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Postby Lu Hong » 09 May 2003, 03:17

Ahh, the wonders of IRC. IRC? What's that you say? Internet Relay Chat is one of the oldest forms of chat and most addicting on the net. If you already know about it, then don't let me stop you!

Server: irc.lunarnet.org
Channel: #simrtk

Channel is being run by server operator Shen Dao. Feel free to use it 24/7.

IRC is an excellent way of opening new doors in large communitys such as SimRTK. mIRC is perhaps one of the most popluar IRC clients available. For those that don't know anything about it... I'll help you out.

Download mIRC and install it. Open the program and the Options window by File > Options... . There you can configure your server list (irc.lunarnet.org) and your personal information such as your nickname for chat. When your finished, click "Connect to IRC Server" and wait for the server to log you in. From there, to access the channel you type in...

/join #simrtk

... and your there! That simple. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

There is also a Java version of the RTK Chatroom (Provided by Lucian Flamestrike, so make sure to thank him)
-Launch your internet browser

-type in the url irc.flamestrikesforge.uni.cc

-Let the java applet load and if any boxes concerning security come up just click run or accept.

-when its loaded use /nick <username> to change your name

-use /join #<channel> to join the appropriate channel. The applet automatically connects to irc.lunarnet.org

-once in the channel enjoy chatting with your simrtk or other sim buddies!
Note: simirc may not work on certain university firewalls.

You will need to change the server to lunarnet.org to be able to access the chat using this.

The Big, Bad, Rules of #simrtk
If you do not follow these rules, the ops and half ops may kick or ban you as necessary. If you are excessive in breaking the rules, you will get warned on the forum itself.

:arrow: All rules that are applicable on this forum also apply in IRC. That means no spamming (see below), no flaming, no trolling.
:arrow: Spam in IRC is not simply flooding the channel with a lot of text copied and pasted at once. Emoting for tke sake of emoting - when it goes beyond about 10 lines in IRC - is also considered spam. This means conversations that look something like this:

* ircbot stabs sillyplayer
* sillyplayer dodges it with the power of cheese
* cheeseball doesn't like being used as a shield, splatters on sillyplayer's face
* ircbot cries and stabs cheeseball

Should be restrained. Standard spam rules (spamming a lot of dots or words without meaning) also apply.
:arrow: Excessive use of Internet-speak, 1337-speak or chat fads (such as the "O RLY?" "YA RLY"! exchange) are banned. While these are acceptable in small doses, too much use is spamming and just plain annoying.
:arrow: Flaming and trolling in IRC are the same as they are on the boards. While banter is not a bad thing, there is a limit to how much can occur. If it might hurt someone's feelings, or is intended to insult them, don't say it. This applies even if the person is not in IRC or does not come to IRC.

:arrow: If you get into an argument with another person, learn to take it to query or drop it entirely from IRC. Exposing the room to personal arguments is uncalled for.

:arrow: Some topics must be limited in the forums because of age appropriateness or because of the inherant hostility in them. Remember that the forum and IRC are both PG-13 areas; sexual innuendos and sexual discussions therefore should be limited. Topics such as religion, politics, abortion, etc, may also be asked by the ops to be ceased if they get out of hand. An op's decision is final.

:arrow: Profanity is likewise to be kept at a minimum. Excessive profanity or vulgarity is unacceptable.

:arrow: Abusing kick-scripts, quote-scripts, or other kinds of scripts by using them repeatedly in a short amount of time will result immediately in a kick. If the behavior continues, or has been warned about before, it will result in a ban.

:arrow: IRC handles (your screenname) should be no longer than 15 characters, in general. You should also never take the name of another member, as impersonation or attempts to flame someone by their own name are unacceptable. Please try to stick to one name. Changes for no reason are frowned upon.

:arrow: When the channel is put into +m mode, it is being silenced for moderation purposes (usually because the channel has got out of hand). Do not attempt to talk in the channel by changing your screenname (once or repeatedly). If you need to talk, query an op.

:arrow: The ops (@) and half ops (%) in IRC have the right to make a judgement call at any time, and their word is final. If they ask you to stop a certain behavior, you are expected to stop immediately, and any kicks or bans that result will be reinforced by the administration. If you feel any kicks/bans are abusive, you may bring the issue up to Xiahou Mao.

