Ranbir's fantasy RTK11 lala

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Re: Ranbir's fantasy RTK11 lala

Postby Connor » 12 Jun 2013, 14:30

Zhang Co. Male. 22.
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Re: Ranbir's fantasy RTK11 lala

Postby VirgoVicious » 12 Jun 2013, 16:21


Name: Bao Ling

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Stat distribution:
Lead: 50
War: 78
Int: 34
Pol: 54
Cha: 100


Spears- A
Pikes- S
Bows- E
Cavalry- D
Weaponry- C
Navy- E

Skill: Divine Voice

Ability Type: Hero

Personality: Reckless
Voice: cheery
Tone: Carefree
Court: Normal
Aspiration: Life

If things need to be mixed up a bit she can be someones spouse but the person better be a bigshot, weaklings with no power in society will not be tolerated :)
Zhizai Shagua
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Re: Ranbir's fantasy RTK11 lala

Postby Ranbir » 25 Jun 2013, 16:24

Starting the stream tomorrow! Map is populated, everything is set!

hopefully He Jin won't just steamroll the start.
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Re: Ranbir's fantasy RTK11 lala

Postby Zhao Xiao » 25 Jun 2013, 19:43


*pokes ranbir into action*
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Re: Ranbir's fantasy RTK11 lala

Postby LukeYB » 23 Jul 2013, 10:53

Whatever happened with this?
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