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Postby Zhang Ji » 15 Mar 2004, 16:19

I don't usually post in the Kingdom Tavern, but I thought this bout of random maddness in the IRC last night should be shared. It's a bit long, but I thought it was worth posting because of the humor, well I thought it was amusing anyway. It also serves as another example of what happenes to people with too much caffiene in their system ;)

*hides from the usual hyper Rob and his cafiene induced bouncing about the room*

[02:18] <BlackMage> !
[02:18] * Zhang_Ji shoots the "!" above BM's head, stunning him
[02:20] <BlackMage> "Whom's footprints are these?"
[02:20] <BlackMage> ?
[02:20] * BlackMage follows the footprints.
[02:20] * Zhang_Ji hides in a cardboard box
[02:21] <Xia_Yue> good night everyone - have fun all
[02:21] <Liyong> blrpcld
[02:21] * Zhang_Ji contacts Colonel Campbell via codec
[02:21] * Quits: Xia_Yue (victoria@2D9276B.AA9D2F27.28D45CB3.IP) (Exit: )
[02:21] * Liyong is now known as Campbell
[02:21] <Campbell> Damn it Snake, I'm busy!
[02:22] <Zhang_Ji> what?
[02:22] <Zhang_Ji> damn you!
[02:22] <Campbell> no damn you! damn you to hell Snake!
[02:22] * Zhang_Ji decides to contact Octagon
[02:23] * BlackMage browses sweet cards in search of a new desktop.
[02:23] * Campbell is now known as Otacon
[02:23] <Otacon> uh... could you call back later, Snake?
[02:23] * Otacon is now known as SniperWolf
[02:23] <SniperWolf> mmm... are you coming back to bed?
[02:23] * SniperWolf is now known as Otacon
[02:23] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:23] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:23] <Otacon> in am inute sweetie
[02:23] <Zhang_Ji> huh?
[02:24] * Zhang_Ji decides to contact Revolver Ocelot
[02:24] * Otacon is now known as Ocelot
[02:24] <Ocelot> ah Snake... do you have my hand? I seem to have mispalced it
[02:24] <Zhang_Ji> Hmm
[02:25] <Zhang_Ji> I don't recall where it went
[02:25] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:25] <Ocelot> damn it, Snake... just wait til we capture you later in the game
[02:25] <Ocelot> I am SO going to torture you
[02:26] * BlackMage is now known as Emma
[02:26] * Emma shoots Ocelot with the RGB6
[02:26] * Zhang_Ji decides to contact Meryll
[02:26] * Emma wets herself.
[02:26] <Ocelot> ow! that hurt! my body exploded!
[02:26] * Emma is now known as BlackMage
[02:27] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:27] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:27] * Ocelot is now known as Liquid
[02:27] <Zhang_Ji> brother!
[02:27] <Liquid> I hate you Snake! mommy always loved you more!
[02:27] <BlackMage> Metal Gear Ji.
[02:28] <Liquid> I'll blow up the world becasue I got no loving as a child!
[02:28] <Zhang_Ji> what are you doing in that Hind-D?
[02:28] <BlackMage> Dun dun, dun dun, dun dunna dun.
[02:28] <TaishiDun> Dun? me?
[02:28] <TaishiDun> nope
[02:28] <Liquid> because it's a big helicoptor and I need to make up for certain inadequacies
[02:28] * Elysia thinks this room gets stranger and stranger
[02:28] <TaishiDun> yep
[02:28] <TaishiDun> people here are crazy
[02:28] * Zhang_Ji gets out his Stinger missile launcher
[02:29] * Elysia thinks who? fits right in
[02:29] <Liquid> no not a stinger!
[02:29] <Zhang_Ji> damn! I need a PAL card for this door!
[02:29] * Liquid is now known as Master_Miller
[02:30] <Master_Miller> use the unbelievably silly plot contrivance, Snake
[02:30] <Zhang_Ji> oh yeah
[02:30] <TaishiDun> lolñ
[02:30] <Zhang_Ji> I can absail down that, can't I?
[02:31] <Zhang_Ji> now, to find a conveiently placed rope....
[02:31] <Master_Miller> you probably could, because you're so solid
[02:31] <TaishiDun> hey talk about Metal gear 2
[02:31] <Master_Miller> and I'm really your evil brother hahahahaha! oh wait it's too early to reveal that
[02:32] * Master_Miller is now known as Raiden
[02:32] * TaishiDun is now known as Ninya