:arrow: The following jokes are not allowed under any circumstances:
Pedophilia-related jokes.
Sexual assault jokes.
"Your momma" jokes.
Racial slur words in any context.
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Postby Dao » 10 May 2003, 01:00

With the purpose of encouraging people to join in on the immense fun that is IRC, I post this quote:

Some goons in #simrtk wrote:(050903)[09:54 pm] <ShenDao> LOL.
(050903)[09:54 pm] <Zhou_Ce> we had one yesterday
(050903)[09:54 pm] <ShenDao> "I farted out fire" joined Tir McDonald.
(050903)[09:55 pm] <Lady-Kerrington> lol, what an interesting coincidence
(050903)[09:55 pm] * LuJohn has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
(050903)[09:55 pm] * ShenDao thinks this says something about the food that McDonald's vast northern fastfood empire sells.
(050903)[09:55 pm] <Lady-Kerrington> LMAO.
(050903)[09:56 pm] <ShenDao> I should post that quote in the #simrtk thread.

I would like to apoligize to Tir for screwing up his name like that, but I always get a kick out of it for some strange reason.

EDIT: Someone has informed me that my above comment is "not nice". I really don't mean any offense-- I'm just joking around. If anyone else tells me they're offended, I'll happily edit it out.
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Postby Lady Kerrington » 14 May 2003, 10:25

Sugarbear wrote:lol good job, you guys see me in there from time to time :) fun stuff, talking about vomiting on shoes.

Just to clear that episode up (it was all his fault!):

<Saka_Shi> .........
* Lady-Kerrington eats the dots
<Lady-Kerrington> I hope those were chocolate chip dots!
<Saka_Shi> they were rabbit pellets
<Saka_Shi> but, which pellet do I ask, in, or out?
<Lady-Kerrington> EWWWWWWWWW
* Lady-Kerrington coughs and spits
* Lady-Kerrington gags herself
* Saka_Shi laughs and points
* Lady-Kerrington throws up on Saka Shi's new shoes
* Saka_Shi is pretty miffed that he was wearing the shoes when she threw up in them.
* Lady-Kerrington smirks and cleans herself up and sits back down
<Lady-Kerrington> Oh... what a pity, those were nice shoes.
* Saka_Shi takes off his shoes and goes home to cry
* Lady-Kerrington laughs and points!
* Saka_Shi cries in the corner
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Postby Deng » 12 Jun 2003, 18:41

Funny thing that happened

* LiuBei_hater gives Fou a lollupop
* LiuBei_hater gives Lady K a lollypop
<FouWa> :D
<Lady-Kerrington> YAY!
* FouWa has a...lollupop.
* Lady-Kerrington licks her lollipop.
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Postby Junts » 13 Sep 2003, 06:01

<XiahouMao> Before I leave, lets all slap Junts!
* XiahouMao slaps Junts
* XiahouMao was kicked by Junts (Mikey SMASH! I win.)
<Deng> Woosh!
<BobPalindrome> Gao, make it mandatory for your officers to post in your RP thread.
<JiaGai> hah!
* Deng slaps Junts around a bit with a large, unidentifiable aquatic organism.
* Deng was kicked by Junts (Mikey SMASH! I win.)
* Deng has joined #simrtk
<Deng> Woosh!
<Lady-Kerrington> LMAO
<Deng> Oy.
* Chris_XiaoLian slaps junts with a stuffed fish
* Chris_XiaoLian was kicked by Junts (Mikey SMASH! I win.)
<Deng> Woosh!
<Lady-Kerrington> Your filter worked after you came back, that was funny.
<Deng> Woosh script!
* Chris_XiaoLian has joined #simrtk
* BobPalindrome slaps Junts from the grassy knoll.
<JiaGai> everyone wants to smack juntsy it seems
* BobPalindrome was kicked by Junts (Mikey SMASH! I win.)
<Deng> Woosh!
<Chris_XiaoLian> lol
<Lady-Kerrington> Err, script, not filter.
* ZhangGao slpas Junts with the the nearest blunt object
* BobPalindrome has joined #simrtk
<Chris_XiaoLian> love that
<Deng> Hmm.
* Deng wonders..
<Lady-Kerrington> Well, that makes my exiting by slap pretty weak.
* Deng smacks Junts around a bit with a large, unidentifiable aquatic organism.
<Junts> lol
<Deng> Take that!
<Chris_XiaoLian> hhee
<Deng> :P
* Lady-Kerrington slaps Junts around a bit with a large trout
* Lady-Kerrington was kicked by Junts (Dumbpidity: 70% - Mikey SMASH!)
<Deng> Woosh!
* Lady-Kerrington has joined #simrtk
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Lady-Kerrington
<Junts> lol jaime
<Lady-Kerrington> I just have to say.
<Lady-Kerrington> OUCH.
<Junts> ouch what?
<Chris_XiaoLian> hehe
<Lady-Kerrington> 70%??
<Junts> lol
<ZhangGao> lol
* Deng wonders if he has any knee-cap left.
<JiaGai> I sense much dumbpidity in you
<Junts> it goes up to 98
<Junts> 23-98%
<ZhangGao> got to love the dumbipity levels in here
<Lady-Kerrington> I didn't do that bad. :(
<Junts> lol
* Lady-Kerrington slaps Junts!
* Lady-Kerrington was kicked by Junts (Mikey SMASH! I win.)
<Deng> Woosh!

