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Re: #simrtk

Postby RCS » 26 Apr 2016, 00:08

I suppose that makes sense, hasn't been a game in 5 years and no real updates from staff on progress of the stalled latest version.
It's kind of surprising there's anyone around 'here', even; much less on IRC.

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Re: #simrtk

Postby Ji Xu » 02 May 2016, 02:49

I'm just on here cause I'm trying to remember who's death I helped fake that one time. Someone told me it was Xoo but for some reason I don't think that's right...
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Re: #simrtk

Postby TheRedArmy » 04 May 2016, 00:21

Well, speaking of the IRC; I realize it's mostly dead, but I recently created a Slack chat; trying to gather all the ROTK fans in one place.

It's not meant to replace this site or any other, or anything like that, it's more a place to have out and chat when you have some time free, and know you're in the company of other fans of the series. It's very much meant as a "join in the conversation as it's going on" type deal. I've been working on an automatic inviter, but with no luck so far. So send me an e-mail if you would like an invite: theredarmy21@gmail.com

Only a few people so far, but I ask that if you're interested, come and check us out and stick with it for a few days, see how it feels. Hope to see you guys.

E-mail: Theredarmy21@gmail.com
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