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Postby nuwa91321 » 15 Jun 2003, 02:56

Avatar Site of course!

SimRTK Avatars

Be sure to leave feedback! :D
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Postby Ishy Julu » 15 Jun 2003, 21:31

I almost never update's pretty old, but it has some of my old poetry, and really bizarre things my friends have said ...

My online journal thinger. Some things may offend some folks ... don't read if you don't want, post if you like, if not, shush. ^_~
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"Chicks in Gaming"

Postby Sunshine » 19 Jun 2003, 04:36

I found this quite by accident while searching for an avatar. Being a "chick" on RPGs for over 5 years, I found this utterly hilarious.

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Postby Kaeyu Te Jun » 19 Jun 2003, 05:00

Take hilarious tests and compare results with your friends. Worth a shot.

Thats all I got really. The only one that someone else could find interesting.
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Postby Taishi Guang » 27 Jun 2003, 00:41

Since a lot of people are wonedring about styled names, here ya go:

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Postby Sun Tang » 28 Jun 2003, 22:01
Those colors took forever to make.....Oh my fingers...
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Postby Mengqi » 29 Jun 2003, 09:45

I don't go on it anymore or update. But is's for my rune scape clan called the dragoons. at
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Postby Sakura » 29 Jun 2003, 20:08 For a interesting laws that still count today and some that dont.....but funny none the less.
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Postby Miu-Miu » 01 Jul 2003, 15:23

A turn-based strategy game! Remember when we were little girls at the school yard?
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Postby Dragonfly » 09 Jul 2003, 18:59

Multi-player Tetris, Online. It's okay to play offline, but the real fun is with other people. I use the windows client, so I'm unsure how good the other downloads are.
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Postby Xian Zhu Xuande » 09 Jul 2003, 23:30

Land of Legends

A Sim of sorts which, thus far, seems to be more focused on role-playing then on Kingdom Management, etc. I am having a fun time there with a friend, some of you may too, so I decided to share.
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Postby Sun Siling » 10 Jul 2003, 02:09

I have searched this for some time and have finally found it! Boy am I happy! :D :lol: :D

That is SGYY in Vietnamese! Luo Guan Zhong (La Quán Trung) wrote Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Tam Quốc Chí) and it was lucky enough to be translated into vietnamese! This would be the best link yet for all of the vietnamese fans of RTK, because now they could know the names of the generals in Vietnamese! If your not happy, your not normal, because I'm jumping for joy right now! :lol:
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Postby Deng » 12 Jul 2003, 01:05

Eh. Found a spiffy ASCII animation of a scene from "The Matrix".
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Postby Lu Meng » 15 Jul 2003, 15:52

Its funny. Just read the latest comics.
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Postby Ma Liang » 23 Jul 2003, 21:02

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