Apparently my script is becoming highly popular, I'd thought they'd want it deleted...yes, those kicks are automatic ;P
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Postby Deng » 17 Sep 2003, 07:06

Yay for double-postiness... Latest attack on my dignity right here ^_^

[03:57] <BlackMage> Don't forget the illiterate tank, Zhan Nan Hai...
[03:58] <JiaGai> he's only semi-illiterate, he only needs help once in awhile, really!
[03:58] <Deng> ...
[03:58] * Deng runs off to cry.
[03:59] * BlackMage gives Deng some cookies.
[03:59] <BlackMage> Hit 2/3rds a page Jia...
[04:01] <JiaGai> krikey, mate!
[04:01] <Junts> Zhan Nan Hai writes:
[04:01] * LSY|||av-modding is now known as LSY|||away-ish
[04:01] <Junts> Hi! My name is Zhan. Zhan Nan Hye. How are you tooday? I hope you are having fun! I got to kill an assassin yesturday, it was fun! I choppeded his head off! I hope you got to have fun, too! Bye now! Zhan.
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Postby Junts » 10 Oct 2003, 01:19

<Mikey> 95.39..
<BlackMage> 00.04%
<BlackMage> 99/94%^
<BlackMage> Hee hee hee....99.99%
<BlackMage> The hell?
<Mikey> what?
<BlackMage> It's done but its still downloading....
<BlackMage> 100.09% O.o
<Mikey> hahahahahahahahahaha
<BlackMage> Why is that funny? It's gonna do it to you too.
<Mikey> because it crushed your hopes
<Mikey> it wont crush mine
<BlackMage> .....
* BlackMage begins sobbing softly.
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Postby Junts » 13 Oct 2003, 10:56

* JiaGai can't remember who Yi Ji is
<Elsy> Yin mo !
<BlackMage> The guy who warned Liu Bei about the curse of the Dei Lu horse.
<Mikey> Yi Ji was the Liu Biao civil officer who kept protecting Liu Bei
<BlackMage> Deli*
<JiaGai> ah
<Mikey> the..Dilu horse
<Mikey> not Deilu
<Mikey> as funny as that is..
<Mikey> thats so going in the #SIMRTK thread
<BlackMage> lol
<BlackMage> lmao
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Postby Junts » 14 Oct 2003, 07:07

<BlackMage> We now have two self-rightous people in Shan Yue.
<BlackMage> Baboon's ass, and Long-winded boy.
<Luo> Hey.
* BlackMage was kicked by Mikey (because I've only done it once this month.)
<Luo> I earned it =P I temporarily killed spam in the Tavern.
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
* BlackMage was kicked by Mikey (because I've only done it twice this month.)
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
* BlackMage was kicked by Mikey (because I've only done it thrice this month.)
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
<BlackMage> Common, one more.
<Fighter> rofl
<BlackMage> You can do it.
<BlackMage> I have faith in ya, ya baboon's ass.
<Mikey> I dont know the next word.
<JiaGai> frice?
<Luo> I don't care what anyone says. That's right up there with KOing Mike Tyson.
<Fighter> quatro?
* BlackMage was kicked by Mikey (@#$@ it, only 4 times.)
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
The extraordinarily ancient Liu Cao of ages past.
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Postby Qiaoie » 05 Nov 2003, 11:57