[02:32] * Zhang_Ji contacts Physico Mantis
[02:32] <Raiden> I'm the star of the second game! bite me Snake!
[02:32] <Ninya> hey don't crush meeee
[02:32] * Raiden is now known as Psycho_Mantis
[02:32] * Ninya is now known as Solidus
[02:32] <Solidus> ahahha
[02:32] <Psycho_Mantis> mmmm.... I will now read your mind by looking into the files of your memory card
[02:32] <Solidus> we are just puppets snake
[02:33] <Solidus> ahahhahaha
[02:33] <Zhang_Ji> damn it! Not my memory card!
[02:33] <Psycho_Mantis> I see........ you like to play dating games!
[02:33] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:33] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:33] <Solidus> change the port
[02:33] <Zhang_Ji> I can't! The controllers stuck!
[02:33] <Solidus> damn
[02:34] <Solidus> Kill yourself
[02:34] <Solidus> that way he can't read your memory
[02:35] * Solidus is now known as Raven
[02:35] * Zhang_Ji contacts Olga
[02:35] <Raven> hahaah
[02:35] * Psycho_Mantis is now known as Olga
[02:35] <Raven> I'm a big guy and you're affraid of me
[02:35] <Olga> hey Snake, how do you like my armpit hair?
[02:35] <Olga> I braided it just for you
[02:35] <Zhang_Ji> you tomboy
[02:35] <Olga> oh you tease
[02:35] <Zhang_Ji> time for some "beauty sleep"
[02:36] * Zhang_Ji gets out his M9 tranq gun
[02:36] <Raven> noooo
[02:36] <Olga> blarg! I am tranqed!
[02:36] <Raven> Snake snake snaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeee
[02:36] <Raven> Game over
[02:36] * Raven is now known as TaishiDun
[02:37] * Olga is now known as Rose
[02:37] <Rose> Snake, I want to dump Raiden and hook up with you
[02:37] <Zhang_Ji> who are you?
[02:37] <Zhang_Ji> nah, I'm with Meryll
[02:37] <Rose> so you can listen to my whining about our relationship during your important mission to save the world
[02:38] * Rose is now known as Meryl
[02:38] <Meryl> you left me to die so you can get a PSG-1!
[02:38] <Meryl> you love your guns more than me!
[02:38] <Zhang_Ji> nooo!
[02:38] <Zhang_Ji> I am partial to that 50 Caliber Desert Eagle you had, actually
[02:39] <TaishiDun> lol
[02:39] <BlackMage> Speak for yourself woman. You're the one who had a Desert Eagle before a Bra.
[02:39] <Meryl> that's only because your SOCOM shoots blanks!
[02:39] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:39] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:39] * TaishiDun is now known as Stupid_Common_Guard
[02:39] <Stupid_Common_Guard> huh
[02:39] <Zhang_Ji> I always liked Mei Ling more than you anyway!
[02:39] <Stupid_Common_Guard> I think I heard something
[02:40] * Meryl is now known as Mei_Ling
[02:40] <Stupid_Common_Guard> shout snake
[02:40] <Mei_Ling> confucious say... save your game a lot, Snake, or you regret it
[02:40] <Stupid_Common_Guard> snake snake snaaaaaaaaake
[02:40] * Zhang_Ji saves game
[02:40] <Stupid_Common_Guard> lol
[02:40] * Zhang_Ji looks at Mei Ling
[02:40] <Stupid_Common_Guard> hey who goes there
[02:40] <Stupid_Common_Guard> ?
[02:40] <Stupid_Common_Guard> !
[02:40] * Zhang_Ji contacts her continuously
[02:41] <Stupid_Common_Guard> uhuhuhu someone is killing me
[02:41] <Jiang> the hell?
[02:41] <Mei_Ling> Snake, you contact me one more time, I tell uncle turn you into Eunuch!
[02:41] * Zhang_Ji contacts Mei Ling again
[02:41] * Jiang 's computer f*****, and he is not really back long
[02:41] <Mei_Ling> that's it! I quit!
[02:41] <Zhang_Ji> nooooooo!
[02:41] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:41] <Zhang_Ji> ...
[02:42] <Stupid_Common_Guard> now you can't save
[02:42] <Stupid_Common_Guard> see
[02:42] * Quits: Mei_Ling (katsuhito_@phrenzy-22720454.hnllhi1.dsl-verizon.net) (Connection reset by peer)
[02:43] <Zhang_Ji> damn!
[02:43] <Stupid_Common_Guard> lol
[02:43] <Stupid_Common_Guard> bye mei ling
[02:43] * Stupid_Common_Guard is now known as TaishiDun
[02:43] <Zhang_Ji> that was an interesting 20 minutes of hyperactivity, I think
[02:43] <TaishiDun> lol

