Discussion Of Hypothetical Characters

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Discussion Of Hypothetical Characters

Postby Tien Lung » 09 Nov 2013, 17:40

So. . . I had this Efriend named Paulos. . . he and I would discuss fictional characters from the RTK, DW franchises.

I wanted to make this thread in order to discuss the hypothetical characters that are available, based on the descriptions given for stats rolled at character creation. Not just one character, but every combination of character, from the strong as Super Man warrior with the intelligence of a parrot, to the Einstein who has to walk with a staff and appears to be weak and frail all of his life.

My favorite topic of discussion was for a character who possessed something like 81 points in every stat.

So. . . if a 51 is needed for a character to be considered acceptable in upper class Chinese society. . .and 61 is for someone who is somewhat noticable in their areas, wouldn't that make someone with an 81 in all areas, an indispensable officer in a ruler's Staff?
81 Power
81 Leadership
81 Intelligence
81 Charisma
81 Politics. . .

But to make the thread more interesting I'll start the thread off with an extra subject of debate/discussion. This person is "gifted" with 56 in all stats. If an officer has 56 in all stats, is that an okay situation, or are they not yet worthy to be in a ruler's staff? I'd think that they wouldn't be anything special, but being between 50 and 60 in every stat with no flaws seems to be at least a little favorable towards the officer. What do you thing?
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Re: Discussion Of Hypothetical Characters

Postby Sun Tang » 09 Nov 2013, 17:49

Great thread idea but this is wrong location for it. Recreate this in the kingdom tavern I suggest. You could also just join the current discussion for a similar thread in the kingdom tavern "V6 character creation".
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Re: Discussion Of Hypothetical Characters

Postby OneEyedDrgn » 09 Nov 2013, 18:49

56 all around would be really bad all around for this game and its history. The descriptions are there just for roleplay purposes and in a way to make those people who obssess over stats feel better about having to dump a few of their stats. I wouldn't really want a 56 all around stat PC if I was a ruler, though if for whatever reason they really wanted to join me, I wouldn't refuse them. That said, if you divide everything equally, the stats should come around 65 all around which is more acceptable.

As a note, Tien Lung is not a Chinese character name. Something that is would be Tian Lang. Try using this dictionary or 100 surname list to make a name.

But yeah, this should be kept to the v6 character thread. :D
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