<Qiaoie> is your choppy chop withdrawal the same as my RP withdrawal?
* Danielle[Liying] (phrenzied4@619443F.3AE2AE4E.7F8137D0.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
<JiaGai> unfortunately, yes
* JiaGai sighs and lowers his head
<Qiaoie> I feel your pain ;_;
<Qiaoie> Well i did feel your pain a few days ago, but then I began RPing like crazy again
* JiaGai shakes his fist at Qiaoie
* JiaGai then curls up in the corner and cries
* Qiaoie throws a cookie in Jia's directoin
<Qiaoie> *ion
* JiaGai eats the cookie
<Qiaoie> it was a power up withdrawal cure cookie!
<JiaGai> I feel cured!
<DieHard> weeeee
<DieHard> posted in QDoS
* JiaGai belches
<JiaGai> no wait, it was just gas
<DieHard> yummy
<Qiaoie> x.x
<DieHard> wow...I think Luo's job is being filled by Elysia!
* BobGodfather lets JG choppy chop him
* JiaGai choppy chops Bob
* BobGodfather is choppy chopped!
* BobGodfather is now known as BobChoppyChopped
* JiaGai dances around all happy and stuff

Well, I couldn't help immortalizing it. It's so cute! And Jia is dancing around happy in the end! (haha, there's more but it will ruin the whole point).
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Postby Su Li » 20 Nov 2003, 04:55

[22:41] <XiahouMao> Children? We don't fight in my IRC.
[22:41] <Sinistar> you're not worth my time anymore
[22:41] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...
[22:41] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Children?
[22:41] * Harimau is in a banning mood tonight
[22:41] <XiahouMao> Thank you. ;)
[22:41] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...*twitch*
[22:41] > woot
[22:41] > the banstick
[22:41] <Heretic> Haplo, you better cool it.
[22:41] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Damn this twitch
[22:41] <BlackMage> Posted, now one of you go reply and have us do something.
[22:42] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *cough*... I'm just going to drink my coffee now.
[22:42] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> :How did he know I was a child, dammit
[22:42] * Sinistar goes to look at the post
[22:42] <Harimau> we are all rob's children supposedly
[22:42] <Deng> hmmmmmmmm........ dark tavern? sounds fun.
[22:42] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> I-We... Ewww!
[22:42] <Heretic> says you Iwan.
[22:43] > rob is the all-powerful...iwan is the all-more-powerful that just pretends to be not as powerful
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...very well
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *pull son Rob's sleeve*
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> On*
[22:43] <BlackMage> Difference is Rob is the mean one.
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *doh*
[22:43] <BlackMage> He bans man, woman, and child.
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...
[22:43] > don't forget dogs and cats as well
[22:43] <BlackMage> Iwan just bans men, women, and idiots.
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> what about children?
[22:43] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> or do they count as idiots?
[22:43] <Harimau> actually, ive only banned one woman so far
[22:44] *** Joins: Thief
[22:44] <Harimau> and that was because she was just asking for it -_-
[22:44] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Ooook... Who's Rob, and who's Iwan?
[22:44] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Yo thief!!
[22:44] <BlackMage> ....
[22:44] <Deng> I'm Iwan!
[22:44] <Thief> well
[22:44] <Deng> *cough*
[22:44] <BlackMage> Is it that hard to guess?
[22:44] <BlackMage> Really.
[22:44] > those that are asking for it...deserve to get it
[22:44] <Thief> I got Zhang Fei done Junts
[22:44] <Harimau> Deng is Iwan
[22:44] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...yes.
[22:44] <Harimau> Thief is Rob
[22:44] <Thief> who else did you need again?
[22:44] *** Quits: XiahouMao (Ping timeout)
[22:44] * BlackMage is rob. Can and will ban.
[22:44] <Thief> I am?
[22:44] <Thief> I mean
[22:44] <Thief> I am!
[22:44] <Deng> we have many Robs.
[22:45] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Thief
[22:45] * Thief bans BM!