And soon, after that, how we erroded the sanity of those in the room, a little bit more:

[03:52] * Zhang_Ji thinks Liyong lies
[03:52] * Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90 knows that Liyong is really the Benevolent Patriarch.
[03:52] <Zhang_Ji> yes, Zhai Rong speaketh the truth!
[03:52] <Zhou_Mao> Hoorah.
[03:52] * Liyong is now known as Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong
[03:53] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> curse you all for revealing my true face, but I forgive you for the low low price of 9999 bucks
[03:53] * Zhang_Ji gives Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong 9999 bucks
[03:53] <Zhou_Mao> So benevolent!
[03:54] * Zhang_Ji is now broke, but feels happy and all wozy inside
[03:54] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> bless you my son, you may have your kool-aid now
[03:54] * Joins: Griffinmore (Sigma423@phrenzy-77DA3A9.ipt.aol.com)
[03:54] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Griffinmore
[03:54] * Zhang_Ji drinks his kool-aid
[03:55] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> brother must love brother, sister must love sister, but brother should not love sister, for that is just wrong
[03:57] <Griffinmore> lol
[03:57] <Griffinmore> Well, there are different types of love Liyong.
[03:57] * Joins: Zulwarn (lam@phrenzy-32FB71F2.gamma176.maxonline.com.sg)
[03:58] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> O Benevolent Patriarch, may sister love brother?
[03:58] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> only if sister videotapes it for my merchandising efforts
[03:59] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> You mean fundraising.
[03:59] <Zhang_Ji> heh
[03:59] * Zhang_Ji yawns
[04:00] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> uh.. yes I mean fundraising, brother Sam
[04:00] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> you may have your kool-aid now
[04:00] * Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90 rejoices!
[04:00] <Zhang_Ji> horrah!
[04:00] * Elysia is a little worried, specially since Liyong called Sam brother..................scary pics come to mind of loving
[04:01] * Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90 loves brother Liyong, for brother must love brother.
[04:01] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> sister Elysia, shed your worries! feel the love of the heavens!
[04:01] <Zhang_Ji> yeah!
[04:01] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> let us lead this world into a new age of peace... together... for the low low price of 9999 bucks each
[04:01] * Elysia grins, I am trying, trust me, I am trying
[04:01] <Zhang_Ji> let the drugs mellow your mind, sister Elysia!
[04:02] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> there are no drugs, just kool-aid
[04:02] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong looks around shiftily
[04:02] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> feel the LOVE!
[04:03] * Zhang_Ji praises Liyong
[04:04] <BlackMage> ......
[04:04] * Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90 takes out an axe and goes to recruit new members.
[04:04] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> Feel the love, or feel the axe.
[04:04] * BlackMage exposes Liyong for the fruad he is and laughs whole-heartedly. Then cries because no one notices and everyone continues believeing.
[04:04] * Zhang_Ji thinks brother Liyong must be the new messiah!
[04:04] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> brother BM, sip the kool-aid and feel the love!
[04:05] <BlackMage> That's ok, I'll pass.
[04:05] * BlackMage pours the kool-aid in a plant. Watches plant dies.
[04:06] * Elysia waits for the effects of the kool-aid
[04:07] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong offers Elysia some kool-aid of love
[04:07] * Zhang_Ji thinks sister Elysia should take it
[04:07] * Elysia thinks that Liyong just wants some lovin
[04:08] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> all brothers and sisters under the sky want love, for love is what makes the world go round
[04:08] * Zhang_Ji rejoices
[04:08] <BlackMage> I thought it was the diagonal axis the earth was tilted on combined with the Sun's gravity?
[04:09] * Elysia is a little scared, Jia seems strangely mellow
[04:09] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong counts all the money he's made, estimates a few more suckers.. uh... converts and he can afford that swank mansion
[04:09] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> Mansion? Don't you mean temple?
[04:09] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> uh... yes, temple! the temple of LOVE!
[04:09] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> have some more kool-aid, brother Sam
[04:09] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> Complete with swimming pools full of holy water.
[04:10] * Zhang_Ji goes to Brother Liyong's temple of love
[04:10] * Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90 drinks the kool-aid.
[04:11] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> Brother Ji, you cannot enter the temple for it is a scared place only for me and... a few chosen sisters
[04:11] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong looks around shiftily
[04:11] * Zhang_Ji begs forgiveness to Brother Liyong
[04:11] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> you are forgiven, brother Ji!
[04:11] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> have some kool-aid
[04:11] <Zhang_Ji> bless you, brother Liyong!
[04:12] * Zhang_Ji drinks more kool-aid
[04:12] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong is then arrested by the police for drugging people and swindling people out of 3 million bucks
[04:12] * Zhang_Ji breaks Brother Liyong out of prison
[04:13] <Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong> you have great faith, brother Ji! you know how to love!
[04:13] * Zhang_Ji praises Brother Liyong
[04:14] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong accidently drinks kool-aid and dies
[04:14] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> Don't worry children. He'll be resurrected!
[04:14] * Zhang_Ji waits for Brother Liyong to rise from the dead
[04:15] <Zhai_Rong|56-71-2-91-90> Don't mind the smell. Any time now he'll rise again and be greater than ever before.
[04:16] * Zhang_Ji dies in a state of drugged euphoria
[04:16] * Quits: Han1977 (Han1977@290AACF2.53D07281.7AA84A04.IP) (Exit: )
[04:17] * BlackMage sets the body on fire and leaves in disgust.
[04:17] * BlackMage has quit IRC (Exit: Fraud!)
[04:19] * Benevolent_Patriarch_Liyong has quit IRC (Exit: FEEL THE LOVE!)
[04:19] * Zhang_Ji has quit IRC (Exit: Dead)
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Postby Xu Weiqiang » 16 Mar 2004, 17:42

Freudian Slip?

• Danielle looks at Ian
• BlackMage looks at Dani.
[07:35pm] <BlackMage> Bring it on.
[07:35pm] <ChrisZY> lo
• Danielle headbuts Ian
• BlackMage is wearing armor.
• Le`Ti`Jian puts blindfolds on Dani and Ian
[07:35pm] <Danielle> No.
[07:36pm] <Danielle> No blonde folds
• Le`Ti`Jian takes Dani's blindfold off, but leaves Ian's on
[07:36pm] <Danielle> LMAO!
[07:36pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> blonde folds? XD
[07:36pm] <BlackMage> blondefolds....lol
[07:36pm] <Danielle> Blinde*
• Danielle giggles
• Le`Ti`Jian collapses laughing
[07:36pm] <BlackMage> Fruedian slip, eh Dani?
[07:36pm] <Danielle> Heh
[07:36pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> owww! my sides
[07:37pm] <Danielle> Typos can be embaressing sometimes
[07:37pm] <BlackMage> Yes they can.

I'm Le`Ti`Jian, BTW
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Re: I posted it before. It was spam?

Postby Xu Weiqiang » 18 Mar 2004, 09:35

Fou Wa wrote:Do not feed the animals.


