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Re: NPC Stat Debating

Postby Xeniphon » 16 Feb 2013, 19:33

I understand Lion-o, thats why I said minor improvements would be fine. I was mainly concerned with things like bringing generals with 40-50ish lead up into the 70s or 80s since that would hurt the players who don't put everything into Lead/Int early on and have to build up over the game (or Duelists who want to build into fieldable generals later on). Also if too many NPCs are boosted too much then it becomes much easier for a ruler to get by without hiring any (or very few) PCs at only a slightly less effective level than a ruler who puts the time/effort into recriuting and maintaining PCs. So you see I was talking about extremes rather than minor alterations, I probably should have been more clear about that.

I would however agree with the concept of giving many NPCs with no or few skills a few more based on common sense, some of them are quite silly... I mean a guy with Scout but lead/war/int in the low-50s or lower? That kind of NPC is good for nothing but transport duty and with the new system even there rulers aren't going to want to send him out unless its far away from any other force... Even more silly are NPCs with say a decent stat but a skill in one of the lowest stats they have (or no skills at all) and of course those NPCs with low stats all across and no skills (or 1 at most) make you wonder "whats the point of even having them?"

I think the biggest part of the debate as to if NPCs should be improved will have to wait for the KT rules to come out, even then though the staff has generally been against improving them since V3 so even if a good argument is made it might still be ignored.


My personal stance is that some of the lowest NPCs need to be made somewhat useful, even as just support for tedious tasks, but that the middle and upper tier NPCs likely need little to no changes. A 60 Lead general with 1-3 decent battle skills is still quite useful, sure if your fielding him you want him better but aside from the personal interest there is really no reason not to use him. After all the game is designed so you are forced to make choices and if every answer is good then its not really a choice now is it?
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Re: NPC Stat Debating

Postby Dong Zhou » 17 Feb 2013, 08:29

I can understand the complaints to an extent. Part of the NPC problem with Investigator has been that it is set up for use by war characters but generally, that sort of role went to civil officers historically. Sun Jian is a somewhat rare example of one where that skill and stats combine. If a NPC attempted to spy or cause a riot of sorts, he gets spy/riots, but if he fails or was incompetent then you get an NPC with low stats. When I have done a KT for a city, I haven't had much issue with low stat NPC's, and some of them could be used for good rp purposes, but I know it is something that has annoyed others. Sometimes wondered if a limited power to refuse newly found officers might help.

As for boosting more characters to 70, not sure it is going to happen. I'm not saying some won't rise to that area (and some get dropped) each time there is a restatting and some mid/late generals might get boosted due to the zztj translation. I can see an already 70 lead general being given 60 int as recognition for avoiding traps.
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Re: NPC Stat Debating

Postby Lionheart » 17 Feb 2013, 18:53

Hey, as long as there are more useful and less crappy NPCs, that's about all I can ask for, I guess. :)
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Re: NPC Stat Debating

Postby Xiahou Mao » 17 Feb 2013, 19:08

And yet look at the people who cry foul about Xiahou Mao's stats. :(
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