[22:45] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *pokes thief*
[22:45] * BlackMage bans Thief!
[22:45] <Thief> nope
[22:45] <Thief> dont work
[22:45] <Thief> since I banned you first!
[22:45] <Thief> lol
[22:45] * BlackMage makes Iwan tavern moderator and changes his username to Haven...
[22:45] > Rob was robbed of his identity
[22:45] <Thief> yeah?
[22:45] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> I see that BM's still here.
[22:45] * BlackMage hides!!!!
[22:45] <Deng> son of a....... J, why do you get to slack off?
[22:45] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *gives BM some amnesia dust*
[22:45] <Sinistar> because I posted first
[22:45] <Sinistar> nyeah
[22:46] *** Joins: XiahouMao
[22:46] *** ChanServ sets mode: +a XiahouMao
[22:46] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o XiahouMao
[22:46] <Harimau> XiahouMao here is named Ian
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Hey Xiahou
[22:46] <XiahouMao> Hard to threaten people when I disconnect. :(
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Ian
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> hee
[22:46] <Harimau> yes, his name is Ian
[22:46] > threaten away
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...
[22:46] * Harimau is known as James
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Are you sure?
[22:46] <Harimau> yes very sure
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> v_v...
[22:46] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Certain?
[22:46] * BigSisPrinny is known as the Big Bad Booty Prinny
[22:47] <Harimau> very certain
[22:47] <Deng> yes, Harimau is our badass friend from Utah.
[22:47] <XiahouMao> No, your name is Ian, Ian.
[22:47] * BlackMage slacks off with Jia.
[22:47] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> ...Isn't that DHD on the roof with the sniper rifle?
[22:47] <Harimau> Lady kerrington is known is Maria
[22:47] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Gummy Turban
[22:47] <Harimau> as*
[22:47] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> as?
[22:48] <Griffinmore> He was correcting himself.
[22:48] <Deng> have fun with the explanations, James.
[22:48] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> <action> test
[22:48] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Ok, plan b
[22:48] * Harimau is not going to explain anything
[22:48] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *slowly walks over and slams head against wall*
[22:48] * BigSisPrinny doesn't think Harimau should
[22:49] * Harimau has the feeling this should be immortalised somehow
[22:49] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *Feels that DHD is going to shoot Harimau, very quickly*
[22:49] <Deng> yes, but we have to wait until the bird has flown the coop.... otherwise they'll notice too quickly.
[22:49] <Harimau> lol someone post this in the #simrtk thread
[22:49] * BigSisPrinny think only the good parts should be cut and pasted
[22:49] * Harimau gives permission for Su Li to do so
[22:50] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Yo
[22:50] <Deng> Iwan tells Su Li to go post it.
[22:50] <Deng> Iwan as in me.
[22:50] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> anyone know how go grant the purple writing?
[22:50] * BlackMage post his slacking off.
[22:50] > how far do we go back?
[22:50] > lol
[22:50] * Deng doesn't know
[22:50] <Harimau> as far as the banning thing
[22:50] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> smartass
[22:50] <Harimau> so that people know why we did i
[22:50] <BlackMage> It's a gift from Jesus. (Zhang Jiao)
[22:50] <BlackMage> Only the children of the yellow turban may use this incredible magic.
[22:50] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Zhang Jiao? Isn't he that Yellow Turban freak...
[22:50] <BlackMage> He insults Jesus! Kill him!
[22:51] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> Aiee..
[22:51] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *prays to Man Tze Long*
[22:51] <Deng> Jue was not a freak.
[22:51] * BlackMage bans Man Tze Long.
[22:51] <Haplo_Of_The_Patryns> *rumbly voice* ToUcH mE aNd FeEl ThE fUrY oF ... pUg!
[22:52] * BlackMage bans Haplo.

