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Re: Book discussion

Postby Sun Tang » 15 Dec 2012, 11:59

Lmao hooray for mat!!
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Re: Book discussion

Postby Xeniphon » 15 Dec 2012, 17:07

I'd have to reccomend one of my favorite series which is the Belisarius series by David Drake and Eric Flint. Admittedly the story of the Byzantine general Belisarius running around with a nearly omniciant time traveling crystal in his mind made me want to groan when I first considered it, but the story its self isn't badly done, the characters are (mostly) well developed, and most pointedly they do the most difficult thing for authors very well: diolauge. The books have perhaps the finest and most natural diolauge I have yet read in a book; no forced conversation, no awkward and unnatural thought processes, and a consistant sense that "I can imagine sitting in on this conversation".

As a Historical Fiction/Military Sci-Fi its not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but for anyone looking to learn how natural sounding diolauge can flow its a great read. I find myself going back to it simply to refresh myself on how a master can use verbal interations between characters to hold the reader's interest regardless of what else is going on in the story.
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Re: Book discussion

Postby Han1977 » 26 Nov 2013, 05:11

Zhao Xiao wrote:A Song of Fire and Ice!

It's awesome. Everyone knows why (gritty, realistic portrayal of mediavel fantasy; subtly adding standard fantasy elements along the way; dragons, magic, etc.)


I read somewhere online on a theory of the parents of Jon Snow and I am now a full believer! I don't think Ned Stark was his dad. No, Jon Snow has Stark blood but not from his father - no, its from his mother! I think his mother was Lyanna Stark! So who was his father? I think his father was Prince Rhaegar Targaryan! There are a lot of "hints" in the books about Ned's guilt and his promise to his dead sister, I think it was the promise to protect Jon from the wrath of Robert Baratheon; the man who hated Rhaegar more than anything, the same man who mentioned more than once how Rhaegar had 'won'. And by won, I believe Rhaegar had the heart of Lyanna Stark. It never says that Lyanna was forcefully abducted by Rhaegar, nor does it ever say that she was mistreated or the Prince harmed her. In fact, Ned remembers back to times when the prince seemed to woo her. What if Rhaegar gave Lyanna a child? There are references to her death, when Ned finds her: in a bloody bed, guarded by the King's Guard. Why would the King's Guard protect one woman, unless she carried the royal blood?! I think Lyanna died in childbirth, and she gave the baby to Ned to protect from Robert's anger at Rhaegar. At the end of the day, Ned is the most honorable, loyal and courageous man in the seven Kingdoms - would he seriously have a bastard child? Everyone knows about the bastard, so why would he hide the truth of the mother so desperately? Also Jon is exactly fourteen years old, one of the only ones born at the exact time of the rebellion.

Phew! Yeah, the more I read about it, the more I believe hahaa.

I read the last book and it broke my heart, since the 1st book, my favorite characters seems to die, one by one. :roll:
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Re: Book discussion

Postby Alfred » 27 Nov 2013, 04:40

Since Han N\necrod it, and it just seems like the time to necro I shall continue the necro =p

The Kitty Norvel series is a very good monster story with a very unique and funny twist. It helps wash the taste of twilight from your mouth by making Vampires Vampires again, Werewolfs not idiotic Indian kids who you know are just waiting to defile the main character AND implies Wyatt Earp was a vampire hunter =p The author draws from pretty much every fairytale mankind has ever come up with and weaves a very plausible fiction. And, on the plus side, only 8 bucks a book =p I think theres 11 now, Ive gotten to 9 and no major plot holes yet!
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