We need our food yanno... =p

[09:25pm] * L`T`Jawa is now known as Darth`Jian
[09:25pm] <Darth`Jian> so I'm bored
[09:25pm] <CaoVhal> ...
[09:26pm] <He_Xiaou> Raaaaaaaaaaawwwwr rawr rawr raaaaawr. *grinding noises* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWR!
[09:26pm] <BlackMage> .....
[09:26pm] <CaoVhal> Chewy!
[09:26pm] <Darth`Jian> Cao Vhal, I am you father!
[09:26pm] <BlackMage> brb, trillian is shutting down on me.
[09:26pm] <BlackMage> Damn errors.
[09:26pm] <CaoVhal> !!!!
[09:26pm] <He_Xiaou> Napalm Death, actually. ;)
[09:26pm] * BlackMage has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[09:26pm] <CaoVhal> lol
• Zhang_Ji hits LTJ with Liyong's BLING SABER!
• Darth`Jian whips out his own Bling Saber and blocks
[09:26pm] * BlackMage has joined #simrtk
• blixxard ponders what day it is
[09:27pm] <Darth`Jian> Use the Forks Ji, use the Forks!
• BlackMage cries over his lost +h....cries alot.
[09:27pm] <BlackMage> Forks?
[09:27pm] <CaoVhal> Hahaaaaaaa
[09:27pm] <BlackMage> Don't you mean schwartz?
[09:27pm] <Darth`Jian> I mean Forks
[09:27pm] <Darth`Jian> Do NOT ARGUE!
[09:27pm] <BlackMage> Schwartz > Forks
• Darth`Jian decapitates BM with his Bling Saber
• BlackMage ducks.
• He_Xiaou thwaps Darth Jian upside the head.
• Zhang_Ji uses the forks, throwing them LTJ as he requested
[09:27pm] * Lady-Kerrington sets mode: +h BlackMage
[09:27pm] <Darth`Jian> dang
[09:28pm] <BlackMage> yay!
• Darth`Jian uses Fork Push!
[09:28pm] <Zhang_Ji> *at, damn it
• BlackMage uses the schwartz to drop a statue on Darth 'Jian
• Darth`Jian charges Ji, Bling Saber at the ready!
[09:29pm] <Darth`Jian> Enguarde!
• He_Xiaou shoots Darth Jian with a Barrett Light Fifty.
• Zhang_Ji dodges, and waits for 150 pikemen to attack LTJ He Liao style
• Darth`Jian slices up the pikemen with his Bling Saber
[09:30pm] <He_Xiaou> Bravery in battle never was your forte, eh?
[09:30pm] <He_Xiaou> ^_^
[09:30pm] <BlackMage> .....
• BlackMage has a letter to Gu Guang to reply to.
• Zhang_Ji whaps SYL upside the head
[09:31pm] <He_Xiaou> Sorry.
[09:31pm] <He_Xiaou> Not brave, but smarter than Liao. ;)
[09:31pm] <CaoVhal> how old is Cao Cao?
[09:31pm] <He_Xiaou> And Xiaou, who ALMOST charged straight at the pikemen... >.>
[09:31pm] <He_Xiaou> Early forties.
[09:31pm] * Darth`Jian is now known as Le`Ti`Jian

Star Wars gone bad. Very bad.

Annnnd... More Metal Gear Gone Bad:

• Le`Ti`Jian shoots Liyong with a Tranquillizer M9
• Liyong shines a floodlight in Jian's face, making the shot impossible
• Le`Ti`Jian shoots the floodlight
[04:15pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> nice try Olga, but you don't win that easy!
• Liyong is set on Extreme mode, so the floodlight doesn't shatter
[04:16pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> dangit!
• Le`Ti`Jian throws a flash grenade in for good measure
• Liyong eats it
• Le`Ti`Jian frowns and pulls out an M4
[04:17pm] * Le`Ti`Jian is now known as Solid`Snake
[04:17pm] <Solid`Snake> hah!
[04:17pm] * Liyong is now known as Iriquois_Plisskin
[04:18pm] <Iriquois_Plisskin> you fake!
[04:18pm] <Solid`Snake> you kinda spelt it wrong
[04:18pm] <Solid`Snake> You're the fake!
[04:18pm] * Iriquois_Plisskin is now known as Iraqois_Plisskin
[04:18pm] <Solid`Snake> even worse... there's only one s
• Solid`Snake whips out a Stinger Launcher
[04:19pm] <Solid`Snake> time to shoot the birdies!
[04:19pm] * Solid`Snake is now known as Raiden
• Raiden Stingers some birdies for kicks
[04:19pm] <Iraqois_Plisskin> Plisskin has two Ss by the way
[04:20pm] <Raiden> well on my MGS2 it only has one
[04:20pm] <Iraqois_Plisskin> to avoid copyright infringement
[04:20pm] <Raiden> true
[04:20pm] <Iraqois_Plisskin> seeing how Snake Plisskin is the original spelling from Escape
• Raiden "accidentally" fires a Stinger at Iraqois_Plisskin
[04:20pm] <Raiden> I know, I know
• Iraqois_Plisskin shoots the stinger down with a PSG-1
[04:20pm] <Raiden> dang
• Raiden does a little RGB6 artillery
[04:21pm] * Iraqois_Plisskin is now known as Solid_Snake
[04:21pm] <Raiden> copycat
[04:21pm] * Raiden is now known as Otacon
[04:21pm] <Solid_Snake> not really
[04:21pm] <Otacon> Snake? You there?
[04:22pm] <Solid_Snake> shh, I'm staring at Emma's ass
[04:22pm] <Otacon> Oh... right...
[04:22pm] <Otacon> Hey!
• Otacon takes out a stick, chases Solid_Snake, attempting to hit him with it
[04:22pm] <Solid_Snake> I don't wanna hear it, seeing how you screwed your step mother
[04:23pm] <Otacon> ^^*
[04:23pm] <Solid_Snake> you're literally a mother f*****
[04:23pm] <Otacon> har har
[04:23pm] * Otacon is now known as Emma
[04:23pm] <Elysia> Mother Flower?
[04:23pm] <Elysia> interesting
[04:23pm] <Emma> Snake!? You've been staring at my ass!?
[04:23pm] <Solid_Snake> nope
• Emma brandishes a stick threateningly
[04:24pm] <Emma> tell me! I know you were! PUT THAT CAMERA AWAY!
[04:24pm] <Solid_Snake> well okay I was... but to be honest, you don't have much of an ass
[04:24pm] <Emma> oO
[04:24pm] <Solid_Snake> Meryl.. now SHE had an ass
• Emma beats Solid_Snake with the stick
• Solid_Snake is beaten
[04:24pm] * Emma is now known as Raiden
[04:25pm] <Raiden> Snake, I know you want to ask Emma out... but even so
• Raiden uses the D. Mic far too much for his own good =p
[04:26pm] <Solid_Snake> shut up, wig boy
[04:26pm] <Raiden> me? wigs? I don't know WHAT you're talking about! *hmph*
• Raiden takes off his hippy shades
[04:26pm] <Solid_Snake> go talk to your needy girlfriend who moans about your relationship during important world-saving missions
[04:27pm] <Raiden> hey, at least she isn't dead
[04:27pm] <Solid_Snake> that's it
[04:27pm] <Raiden> what is?
• Solid_Snake kicks Raiden's bishy ass with kung fu awesomeness
• Raiden slashes Snake up with his HF. Blade
• Solid_Snake blows Raiden up with the Stinger
[04:29pm] <Raiden> yeeep!
[04:29pm] * Raiden is now known as Vamp
• Vamp dodges
Query with NethTheBlendedCow on SorceryNet
Waiting for acknowledgement...
• Vamp throws a funky orange glowing knife at Solid_Snake
• Solid_Snake puts Fortune in front so the funky orange glowing knife deflects away harmlessly
[04:30pm] <Vamp> dang!
• Vamp throws flaming matchsticks at Snake
• Solid_Snake eats the matchsticks
[04:31pm] * Solid_Snake is now known as Liyong
[04:31pm] <Vamp> what the?
[04:32pm] * Vamp is now known as L`T`J
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Postby SimpleMinded » 20 Mar 2004, 22:28