The reason Admins invented bansticks.
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Postby Thief » 21 Nov 2003, 07:52

<Thief> rofl
<Thief> man
<Thief> I just read Bob's little highschool story
<BlackMage> lol
<BlackMage> Disturbing isn't it?
<Sinistar> hee hee
<Thief> you totally neglected us folks up north though
<Thief> lol
<BobSoFreshSoClean> I couldn't think of anything good
<BlackMage> and that's bad.....why?
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Cao Cao would be the class president, I guess :P
<BlackMage> ...
<Thief> student body president
<Thief> lol
* BlackMage sees Liu Bei as the popular one, Sun Ce as a jock and Cao Cao as the stoner/bully.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Stoner?
<Sinistar> bah, Cao Cao would have others bully for him
<BlackMage> For how paranoid Cao Cao was?
<Thief> exactly
<Thief> I would like to see
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Heh, Clone High done RTK style
<Thief> Bob's interpretation of XD
<Thief> for his story
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> lol
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Xiahou Dun?
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Had his eye shot out by a spitwad!
<Thief> That's Shi Mi Zi though
<Thief> Dun still have his eye in the sim
<Sinistar> nah, it was a paperclip
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Now everyone teases him and calls him the "One-Eyed Monster"
<BlackMage> He then took the spitwad out, ate his eye and kicked the guy who shot him in the nads!
<Thief> Gu Guang can have a chemistry teacher!
<BobSoFreshSoClean> ...
<BlackMage> Chong Ming the librarian!
<BlackMage> Wang Huang the gym teacher!
<BobSoFreshSoClean> No, Wang Huang teaches shop.
<Thief> Shao Limian as the attractive teacher that Anyao has the hots for!
<BlackMage> No wonder he's missing 9 fingers....
* Thief snickers
<BlackMage> Thief: "Dear Penthouse, I have the hottest teacher. One day after class...."
<XiahouMao> Pei Yuan Shao?
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> Hmm.
<Thief> Janitor!
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Drama club president!
<BlackMage> Pei would be the janitor/person who doesn't exist?
<XianZhuXuande> Band...
<BobSoFreshSoClean> "You boys stay off that there floor
<XianZhuXuande> Choir.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> "I just mopped it!"
<Thief> PYS: "One time, in band camp..."
<BobSoFreshSoClean> "Shut up, Mr. Pei, you don't exist!"
<BlackMage> Dear god no Thief....
<BobSoFreshSoClean> *poof*
<Thief> Li Ming = Principal?
<XianZhuXuande> Vice Principle.
<XianZhuXuande> The Principle is always a weenie.
<BlackMage> Emperor Xian = The most picked on kid in school?
<Thief> lol
<XianZhuXuande> The balls always seem to exist in the VP.
<Thief> Xian = Principle
<XianZhuXuande> There ya go.
<XianZhuXuande> He won't discipline the kids.
<Thief> what's Ju Zhang then?
<BlackMage> Hmm...
<XianZhuXuande> But Li Ming beats them against lockers.
<Thief> with books!
<BlackMage> Dong Zhuo = Creepy cafateria worker.
<XiahouMao> Ju Zhang can be the creepy librarian. ;0
<Thief> lol
<XiahouMao> Who everyone knows is up to no good, but who never actually seems to accomplish anything besides acting menacing.
<Thief> rofl
<XiahouMao> You know the librarian I'm talking about!
<BlackMage> You just know Zhen Ji, Diao Chan, Zhu Rong, and Sun Shang Xiang would be the ever-so-popular cheerleaders...
<XiahouMao> I don't know that Zhu Rong would be a cheerleader..
<Thief> Diao Chan would be some ditzy subsitute teacher
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Zhu Rong would be the gym teacher. :P
<BlackMage> lol
<Thief> lol
<XiahouMao> And Zhen Ji would be the band teacher.
<BlackMage> Shiyuan would be the art teacher who stays stoned/wasted.
<Thief> hmm, Zhou Youping and Zheng Xie would be funny to depic though hehe
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Zhang He would teach drama...
