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What type of character will you create next game V6?

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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Sir Ebrum » 23 May 2017, 00:34

General Representation of Ability
00-10: Terrible, stats in this category are considered sickly or inept and will have a critical negative impact on characters. Stats in this range should be avoided at all costs.
11-20: Very poor, stats in this category represent the lowest percentages of society. Stats in this range also have a serious impact on characters and should be avoided. Intelligence and political scores in this range represent poor speech and an inability to read/write.

Officers with low Politics are poor at administration, development, and relations, and will also present a poor image in court and when meeting leaders. If politics is too low, an officer will be illiterate.

Officers with a low Charisma are more likely to upset and disappoint people they meet, will not inspire loyalty and dedication in those under them, and are more likely to suffer from betrayal and abandonment in general.

So, just as a partial list:
:arrow: The character must never be called upon to help your kingdom's plots.
:arrow: The character's fellow officers desperately hope that no enemy plots target this character.
:arrow: The character must never be left in charge of anything, outside of a battlefield.
:arrow: The character must stay far away from any diplomatic mission. Even acting as the bodyguard is a dubious prospect.
:arrow: The character will gain a reputation as the Kingdom Gilligan.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Mat » 28 Aug 2017, 16:03

I wonder how many v6 character concepts I've gone through since the end of v5. Probably at least 50 by now. Anyone else been spending an unhealthy amount of time thinking up builds/character concepts? My most-recent is a priest of Li Shou, the Chinese cat goddess. :wang:
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby WesternConqueror » 28 Aug 2017, 16:26

I haven't been spending that much time thinking up character builds per se. Though I have been thinking about different characters/backgrounds/personalities to play. :D
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby One Sun Mirror » 11 Sep 2017, 11:22

I could probably populate a small kingdom with them, although I think I've settled on a particular idea... although I'm sure I thought that about all the other ideas too. :roll:
For now though, I'm enjoying all the characters people have put together for the pre-game. There's a pretty diverse casting!
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