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Postby XZX@Work » 24 Sep 2003, 02:20

Well, seeing as how my cat is apparently very popular… the latest feat of lazy behavior, one which might even be able to make Garfield blush.

Xian Zhu Xuande ? the slacking off at work version.
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Postby XZX@Work » 06 Nov 2003, 05:16

My father’s dog got its paws on my cell phone when I left it out on his counter, and as a result my cell phone passed on from this world to cell phone heaven. I went out to replace it and the phone I got just happened to have a built in digital camera. Naturally, I have had ample fun with this new creature, teasing numerous people when I am allowed to misbehave, but after actually running a few pictures through Photoshop I realize it isn’t actually quite so bad. I’m going to have fun with this beast.

Andy (Lord Davion)

Me, playing with ‘self portrait’ option, because I can.
Xian Zhu Xuande ? the slacking off at work version.
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Sidney Crosby
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Postby Su Li » 02 Dec 2003, 14:14

Time for a massive update to make this thread more user-friendly again and clean up a lot of the useless chatter. :wink:

Please people from now on try to keep this to posting pictures as opposed to a discussion thread, it makes it more enjoyable for everyone to look at the pictures and also saves us work from having to go through it all. Thanks. :)

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Postby Elysia » 01 Jan 2004, 14:26


Everyone was whining about a new pic of me, so here is one with my horse. He is actually a black Nokota Stallion. Yeah, he looks white cause he changes color. He is darker again now as winter comes on. Anyway, this is how I look without hair done, and without make-up. Wearing my baggy 'chore' clothes and after working outside most the day . . . Basically . . This is the me that is usually online chatting with ya . . . The other is the me you see when I 'doll-up' to go out . . . once every few years. hehe

Ely and Fawkes

Since these have been in demand, and because I am NOT one to give in to 'orders' . . Here are my hoodies done MY way . . . hehehe

RoosterTeeth Hoodie.
Caboose Hoodie.
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Postby Food for the Gods » 13 Apr 2004, 20:59

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Postby Little_Dragon » 27 May 2004, 19:55

Twas the last day of school and i decided to scare all the little kiddies :D
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Postby Maio-yin » 29 Jun 2004, 00:37

i shall post links....^-^ and there me cosplaying as kagome and one from a thing i want to last last winter
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Postby VBOY05CF » 19 Jul 2004, 18:15

Ok, so I got a friend to get some pics of moi while at Summer School. So after going through many of them, I thought about posting them here. So I did.

I'm on the left!

Ew! Is that sweat?!

Too close!

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Postby yochitoranaga » 19 Jul 2004, 20:51

run away while you still can!


it's already two years old... but... eh... I'm not the kind to have a picture of my-self all the time...
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Postby Sceptre » 19 Jul 2004, 23:06

Well im back from vacation, and I have pics! Viewers Beware!
- My sister and I in Cancun near the beach. Man it was hot...
- Sis and I again at Carlos and Charlie's. Yes, she took the blunt of the sunburn attacks.
- My pop and I near the beach on the last day. And a view of the oceanside.
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Postby Hian Huang Tzu » 06 Aug 2004, 22:47

Hi everyone, here are some recent photo's from Kavos, Corfu where I went on holiday for a week, (the only reason I'm posting is cause I'm drunk in both and so hence I have an excuse for the trauma they will no doubt cause :D )

Also, if your wondering Lee, Yes. This is one of the reasons for my inactivity...
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Postby Qiaoie » 13 Aug 2004, 10:39

Since my pics dun work, I decided to take them off. And replace it with a new pic. :qiaoxing:

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Postby Danielle » 11 Sep 2004, 20:49

Finally got round to this. Hehe. I'm on the right, smiling as usual. :D

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Postby Xiang Zhuang » 11 Sep 2004, 20:57

At Danielle's request, I must make this link public again:

Can't direct link, cause it always kills my small bandwidth allowed. I guess I should get some newer pictures too :?
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Postby Pang Ning » 30 Sep 2004, 19:19

Here's another horrifying picture for y'all:

Hope your lovin' the shirt :wink:
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