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Xu Chu would teach special ed.
<BlackMage> Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhang Liao, Pang De, ect would be the football team.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Or be *in* special ed
<XianZhuXuande> TA in Special Ed.
<BlackMage> Liu Shan would definetly be in there.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Huang Zhong would be the college guy who never left :P
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> Or the dropout who came back?
<BlackMage> Like on those commericals....
<BobSoFreshSoClean> oooh, yeah
<BobSoFreshSoClean> "I'm back for my G.E.D.!"
<BlackMage> Give him a rascal electric wheelchair.
<Thief> Bob, you have enough material now for another short story right?
<Sinistar> nah, a segway
<BobSoFreshSoClean> And then some. :P
<Thief> and kickass spitball ability!
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> Kongming would be the school genius of course.
<Thief> Huang Zhong, able to huck a luggi(sp?) from the end of one hall to the other end!
<XianZhuXuande> Who gets beat up before every lunch by Dian Wei.
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> "I will not go out with you Zhen Ji. Not unless you ask three times."
<BobSoFreshSoClean> I'd have to write it about the RTK chars, though, not SimRTK... The Pang Qian bit was just satirizing fanbois meeting their "idols" in the game
<Thief> yup
<Sinistar> indeed
<Thief> you could do a mix or something
<BlackMage> The sim will never be the same again.
<Thief> Li Ming as VP would be cool to see
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> Once again mIRC will be the source of horror that plagues said sim.
<Thief> Gin = school clown?
<XianZhuXuande> Isn't it always?
<BlackMage> We shall be feared for the demented people we are.
<BlackMage> As it should be.
<XianZhuXuande> Zhang He... I'll shut up.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> heh, maybe I'll whip something up after dinner. I can't stay up too long since I have to be up by six to go to a wedding.
<BlackMage> The school homosexual?
* BlackMage hides.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> And I won't be back until Sunday.
<XianZhuXuande> I was going to take it further.
<BobSoFreshSoClean> Drama teacher!
<Thief> teacher who diberately fails male students?
<Thief> then orders them to come in afterschool for "special help"?
<XianZhuXuande> Haha.
<XianZhuXuande> For lessons.
<Thief> or that
<Thief> lol
<XianZhuXuande> Give him Michael Jackson's voice.
<XiahouMao> We need a Zhang He smiley!
<XianZhuXuande> Haha.
<Thief> lol
<XianZhuXuande> That's one I'll probably tackle.
<XianZhuXuande> He'll be tough.
<XianZhuXuande> Well...
<Thief> yup
<XianZhuXuande> Tough to make.
<BlackMage> What about Zhou Cang? Spends all his time trying to convince people he exist?
<XianZhuXuande> I'll use Diao Chan as the template.
* BlackMage shrugs.
<XiahouMao> Are you saying Zhang He is soft?
<Thief> lol
<Thief> rofl
<XianZhuXuande> Would I say something like that?
<BlackMage> Zhang He is softer than fresh baked bread!
<XianZhuXuande> *Looks innocent*
<XianZhuXuande> (Or attempts to do so)
<XiahouMao> I have some startling evidence that Zhang He is actually quite hard, quite often!
<XiahouMao> ....
<BlackMage> ....
<XiahouMao> That didn't come out right.
<Thief> ...
<Sinistar> ...
<BlackMage> lmao
<Thief> no it didnt
<Thief> James
<XianZhuXuande> Hahaah.
<XianZhuXuande> Yes?
<Thief> you ought to Priceless Event that little bit
<Thief> lol
<BlackMage> Someone post that in #simrtk.
<BlackMage> It must be seen by the masses.
<XianZhuXuande> Do it.
<Thief> okay
<XianZhuXuande> Should I give Zhang He lipstick?
<XianZhuXuande> Rob can't defend him anymore.
<XianZhuXuande> He already messed that up.
<Thief> lol
* XiahouMao cries
<BlackMage> lol
* BlackMage gives Rob some Zhang He cookie.
<BlackMage> cookies*
<XianZhuXuande> They're hard.
<BlackMage> Impossible. They are modeled after Zhang He after all.
<Thief> lol
* XiahouMao keeps crying

