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Introduce Yourselves!

Postby Harimau » 23 Mar 2003, 12:55

Since we will be playing together for a long time (Hopefully), we should take the time to introduce ourselves to each other so that we will have more fun playing against friends rather than playing against strangers :D And since we wont be coming from just one forum, it would be better if we have a fresh start. Ill start:

My name is Daniel, currently an Austrlalian living in Sydney. Currently a university student studying Actuarial Studies in the University of New South Wales. Current interests... Well, this obviously, and just reading i suppose.
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Postby Emperor Bohe » 23 Mar 2003, 12:57

My name is Kevin and I am half Filipino and half Portuguese that lives in Toronto, Canada.
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Postby Zulwarn » 23 Mar 2003, 14:10

Kevin? Some memories. :P If anyone don't know me, I am Kelvin from Singapore. 18 yrs old this year. :wink: I am blitzlam in SOSZ btw. Though I don't think many people know me there. :?
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Postby Han Yundi » 23 Mar 2003, 14:52

Hi everyone! I am Willy from Singapore. I am 17 for now turning to 18 after 17th of May so maybe that gives a hint to everyone about my birthday... :wink: Main interest will be the three kingdoms fantasy.
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Postby Fei Mars » 23 Mar 2003, 15:53

I'm Jayde.College unfortunate.

I play the comic relief in the sim.

Don't take the name Fei Mars because I have a copyright and a trademark on it! :D
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Postby Tom Le » 23 Mar 2003, 17:09

Hi everybody. I'm Tom Le or Hoang Le, I just like the name Tom Le better since Hoang Le is hard to pronounce in English. I'm 15 years old, Born in Vietnam but migrated to USA and now living in Simi Valley, California. My main interest is games, basketball and soccer.(blah blah blah :P ). That's it about me.
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Postby Ramzus » 23 Mar 2003, 18:27

Hey people im sure you all know me

My name is Paul I live right outside Philadelphia. Im Russian and moved to America a long time ago im 17 and graduating high school very soon. its nice to be back :roll:
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Postby Xeno14 » 23 Mar 2003, 18:45

I'm Joe.
Everywhere I post I generally use Xeno14 as my tag. I'm not 14, I'm 18 going on 19 in less then a month(gimme money!!!). I'm a broke ass college student right now.
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Postby JBL » 23 Mar 2003, 19:11

Name Dave, 17 (18 in June), from England. I'm part Irish, English and New Zelander. In College at the moment. Spend most of my time playing Cricket or on the PS2 or Gamecube and the PC at the same time.
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Postby Xian Zhu Xuande » 23 Mar 2003, 19:55

My name is James, and I kept my name from Sanguo Online. I will be helping with the admin of this board now (familiar with the phpBB bugs and management thanks to SoSZ). I am a 22 year old graphics and Web designer.
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Postby VBOY05CF » 23 Mar 2003, 20:10

Hey guys...Name is Nick...I live in Houston and I am 16 years...Most of yall know me already...Nice to see yall again!
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Postby Lord Davion » 23 Mar 2003, 22:02

My name's Andy, and I'm most known for my moniker of, "Evil, Cubed." James talked me into getting involved with the sim this time around, so here I am. I'm a 23 year old whom is between schools and jobs at the moment. So hello!
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Postby Sun Siling » 24 Mar 2003, 03:20

I'm the old Jin, but o so young compared to most of you here :P . I'm 14, turning 15 this December...dang thats long.

And I was born in Vietnam...South Vietnam to be exact, and then my family went to USA. We then settled in Garland...and here I am.

I really like any war games, just not guns because I think killing someone with a gun is very cheap :lol: . I know a bit of kun-fu...but don't mess with me, because I'll porbablly get beat up :P.

Hope some of you forget me from the last sim, because I sure want to forget myself.
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Postby Zhang Liao 27 » 24 Mar 2003, 03:42

Jason much fun would the Sim be without me, huh? Ditto to Joe's little intro, except replace Xeno14 with Gan Ning 27, 1 month until 19th b-day to 6 months until 19th b-day, and of course the avatar thing.
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Postby jzdman » 24 Mar 2003, 04:10

Hello everybody my name is Jay, 16 years old and I'm from the Philippines.

My experiences in the sim...
- I got to play as the Emperor! (Emperor Ling...he was a very sick emperor btw)
- Then I played as Lu Bu (NPC ruler...he later surrendered to Li Jia)
- Next I played as a warleader of a ruler (Lu An)...then joined Li Jia (and got to work with Cho Shin Hao :roll: )
- Then I worked for Denny (Xiang Yu) as a spy on Joey (forgot his name..Liu Quan I think)
- I ended up being killed by Joey!
- Then I played as a ruler (Lu Wang)...became the first victim of the Prime Minister and was betrayed by my officers...
- In the last game, I played as an officer of the Carefree Sect...I was the leader of the Fire Division

I guess that's it... :roll:

Oh yeah if you're wondering how I got to play as the Emperor and Lu Bu, I was a GM of the simrtk before...
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