Of no importance however....

<Danielle> Oh yeah...
<Danielle> Blonde moment
<ChrisZY> you can still rp the sign up, thats ok
<Le`Ti`Jian> Blonde Folds... heheheheh
<Danielle> Lmao!
<SimpleMinded> Blondes make the world funny.
<Danielle> Remember that, heh
<SimpleMinded> j/k
<Le`Ti`Jian> I quoted it in the #simrtk thread for all to see
* TaishiDun is now known as Taishi_Morrowind
<Danielle> I've gone back to brown, so I'm not blonde any more ;)
<BlackMage> Must be a natural blonde then.
<ChrisZY> Guan Yu looks at Lu Xun: Ah, is this your maiden lady Xing?
<SimpleMinded> The Aritficial Un-intelligence is gone
<SimpleMinded> YAY!
* Danielle slaps Chris
<Le`Ti`Jian> lol Simple
<Liyong> hee hee hee
<Danielle> I am no maiden

I'm SimpleMinded.
I beat Xiahou Mao at Halo on the regular.
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Postby Shuya » 20 Mar 2004, 22:53

noones on unless i added the rong thing
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Postby Deng » 21 Mar 2004, 03:42

[23:40] <Danielle> Ian is a girl.
[23:40] <Deng> We knew that.
[23:40] <Tzu> Junts kicked me out of the PH when I named my mule Xuzhe. Of course I was a new character too, but that's besides the point.
[23:40] <Danielle> N'night Dengalina
[23:40] <Deng> I mean, Ma Yao Ling had no balls, Pang whatever he had in the beginning was quite feminine.
[23:40] <Deng> Shan Tao isn't a real man by Shao Limian standards.
[23:40] <Deng> Can't you see the connection?
[23:40] * Tzu was there for the nutless Ma Yao Ling.
[23:40] <Elysia> lmao
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Postby Lady Kerrington » 25 Mar 2004, 01:11

Shuya wrote:noones on unless i added the rong thing

You did something wrong then. There's always people in #simrtk. Even at the oddest hours.
i'll feel bitter twice -- once for the journey
and once for missing you
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Postby SimpleMinded » 27 Mar 2004, 23:02