Well, the bossman ordered it, and now it is done!
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Postby Jia Gai » 21 Nov 2003, 15:34

It started with a simple post...
Lady Kerrington wrote:(heehee, rather than dragging her by her OOC arm again...)

Lu Xun, having gotten word that his brother would be waiting, went to the guest room that Xing Liying was staying in, and knocked politely on the door. "Lady Xing? Are you ready? Xuzhe is waiting for us." He shifted on his feet nervously, dressed in casual yet stylish robes, and wearing a new hat that he prayed she'd like, trimmed with a bit of gold.

And then it became insane.
* LadyK_AtSchool goes to post for Liying, giggles
<Mikey> you wouldnt get much, no
<LadyK_AtSchool> I had to do it :(
<Mikey> hahaha
<LadyK_AtSchool> tis the HAT!
<Mikey> ohg od
<Mikey> Ill never look at him the same again
<LadyK_AtSchool> lmao
<LadyK_AtSchool> Just think
<LadyK_AtSchool> You can say something to him
<LadyK_AtSchool> And tell him how utterly ridiculous it looks
<Mikey> rofl..
* Sinistar imagines the look Liu Cao will have on his face
<LadyK_AtSchool> ... Xun, what IS that thing on your head?
<LadyK_AtSchool> lmao
<LadyK_AtSchool> That'd be an interesting way to get his style name
<LadyK_AtSchool> As a joke about the hat.
* LadyK_AtSchool giggles
<Mikey> oh god
<LadyK_AtSchool> Am I right
<LadyK_AtSchool> ?
<Mikey> ......
* Mikey cries.
* Mikey feels like Yuan Shao in the Sun Jian Hissing panel.
* LadyK_AtSchool dies laughing
<LadyK_AtSchool> I love you too Mike
<Mikey> oh come on
<Mikey> that was the perfect analogy
<Mikey> "Xun, why are you wearing that hat?"
<Mikey> Xun strikes a pose.
<LadyK_AtSchool> XD
<Mikey> ...
<LadyK_AtSchool> Xun turns to Liying. "Does it really look that stupid? Aww, Liying, you were just trying to keep from hurting my feelings! I love you too!"
<LadyK_AtSchool> Xun blushes. "errm. Umm. s***, I didn't say that!" Pause. "I mean. I did! I do!"
<LadyK_AtSchool> "Liying, don't walk away now!"
<Mikey> rofl
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
<LadyK_AtSchool> "I'll let you make me a stupid hat next time! I mean. Not that you make stupid hats!"
* BlackMage was kicked by Mikey (Yay!)
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
<BlackMage> I see Mikey is awake...
* BlackMage was kicked by Mikey (Good morning, Ian.)
* BlackMage has joined #simrtk
<BlackMage> Morning to you too Mike. :)
<LadyK_AtSchool> "Oh s***. Xuzhe, help me out? Xuzhe... aww, come on, stop rolling around and laughing on the floor! It's not THAT funny! .... Ming Yue, not you too!"
<Sinistar> hee hee hee
<LadyK_AtSchool> Xun goes running down the hall. "Wait! Liying! Please!" But his robes catch on a door handle and snag, ripping a huge hole in the rear side. "Oh... gah... LIYING!"
<Mikey> ...oh god
<Mikey> And this is the General in Chief if my kingdom.
<LadyK_AtSchool> A guard stops Xun. "Sir, you can't run around exposign yourself like that."
<LadyK_AtSchool> Xun shakes his head, "I'm not exposing myself, I'm trying to get Liying to come talk to me in my room! ... s***, Liying, you didn't hear that!"
<LadyK_AtSchool> "Wait, yes you did, come on, come talk to me!" Xun runs off in the hall with his derrier exposed.
<Sinistar> ...
<Mikey> ...
* Mikey was wrong
* Mikey NOW feels like Yuan Shao.
<LadyK_AtSchool> A man grabs Xun from behind and pulls him to a stop. "Xun, stop running around like a madman."
<LadyK_AtSchool> "L...Liu Bei? Am... am I dreaming?"
<Mikey> ....
* Mikey begins to cry.
<Heretic> Hey Ian
<LadyK_AtSchool> "Yes you are, son. Now wake up, go get dressed without that ridiculous hat, and go get that girl!"
<Mikey> lol
<Sinistar> it must be a dream, Liu Bei is being assertive
<Mikey> lol
<LadyK_AtSchool> Liu Bei then pulls off his mask to reveal...
<Mikey> ...
<LadyK_AtSchool> Huang Gai?
* LadyK_AtSchool snickers
<LadyK_AtSchool> Lost steam. Sorry. ;)
<Mikey> .....
<Mikey> help
<Mikey> you know what I love?
<LadyK_AtSchool> #simrtk thread anyone?
<LadyK_AtSchool> Mm?
<Mikey> I love how everyone wants to bond with GM NPCs
<Mikey> but no one ever rps with them
<Sinistar> yes, this belongs there
<LadyK_AtSchool> Agreed
<LadyK_AtSchool> Someone'll have to post it, I'm in Java
<LadyK_AtSchool> Sides, no fun if I do. ;)
<Mikey> Jia can
<Fighter> Yeah, Jia can get his post count up

Fear IRC. Fear it very much.
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Postby Haven » 24 Nov 2003, 17:17

I have fully cleared this thread of spam, and the first page has been up-dated. Feel free to keep posting funny moments from the chatroom if you want.
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Postby Luo Zhang » 27 Nov 2003, 07:44

My Demented Soul wrote:* Harimau is bored. digs up his tutorial notes and starts working on it again
<Luo> Good idea.
* Luo hunts down his roleplaying notes and starts working on the guide again.
<Harimau> should i do the 36 Strategems first or should i do how to plan ambush/killing Plots, Luo?
<Megan> mmmm
<Megan> the Pokemon RPG does look attractive
<Harimau> ...
* Megan thinks about joining
<Luo> Hmmmm.
<Luo> For such an important question, I shall have to consult the mystics and the portents, for the stars and Heaven shall grant upon me an answer to your inquiry.
<Harimau> lmao
<Liyong> just use a magic eight ball like the rest of us
* Luo pees on a turban and breaks out the magic eight ball and the magic nine ball.
<Luo> Ah, overnight this turban has turned from white into some shade of yellow, and has grown foul. The Black Star has indicated that this means one wishes to foment some sort of rebellion. However, it is not in harmony with the White Star, so this means that such a conjecture is likely a falsehood.
<Megan> You're boring me agian Luo
<Luo> I tried to read the Brightest Star, but the only thing I could interpret was the name of Lord Wenyuan, and many things I could not bear to repeat around innocent children. I do not think that is a good sign, but as events play out, we shall see.
<Luo> 36 Strategems, Iwan =P
<Harimau> i thought as much hehehe
<Mikey> ......
<Luo> Yep. Bigfugginmouth strikes again.
<Liyong> a little bit of my sanity has been chipped away and forever lost thanks to you
<Mikey> you arent really saying this, are you?
<Mikey> Im going to cry now.
<Luo> No, I am so not posting that stuff.
<Luo> Unless it is to #simrtk
<Luo> Heyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

And thus, Big@#$%mouth strikes again. If I made Mikey cry, I scored big time.
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