far too much impetus on trying to get this close to an actual PC game but keeping it trapped in the forum, which just makes more work to run it.

- Flat AP so everyone can work within the same parameter of personal development
- Re-jiggered so less has to be processed from the staff end which means less dependancy on a tool which means less focus on 'format'.
-standardized exp rewards so the emphasis is on what the player chooses to do rather than if s/he will be lucky for this month. This will also mean less need for processing. Which means less work load!
- Ultimately simplify how PTs are designed to work yet while keeping what the PT can do to be expansive.

Char Growth
- PT focused. If everyone has the same platform to grow from, certain char 'build' won't unfairly enjoy a faster rate over another char 'build' because of additional avenues. Instead the impetus is on the combination of PT actions one player may choose from over what another player will choose from.
- no more expertise skills. No faith that each expertise is as equally beneficial over its norm since the increase of bonus varies from skill to skill, which they themselves are within categories of fuzzy boundaries.
- Less skills that have overlap. The overlaps are inconsistent and not equally applied to all categories which instantly make skill combinations a 'must' for a particular role. This is the anti-thesis of not having classes with this system, yet the system automatically makes one set more appealing than another.
- Less skills on the high tier npcs. Yes, they were historical greats but when you can easily dump over 70% of skills on Cao Cao or Zhuge Liang then perhaps that says something about skill design(especially when they get expertised). This is one thing where a page out of RTK11 is a good thing. Give them a fairer number of normal skills and then create a special unique skill that manages to clearly define Zhuge Liang's uniqueness, without throwing everything but the kitchen sink at his build.

- Actions with no overlap on function. This might cut the number of actions down but also mean easier to control each action being as balanced as the next given their context.
- with simpler, fewer and unique actions available, clearer to understand and communicate, greater integrity for the battle as a whole. Battles can stay diverse and exciting with less levers to pull at. (complex systems run by few elegant rules)
- less unit variety(if v6 is looking to add more). It dilutes the unique functions of what each unit type is supposed to have and does little to really change war's overall strategy or the tactics in battle. Unless tedium is really a change.
- If anything to add variety, elegant benefits from terrain.
- Provide maps beforehand: evens expectations between old players(when you recycle a map) and new ones. Particularly important when a new player isn't as experienced in general about what Yizhou looks like compared to someone that is.
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Re: V6 Player Wishlist.

Postby Junts » 13 Feb 2010, 00:26

I might even roll another pc someday if we ever did some of these:

Fix the PR spamming by removing easy things that benefit PR. Make the PR gain from treaties come from actually fulfilling their terms to the end, and give them a sizable minimum length. Increase the PR benefits for releasing captured officers and other generally praiseworthy RP deeds. This will slow the growth of PR further (which is ok, cause its usually a very valuable stat) and remove the methods used to get 'cheap' PR. That way the stat can be left very impactful.

Re-emphasize the RPG aspects of the game. SimRTK used to play like an RPG version of the novel, not of RTKX. If you could think of it, and it was realistic, there might just be a way to pull it off. I was a GM in the v1-2-3 era, and there are numerous instances in those games of rulers or officers coming up with ideas for stuff to do in battle, asking if they could do them, and rules being designed on the spot to permit them to do them (for example, you can see a battle in the v1 archives in which one ruler asked Rob "Is there a way I can disguise my CiC?" .. Rob created an advisor ploy for it, forwarded me the information, and allowed the ruler to attempt the ploy. He succeeded, and the ploy was then immediately entered into the rules. It wasn't announced until then, so that ruler got the full benefit of his ingeniousness (it won him the battle). While that's a fairly extreme example, that kind of stuff drastically rewards creative players and increases vermisilitude. SimRTK is greatest when characters are engaging in situations like Cao Cao escaping Pu Yang and Pang Tong convincing him to chain the ships before Chi Bi. Instead of simply having one ploy version of every major book trick, it's much better to also reward players for creating their own. It can be difficult to balance on the fly, but its not really that difficult: those kind of gimmicks are usually only good once, and the hard-included gimmicks (like the chain ships advisor plot that existed forever) were almost never useful because players were always prepared for their possibility due to their presence in the rules.

The game is more fun when it isn't just about who can best understand a system.

Instead of removing historical NPCs, lower player starting statistics. The poor npcs will still be poor. the mid-range ones will be a little worse, and the best ones will be better. Then drastically increase the rate of statistic improvement. This will mean that people who stick to and sustain their characters will be able to reach higher statistic levels and gain a considerable amount of points, instead of just 3-4 over the course of a game. Having the best genearls start at 83 lead and end at 95 instead of starting at 93 and ending at 96 will encourage players to stick to their characters and do all they can to keep them alive: it might even allow you to remove the death penalty (though i think its better to keep the penalty and instead toughen the costs to rulers for execution, so they generally pay hefty PR costs for doing so unless the player in question is really asking for it). Keeping your character alive for multiple years should be something that's rewarded, and it will encourage 'rational' player behavior (eg, players will have a much more legitimate disincentive to just go down to the death with a kingdom and think about switching allegiences, or more carefully picking rulers who are actually doing well vs those who are not, etc). IMO, the RP nature of the game suffers due to players having a lot less vested interest in the cost of going down with the ship and just making another character. the penalties for doing so are minute, and it leads to irrational character behavior. The generals who did choose death rather than surrender or flight are praised in the novel and the history because they were rare. In Simrtk, that behavior isn't rare: its standard. Players need more reason to think about their own self-interest. It creates more rp, politics, and less reliable ties and alliances, which are very good for the game. The game is best when its about politics and officer loyalty as well as just being about the military system.

However well the game simulates the military system, it will get repetetive because we've all played many an RTK based strategy game, and while the roles of different tactics and the combat systems may change between simrtk and RTK5 and RTK11, it is rare that the basic fundamentals of strategy change: the games are all seeking to simulate the historical military realities, and therefore players will always know that Yizhou provides a smaller and less rich base that is easily defended, that He Bei requires fast solidification but is incredibly rich and populous, that the two capitals are incredibly easy to defend, and that Jingzhou is the Road to Everywhere. A knowledgable player knows just from looking at the map a lot of what people's objectives should be. The thing that causes the game to have more variability and unpredictability is officer behavior and politics. These facets, consequently, should recieve more emphasis and be more heavily incentivized.

IMO, these sort of things are not all things that players or even staffers would necessarily look at and say 'oh, I'd LOVE to do that', but improving a game experience doesn't actually always involve what people think they want; frequently, something that is a bit more challenging or difficult to master is better. A game in which officer loyalty and politics are as important to ruler success as their millitary performance is not something most prospective rulers would welcome: the military stuff is by far easier to understand, master and control (since it is a mathematical system), whereas politics and officer behavior fall under the realm of human inconstance. Nonetheless, putting rulers - both strong and weak - in the position where they must spend more time on that makes a stronger game. It challenges rulers across all spectrums, and it makes even a larger kingdom a more tenuous situation, since the ruler must be juggling power between many more officers, and must actually invest it (via governorships and commander in chief roles, etc) in more players than he is likely to be able to know personally and befriend OOC. Every ruler will have those ties to some officers, but after the 3-4 city stage, it becomes impractical to come up with enough friends to fill those roles without having to trust people.

SimRTK isn't interesting to me as a gigantic multiplayer KOEI game. It was, however, fascinating to me as a monstrous sandbox RPG where I was free to do (and did) creative things, and defeat foes by being more innovative than they.
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