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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Chung Kuo » 21 Sep 2010, 03:29

Tux Time With CK!

I figured it was about time I posted a photo where I'm not a drunken man-skank or orgasmically dry-humping my buddy's skull. Also, recent is good. Behold!


I'm second from the left, wearing the cravat, and attempting to touch my nipple in the most dignified manner possible. The lucky groom is first on the left, staring at his best man (me) and two groomsmen with bewildered bemusement.

(And before people ask: no, Rob is not in this photo!)
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Ju Fu » 21 Sep 2010, 04:14

Peer pressured by Chung Kuo.

Apparently all my pictures have my ex in them, so here's a picture of me and my ex's dog.
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby OneEyedDrgn » 17 Oct 2010, 02:52

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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby ZephurK » 17 Oct 2010, 19:17

Zhen Xu (21)
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby mercurian262144 » 18 Oct 2010, 08:20

My only picture I share with anyone.


Not shaving yet, damn it.
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby ZML » 18 Oct 2010, 16:41

Zhao Meili (趙美莉) styled Xiuchai (秀釵) - retired Jul 222 AD (V5)
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Strong Bad » 09 Nov 2010, 16:34

Actually didn't have that many pictures taken at the last gun range trip my friends and I made a couple weeks ago, but much fun was still had.

Me firing my buddy's brand-new AR15 he built:

Video (WARNING: language NSFW):

Now, of course, I must get my hands on an AR of my own... Curses...

Xiahou Meng will return for V6. Until then...

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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby LukeYB » 11 Feb 2011, 18:02

It's been a few months since somebody posted here and even longer since I did, so here we go!

Me looking cool at New Years

Outside of the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC

Posing inside the stadium

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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Cao Chao » 12 Feb 2011, 00:57

/me envies Luke. Damn, wish I could get to Emirates Stadium. :(
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby III iPwn III » 14 Mar 2011, 15:18

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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Sceptre » 20 Mar 2011, 18:02

Ok, long time no pic. :D

Me (right) and a Co-Worker in Hawaii.

My-self as Wolverine...
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Roshi » 11 Apr 2011, 15:53

It's been a couple years since I posted, so here have a pic

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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby X-Calibre » 11 Apr 2011, 17:33

I just compared Sceptre's pic with the one on page 1. Man, you've grown.



Don't feel like having images of me over the web. Or maybe I'm fugly? Ho-hum, up to the Eye of the Beholder...

Man I gotta go beat that dungeon crawler again at some point and push that thing into them funky spike traps.
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby Calviere » 12 Apr 2011, 02:41

its a pic, a pic of EXPLODING AWESOMENESS!!! lol nah, its just a pick :P


pic got deleted :C
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Re: Post a picture of yourself!

Postby CityOfRust » 13 Apr 2011, 09:03

Hey lads and lassies. I'm new here.. So I decided to let you know what you're gettin' in to.

Alright... stand back.
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