~~<As this starts I look like Don King>~~
* Police sets Simpleminded's hair on fire
<ValantRapitor> Ewww.
<Jiang> I mean
* SimpleMinded looks into a mirror and noticing himself he screams "MY GOD IVE MUTATED
<SimpleMinded> "
* Operation-MindCrime has left #simrtk
<Jiang> Not tomorrow, the next game.
* SimpleMinded jumps into a lake
<Jiang> where you turn into a fish?
<Jiang> who the hell're you?
<ValantRapitor> ¤©¤ took 20 HP damage ¤©¤
<ValantRapitor> ¤©¤ has died. ¤©¤
<ValantRapitor> I lament for the blank.
<SimpleMinded> <~~Teng Hui Pei aka Ma Dun :P
<SimpleMinded> The most unoriginal name...
<Jiang> Ah :-P
<Lin_Qing_Yu> So when you said you would always love me, you were just "messing" around?! :'(
<Jiang> Jaime, I have a query, sign onto AIm real quick pweeze.
<Police> someone loves you?
<ValantRapitor> I shall punish you for 'most unoringal name'!
* Lin_Qing_Yu pounces on Jia
<SimpleMinded> Liyong is such a mean person
* Le`Ti`Jian has quit IRC (Exit: <Unknown> "KISS MY FUZZY ASS!")
* Police eeps
* ValantRapitor smites Lin_Qing_Yu with a stick
<Zhang_Ji> ....
* SimpleMinded unleashes the most pwerful evil force on the planet DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!! AL SHARPTON
<Lin_Qing_Yu> VR
<Lin_Qing_Yu> No.
* Zhang_Ji clicks fingers, Shu army appears and beats Valant several times over
* SimpleMinded AS follows he police everywhere
<Jiang> Bad Valant boy!
* ValantRapitor shrugs. Getting beaten by the Shu army 56 times gave him an immunity to such a disease
* Police beats down Al Sharpton and arrests him
* Chuko has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* SimpleMinded is now known as Al_Sharpton
<Jiang> Racist!
<Jiang> Black people unite! Smite him!
<Al_Sharpton> <Announcer> And here come the B people
* Lin_Qing_Yu puts AI on ignore
<Al_Sharpton> ...
* Al_Sharpton is now known as SimpleMinded
* Jiang eats another easter egg cookie. They is blue!
* Police beats down Jiang and throws him in jail for eating blue eggs
<Jiang> It's a cookie!!!
<Jiang> Nooo
* Police is police, makes mistakes sometimes
* SimpleMinded makes a note to free Jiang
* Police but beats down Jiang anyway
* SimpleMinded but is SimpleMinded and forgets
<Jiang> lmao
* Police also throws him in jail
* Police beats down simpleminded for forgetting and throws him in jail
<SimpleMinded> o.o
* ValantRapitor beats down Police for being the police
* Zhang_Ji passes "Go" and is given $200. Manages to get a "Get out of jail free card" too.
* Police beats DZY for assaulting the police and do unspeakable things to him with a
* ValantRapitor respawns
<Jiang> save me from the jail decorators!
* blixxard has quit IRC (Exit: Site: http://www.blixxard.co.uk #blixxard | <Mule> bug abuse <Mule> lokolo banned for 2 years | <Seth> or we can make a SimIraq | <A2> and blixxard possibly needs psychiatric help | <SheepDude> hmm... blix has finnally snapped |<meaple>blixxard has anice arse)
* SimpleMinded is now known as Martha
* Martha is now known as Martha_Stewart
* Jiang is now known as Jail_Decorators
* Martha_Stewart totures Jiang
<Jail_Decorators> "Hey, baby! Want some stew?"
* ValantRapitor is now known as Bubba
<Martha_Stewart> O.O
* Bubba defiles Jail_Decorators
* Bubba is now known as ValantRapitor
<Martha_Stewart> LMAO
<Jail_Decorators> "Oh it's you bubba. Gimme a hug.
* CaoVhal has joined #simrtk
<Martha_Stewart> I think purple would look good on these walls.
<Lin_Qing_Yu> VHALLY!
<ValantRapitor> Uh oh
<ValantRapitor> VHALLY RUN!
<CaoVhal> Heya everybody!
<Jail_Decorators> Hey baby boy!
* CaoVhal runs!
* Police beats down Cao Vhal, steals all his cookies, then throws him in jail
<CaoVhal> !!!!!!!!
<CaoVhal> Noooo
<ValantRapitor> Too late !
<Jail_Decorators> Put him in my cell!
<CaoVhal> not my sugar-caked pasteries of justice! Anything but that!!!
* Lin_Qing_Yu winks at the police
<Jail_Decorators> We can bake pastries- together!
<CaoVhal> Noooooo!
* Martha_Stewart puts flowers all over the cell
* Jail_Decorators helps.
* Police beats up Dani for winking and throw her in jail
* Lin_Qing_Yu screams!!!!!!!!!
<Zhang_Ji> ...........
* CaoVhal cowers in his cell.
<Jail_Decorators> Martha Stewart, you simply must teach me how to break the law.
<Lin_Qing_Yu> Kill him Ji :(
* ValantRapitor is now known as Air_Force
* Air_Force beats up Police and puts him into court martial
* Zhang_Ji hops into Metal Gear REX and fires missiles, laser weapon, water cannon and rail gun at the police!
<Martha_Stewart> Do bad things with stocks
* Police is blowed up
<Martha_Stewart> and make to many TV shows
<Martha_Stewart> *too
<CaoVhal> lol
* Police beats up metal gear rex and throws him in jail
* Air_Force EMPs Metal Gear REX
<Jail_Decorators> But they say I'm too gay for tv.
<Martha_Stewart> nonsence look at me. I was on Tv
* Air_Force is now known as President_Bush
<Martha_Stewart> ((ROTFLMFAO))
<CaoVhal> Should my ruler be balanced or average?
* President_Bush hugs Police and asks him to be his best friend
<Jail_Decorators> You're a man? Let's get married!
<Martha_Stewart> sorry I'm involved
* Jail_Decorators is now known as Jon
* Police beats Bush and throws him in jail
<Martha_Stewart> maybe you know him
<Jon> I'm done now.
* CaoVhal is now known as John_Kerry
* President_Bush is sad, disbands all Policement
* John_Kerry slaps President_Bush around a bit with a large trout
<Martha_Stewart> his name is George Bush
<President_Bush> -b
* Police makes sure Bush's cell is full of hanging chads
<President_Bush> -t
<John_Kerry> Bring!
<John_Kerry> It!
<John_Kerry> On!
<Jon> Geogie!

