Can someone help me out?

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Can someone help me out?

Postby ziolko555 » 14 Nov 2013, 11:12

How do I really get started and playing along?
I have read a few of the threads and cant really find what I need. Thanks :scholar:
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Re: Can someone help me out?

Postby LordSimaYi » 14 Nov 2013, 17:56

don't worry about it XD

a few weeks ago when I came along I got bombarded with help & advice XD

there are better people that can give you advice, but i say first of all you need to just get to know some people. I recommend checking out the OOC threat in the kingdom tavern XD

and also, Welcome XD

also tell me if my XDs are annoying ( i think they are )
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Re: Can someone help me out?

Postby Xeniphon » 14 Nov 2013, 23:06

Currently the game is in the development stage for V6. Some rules drafts are posted in the Hall of Supremacy, but they may end up getting changed by staff before the game starts so use them only as a guideline. There is some RPing going on for the "pre-game" phase (which will more or less play out the background story of the real game, when it starts).

You could simply walk away until the game is ready, but I would really reccomend getting to know some of the players and asking any questions you have (the more experianced members will answer them, we never tell you that you are stupid and then ignore you). If you get to know people and start to understand how things work before the game you will find yourself much more confident during it, and thus enjoying it more!

This game really is a long term sort of thing though, you will need patience (unlike the videogame versions). If you keep that in mind and are sociable then you will have no problems at all. When in doubt though feel free to post int he OOC thread or PM a helpful member for advice.
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