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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Han1977 » 28 Aug 2011, 15:40

I would hardly active this week, I live in Indonesia and we got a week of day off as most Moslem celebrating Ramadhan.

And just like everyone else, I went to my hometown to visit my parent. For those who wait some RP from me, really sorry. I'll be back to active next Monday (GMT +7) :P .
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Fu Yuan » 05 Sep 2011, 12:00

Until the 14th of September I shall have poor access to the internet so my activity shall be diminished somewhat. I'm fine on the weekends, however, so what I cannot provide in the week I shall make up for when the weeends arrive ^_^.

Fu Yuan
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Fu Yuan » 14 Sep 2011, 15:54

My internet problems have been sorted ^_^. I now have full access so my activity is back to normal.

Fu Yuan
Yù Hòuyì 玉后裔 zi Qílín 麒麟 (18), The Jade Prince
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What am I still doing here?
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Kimche » 24 Sep 2011, 03:11

I know I owe a lot of people crafts, please PM me if I owe you things. I will try to check, but it's best if you remind me, please. I'll try to get it done. I won't be too active, but will try to post civil turns. Thanks.
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Shale » 12 Oct 2011, 22:20

I am back and for hire in free officers.
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Kang_Lun » 21 Oct 2011, 17:32

I'll be very inactive for the next two days for my father's funeral...
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Zhao Xiao » 22 Oct 2011, 13:14

Bad times dude.

Oh yeah, I'm back. Til whenevs'
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Zhuge Song » 14 Nov 2012, 16:36

Well, that was a longer than usual coffee break.

I'm back.
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Jyar Azenable » 14 Nov 2012, 16:42

So who are you again? :P

(This message was brought to you by Dansul bribing me to log back in just to say this)
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Youping » 06 Feb 2013, 02:23

So whats happening my long lost peeps. Its been nearly 9 years or so since I have been active enough to play. Now I plan on coming back with a whole new understanding of the game since I am now older and can understand lots more lol
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Nie Dun Nu » 02 Jun 2013, 18:24

Welp, I'm back, after....3-4 years? Man, college really drains it out of ya.
God I feel old...
Nie Dun Nu
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Xuang Ren » 11 Jun 2013, 23:54

Coming back after three years. My,my, a lot has changed. I surely loves the new map.

Hopefully RPing can provide me a bit of relief in-between my thesis work. :D
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Han Shao » 23 Oct 2013, 01:48

Well... I'm off to play war in the deserts of the American southwest. :D

See you cats in a month.
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Radical Dreamer » 28 Jun 2014, 15:32

Well, I've been putting this off for a few weeks now, but I think that now it's time to get down to brass tacks.

Starting today I'm going to start helping my parents move to a new home, because in a little over a month I'll leave for Air Force basic training. Big house, child is gone, thus my parents want somewhere smaller. Since I was the only one with an electronic inclination, I was paying for the internet connection. Because most of my last month will be taken up with my family, I'm going to go ahead and turn it off. Basic training is eight and a half weeks and after that is my technical education, which could be anywhere from a few months to a full year depending on what job the Air Force places me in (I am going in on an Aptitude Area specialty; that means I don't have an exact job before I ship). That means now is the time to thoroughly embarrass myself in this thread as I won't see any of you, or talk to you, for the next half a year at the very, very least.

First and foremost, I just want to say that this place was the center of my social life (such as it was) back during my last few years of high school. If you know me, you know how horrible my personality is so you can count how many real friends I had on one hand. Here was different. Here I could talk, take a breather, talk some more, have some fun, and learn some social skills I should have learned years earlier. Here I made some actual friendships, if rough around the edges, that I cherish to this day. That I will continue to cherish and look back on fondly my whole life. A lot of people I knew have left and gone on to do new and better things, and now it's my turn to do so for a bit, but I hope that one day or another we'll all run back into each other and reminisce about some old times.

It goes without saying that this sim also linked me to many others, where I met even more wonderful people.

Secondly, I'd like to thank the staff here. As I've said above, I'm not the easiest person to get along with. There are many, many times when Mao or Aureal or other staff could have thrown up their hands and banned me or publicly told me off because I was being difficult, but they never did. Instead they worked with me, answered my incessant flow of questions, took the time to explain things I didn't understand (the last two primarily being from last version. The patience you took with me at Zitong would leave a Buddhist Monk speechless), and generally did their best to smooth out my many rough edges. Considering that, at the end of the day, this is an internet forum dedicated to periodic roleplay, it is all the more amazing that it has kept a core staff of such professionals.

Third, something has to be said about the fun I've had here that is separate from the joy of the sim's social company. I have played this sim since 2005 and every version, even Version Four, was fun. There was never a time when I was unhappy to be playing, even when my character died or was put in a tough spot. I think it says a lot about a game's system that lets you have fun even when you are "losing" the game. That is why I know that, when I eventually do come back, there will be an amazing Version Six waiting on me. That's a good thought.

Finally, just some things I want to get off my chest - For Xe: I am sorry I got you killed last sim when I sent you to spy. I honestly didn't think that would happen and I still feel bad about it. For Zhao Ren: You were a great friend to me over the years. I actually remember when you started here and then you made staff just a few years later. I never did say how amazing I thought that was. For Shadow/Kermit: You won't see this, but you probably put up with me most of all. You're a great person. For Patricoo: You were my first officer the first time I ever ruled anywhere (I think it was an old WotD version). Thank you for that and sorry for getting you killed. I was an idiot. Since then you have always been around for advice or to just bounce ideas off of, and I was always grateful for that. For Cao Chao: We never really got along well, but to this day I still feel bad about getting your favorite GMNPC killed over on Warlords a few years ago. I found out after the fact how much work you put into him pre-game, and I go and get him killed the first turn. I felt like complete garbage for weeks after that and I really couldn't enjoy the game afterwards. I don't think I ever apologized, either, so here it is.

For Everyone Else: I am sorry for you all having to put up with me for nearly a full decade. You have the patience and virtue of saints.

Okay, I'm cutting this off here before I make an even bigger ass of myself. I will see all of you sometime in V6. I hope you all have a game as great as its map.
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Re: Absence/Back Thread

Postby Bradums » 01 Jul 2014, 15:21

I never had much interaction with you, but your name is known. I hope everything goes smoothly, you have a good experience in the Air Force, and you come back to a bustling SimRTK community :P
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