Do we really have to say anything?
I beat Xiahou Mao at Halo on the regular.
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Postby Jia Gai » 28 Mar 2004, 19:34

* Jiang is now known as JiangPedophiler
* Kiwi_Is_Away Quit (Exit: Leaving)
<JiaGai> ...
* JiaGai stands far away from Jiang
* Tzu stabs the ped
<JiangPedophiler> Hah!
<JiangPedophiler> Your puny knives have little effect on me.
<Tzu> puny?
* JiaGai is now known as Michael_Jackson
<Michael_Jackson> here, Jiang, let me give you some tips...
<JiangPedophiler> yes.
<JiangPedophiler> Please do, MJ.
* Michael_Jackson is now known as JiaGai
<Tzu> An eight inch blade is not puny
<JiangPedophiler> ..I just found out what pedophile meant..
<Tzu> ...
<JiangPedophiler> I thought it was a guy that married two people O_o
<Tzu> ugh no

Jiang learns something new. Who said IRC isn't educational?
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Postby Zhou Yu » 28 Mar 2004, 20:20

It was bound to happen. I make the world go 'round with my impersonations and lame jokes. I swear I thought that was what a pedo was!
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Postby Kuo Ji » 29 Mar 2004, 04:26

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! yes... a man that marries two people. Does an 8 year old count?
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Postby Xu Weiqiang » 02 Apr 2004, 17:37

Food mania...

[07:15pm] <Cao_Cao> Everything you've said in the last 5 minutes has been food-related.
[07:15pm] <Cao_Cao> Yeah. Y'know. Liyong.
[07:15pm] <JiaGai> I would assume it is
[07:16pm] <Danielle> Liyong?
[07:16pm] * Zeren has left #simrtk
[07:16pm] <Cao_Cao> ...
[07:16pm] <Zhang_Ji> ....
[07:16pm] <Danielle> ...
[07:16pm] <Lady-Kerrington> M&Ms!
• Cao_Cao walks outside the room, yells in rage, then walks back in.
[07:16pm] <JiaGai> peanut butter cups
[07:16pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Skittles!
[07:16pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Starburst. ^_^
[07:17pm] <Cao_Cao> Rolos.
[07:17pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> OPAL FRUITS!
[07:17pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Skor.
• Le`Ti`Jian remembers the original name!
[07:17pm] <JiaGai> candied severed heads
[07:17pm] <Cao_Cao> Opal Fruits are a figment of your overactive imagination.
[07:17pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> they are NOT
[07:17pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.
[07:18pm] <Cao_Cao> Liquorice Allsorts.
[07:18pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Starburst used to be called Opal Fruits
[07:18pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Jelly Babies!
[07:18pm] <Cao_Cao> I know. I was joking.
• Le`Ti`Jian goes for a Doctor Who theme
[07:18pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Hershey's Cookies & Cream.
[07:18pm] <Cao_Cao> Werther's Original.
[07:18pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Sugar Daddy.
[07:18pm] <JiaGai> chocolate bunnies
[07:18pm] <JiangXun> Timma
[07:18pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Fudge
[07:18pm] <Cao_Cao> Mint Humbugs.
[07:19pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Chocolate Eclairs!
[07:19pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Whatchamacallit.
[07:19pm] <Zhang_Ji> Dimes!
[07:19pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Flying Saucers!
[07:19pm] <Cao_Cao> Armadillos!
[07:19pm] <JiaGai> gummi bears
[07:19pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Potato candy?
[07:19pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> erhm
[07:20pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Fruit Pastilles!
[07:20pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Wine Gums!
[07:20pm] <Cao_Cao> Sugared Pineapple Chunks.
[07:20pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Dinner Mints. :D
• Cao_Cao drools. So... nice...
[07:20pm] <Cao_Cao> Oooh... Matchmakers.
[07:20pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> After Eight Mints.
[07:20pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Those = Rulez!
[07:20pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Same thing.
[07:20pm] <Lady-Kerrington> But yum.
[07:20pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> oh
[07:20pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> yeah
[07:21pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Orange Matchmakers!
[07:21pm] <JiaGai> tic tacs?
[07:21pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Junior Mints.
[07:21pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Wrigleys Breath Mints
• Cao_Cao hasn't eaten sweets for months. :(
[07:21pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> KIT-KAT!
• Lady-Kerrington is on a no-candy diet. ;)
[07:21pm] <JiaGai> Twix
[07:21pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Aero
[07:21pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Airheads.
[07:22pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Mars
[07:22pm] <Cao_Cao> Mars Bars.
[07:22pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> lol
[07:22pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Snickers
[07:22pm] <Cao_Cao> Hah! Better than you!
[07:22pm] <Cao_Cao> ^_^
[07:22pm] <JiaGai> Nestle Crunch
[07:22pm] <Cao_Cao> Mini-Eggs!
[07:22pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Almond Joy.
[07:22pm] <JiaGai> Babe Ruth
[07:22pm] <Fengxian> Mounds
[07:22pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Cadbury's Creme Eggs!
[07:22pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> mmmmmm....... *drool*
[07:23pm] <Fengxian> Isn't Baby Ruth?
[07:23pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Blow Pops.
[07:23pm] <JiaGai> same thing
[07:23pm] <JiaGai> tootsie rolls
[07:23pm] <Fengxian> Jolly Ranchers?
[07:24pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Milkfuls.
[07:24pm] <JiaGai> pop rocks
• Le`Ti`Jian ponders posting this food-madness in the #simrtk thread
[07:24pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> who dares me?
[07:25pm] <Cao_Cao> If you really want to, do it.
[07:25pm] <Fengxian> No one is going to dare you because it doesn't matter.
[07:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> bah
[07:25pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Nerds!
[07:25pm] <Cao_Cao> It's your decision, not ours.
[07:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> I'll do it then
[07:25pm] <Cao_Cao> Nerds were cool. :)
[07:25pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Are cool.
[07:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Neon Nerds...
[07:25pm] <Cao_Cao> And... Dweebs?
[07:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> mmm
[07:25pm] <Lady-Kerrington> As are Nerds on a Rope!
[07:25pm] <Cao_Cao> No... can't get them over here any more. :(
[07:25pm] <Danielle> Wow
[07:26pm] <JiaGai> sourpatch kids
[07:26pm] <Lady-Kerrington> Well, that sucks.
[07:26pm] <Fengxian> This isn't even remotely funny compared to normal thread worthy discussions.
[07:26pm] <Danielle> Ma Chao has wiped out 4 units
[07:26pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Nerds are almost impossible to get in the UK

Then it just turns into RTK discussions. Mnah.

The time -ought- to be GMT, but mIRC is in a funny mood... so just put all of the times forward an hour.

More insanity, a clip from yours truly, me.

[12:56pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> Low Aerial eXo-thermic Aeration Torpedo Instigation Virus Explosive System!
[12:56pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> LAXATIVES!
[12:56pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> mwah!

Yes, I -am- terminally insane. Ph34r.
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Postby SimpleMinded » 11 Apr 2004, 18:04

<BlackMage> Barbarian Nuts....
<XiahouYi`ten> ...
<BlackMage> That's a weird name for an IF group.
<Deng_Ai> Mmm, Barbarian dry-roasted nuts.
* Deng_Ai_Hiding has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Minzhi_Working> ...
<Danielle_Busy> No.
<JiaGai> barbarian boiled nuts
<Minzhi_Working> You shut up.
<Minzhi_Working> Just...now.
<SimpleMinded> Thats just wrong.
<Deng_Ai> Why? What;s wrong with peanuts?
<Kozzi> Black Lotus Barbarian People >_>
<BlackMage> At least its not mongolian nuts.
<Deng_Ai> Or cashews, if you prefer. ;)
<SimpleMinded> Hun-nuts by Atilla!
<SimpleMinded> also in honey roasted.
<BlackMage> ^To get that joke, think back to when Jaime made mongolian jerky out of a PC.
<SimpleMinded> ....
<SimpleMinded> Hunny Nut Cheerios
<XiahouYi`ten> ....
<SimpleMinded> .....stopping.
* DieHard goes to post something for the Staff to check out.
* XiahouYi`ten nods.
<BlackMage> If no one in here had mental scars before, they do now.
<BlackMage> Hunny Nut Cheerios...lmao
I beat Xiahou Mao at Halo on the regular.
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Postby Xu Weiqiang » 13 Apr 2004, 18:31

Due to popular undemand, and Jaime telling me to, I present to thee, this epic tome of patheticness!

[09:24pm] <Kiwi> Nan Ten Liang (DZY351378): Xi Ping?
[09:24pm] * %BlackMage blocks with the POWER of EVIL!
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> Wiwi yes.
[09:25pm] <CaoVhal> Cao Jiao (Cao Vhal): Nan Pi!
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> ....
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> Wiwi.
[09:25pm] <CaoVhal> ..wiwi!
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> That name is going to stick.
[09:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> oO
[09:25pm] <Kiwi> Wiwi?
[09:25pm] * CaoVhal is now known as Wiwi
[09:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> lol
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> Wiwi!
[09:25pm] <%BlackMage> Jia! Join the Quan Zhen Ji! The power of evil compells you!
[09:25pm] <JiaGai> Oui oui
[09:25pm] * Danielle_Bathing is now known as Danielle_Busy
[09:25pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> hey JG
[09:25pm] <Wiwi> Mwhaha!
[09:25pm] <Kiwi> My custom title!
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> Wiwi!
[09:25pm] * Song_Yue_Yuan fires his Lucky Cat Hyper Cannon at BlackMage!
[09:25pm] <@LK|SimWork> Wiwi the Drunken Kiwi.
[09:25pm] <SimpleMinded> LMAO!
[09:26pm] <Le`Ti`Jian> XD
[09:26pm] <Kiwi> LOL
[09:26pm] <Wiwi> lmao
[09:26pm] * %BlackMage rolls for defense.
[09:26pm] <Danielle_Busy> Hi Jaime.
[09:26pm] <Song_Yue_Yuan> Drunken Kiwi?

Read it. You -know- it makes sense.
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Postby JiangXun » 15 Apr 2004, 01:21

Why did the chicken...er...deer cross the road? wrote:<Salah> Kong Fu Tzu once say Why did chicken cross the road? I don't know that's why I ask.
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> To get to the other side...otherwise, there would be no reason to cross it...
<Tzu> why would the chicken want to get to the otherside? Surely there has to be a reason or enticement for it to cross...
<CaoVhal> Food!
<CaoVhal> or maybe a Roster?
<CaoVhal> Rooster*
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> why do deer cross roads? To get hit by a speeding car? I think not...they merely wish to get to the other side
* Kong_Fu_Tzu wonders if his is being too literal
<Tzu> There is still a reason why they want to cross the road.
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> yes, the reason being, to get to the other side of the road
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> is that not reason enough?
<Tzu> why would they want to get to the otherside if there was no reason?
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> Or must the deer see a sign advertising free human repellant?
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> ...i can't beleive we are debating why it is that the chicken/deer crossed the road...but lets continue
<MysticDragon> better grazing grounds, smell more or better mates, trying to win bet with the chicken...
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> Or, just to get to the other side!
* Tzu has quit IRC (Exit: )
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> lol
<MysticDragon> but there must be an incentive besides..."hey i'm on this side, why not that side?
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> why do animals do much of what they do?
<CaoVhal> The grass is always greener on the other side of the road.
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> for the mere fact, they can
<MysticDragon> why do humans do what we do
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> but is protected by the evil machina!
<Kong_Fu_Tzu> b/c humans are stupid?
<reiswind> because we are but mere puppets in the grand scheme of things
* MysticDragon grows tired of senseless blabberings...
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