V6 Character creation

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What type of character will you create next game V6?

General -
Warrior -
Strategist -
Developer -
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Plotter -
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Custom -
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Total votes : 165

V6 Character creation

Postby Sun Tang » 20 Jun 2010, 15:51

What kind of character will you create next version? Discuss your choice in detail as many types of builds have different types of sub-builds if you like. Dont be afraid to include your skills and stats you would start with. You may change your vote.


I am leaning towards a Plotter/Crafter build with a few modifications from my current build. Early skills i would study up would be Spy and Arson. I would like to start with Zeal and study. I would probably spend my 12 SP this way....assuming we will be on the 12 SP at sign up in V6. If something different, i will likely still settle for something similar.

Stealth (e) - 3 sp
Innocuous - 2 sp
Zeal - 3 sp
Study - 2 sp
Scribe - 2 sp
Total = 12

Stats i would put the most into intelligence and no more than 70 in war. Rest would go to Pol and Cha, with probably 60 in pol.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby MisterSherbetLemon » 21 Jun 2010, 04:46

I'll apparently have two PC sons so my character will likely be the same talkative recruitment/warrior type but with more general traits and a wee bit older. I want some battle action!
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby SuperDianWei » 21 Jun 2010, 05:03

Developer. They are less common than the other classes, they are in supreme demand, and they develop themselves better than any other build, since Pol determines AP. Yeah, you start out as a powder puff, but with all that training power, you can become a powerhouse pretty fast.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Han1977 » 21 Jun 2010, 05:34

I like duel and battles so I choose General type. But I'd like to have Zeal and Study(e) for my next PC then I'll study lots of skill.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby JohannXIV » 21 Jun 2010, 13:11

I'm feeling the urge to rock the high War/high Pol developer. For all the reasons SDW pointed out. Pol is the most important stat for self-improvement, and you almost never see the PS/developer build. Maybe I'll pick up Leader and Civil Engineer so i can build and train. Multipurpose developer but not one likely to spend time on the front lines.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Tian Long » 21 Jun 2010, 14:16

Well, I have been seriously entertaining two possible concepts for V6.
The first being a Wa kingdom barbarian (one of the concepts in my sig) who has made the journey to the mainland for one of three possible reasons (or a mix of some). Relatively young in age, with odd mannerism and a very authentic feel to the Japanese of the time with large body tattoos, a matriarchal bent on social station, a shamanic belief system, and an appreciation for things that the mainland folk might consider odd. (No time traveling, dual katana wielding, uber death monkey, ninjas :lol: )
This concept has very few possible PC tie ins aside from siblings of some sort as he's literally an outsider with not much in common with anyone aside from the belief that his people are descended from Wu Taibo.
Personality wise he's fairly simplistic, curious (almost to a fault), fearless, uneducated (though not unintelligent), and possessed of an unusual amount of patience which defies conventional thought when it comes to barbarians. Being caught up in the chaotic times of the Empire seems to not bother him in the last as his former life was one accustomed to warring tribes. The calmer, more curious side of his personality is based partially on Buliwyf from the 13th Warrior. His more aggressive, simplistic bent is similar to Conan.

Skill wise he's a very capable warrior, but not leader. He is a world class sailor, and enjoys weaving as well. The core skills that will make him up would be Duelist, Navy, and some manner of crafting skill or Agriculture. Skills that reflect his life in a world forged by the sea. Statistically he would lean heavily towards War, with some Int and Pol thrown in as well. This particular concept is one that I've entertained since V4. Those who know about my penchant for character bio's may find this one to be much shorter and thus a tad bit disappointing, than Xiang Quan's was for this version (those who know about it anyway)

The second concept is a middle-aged, renowned (we're talking household name renowned) war hero of the Han people named Zhao Feng (some of you might recognize the name :lol: ). He's symbolic to the Han people as a defender against foreign enemies as well as duty to the throne. His entire life has been spent involved in conflicts against the Han from barbarian tribes both within and outside of the Empire's borders. In addition to this, he has on several occasions quelled minor domestic rebellions against the throne. His battle experience ranges from all types of terrain including naval battles. This character offers many more possible PC tie ins primarily drawing from a pool of other military or government minded individuals who served under or alongside him in one or more of his campaigns. He's a widower and has no living siblings which limits any family ties to children (of which he may have more than one)
The fact that he is a widower is also one of the primary driving forces behind his zeal against foreign barbarians, having both his immediate family members and wife at different point killed by them. Personality wise he is a very complex character who although is very capable of living up to his own legend, is not above making bad choices due to his clouded judgment against those he perceives as threats to his people, particularly the barbarian tribes. He is calm, reserved, wise and a natural leader, the kind who's presence and confidence alone reassures his men and strikes fear into his enemies. This is partially born of learning to contain intense anger and pain at the events of his past that led him on his bloody path, as he firmly believes that the greatest threat to an individual can be oneself. Zhao Feng is based heavily on the Han general Duan Jiong and Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir from Dragon Age.
If I decide on this character, then his bio will likely be more elaborate and lengthy than Xiang Quan's was, and excerpts from it will be available to other PC's who have tie ins to him. (for example each of his major battles will be written out and any other PC's who served under him for those battles will be able to use it for their own bio's as well) The story will not interfere with that which is established as canon which was one of the main issues with Xiang Quan's bio.

Contrary to how he is set up, he will not be in a ruler position :P Sorry guys. :lol:

Skill wise he will be centered upon skills which are cohesive with being a CiC in battle. Leader, Logistics, Formation and Rally come to mind firstly with some other support skills based on how V6 will look. Stats will be fairly straight forward with his Lead being max'd or near max'd out and then an even spread between War Int and Cha.

Of course this could all be subject to change since with no clear end in sight, V5 still has a ways to go (which consequently gives me plenty of time for bio writing :lol: ). Feel free to PM me if you are curious for anymore details.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby JG Chan » 21 Jun 2010, 20:15

It's hard to say anything other than Custom, since I always build characters based on background/personality. Shiyin is technically a recruiter but has unnecessarily high Int and has only done one Search, for example. >.>

So far, the most likely choice would be a weapon shop owner with high War and good Int/Pol/Cha, who'd have Propaganda/Rally yet will never join anyone to fight battles for. :)
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Shinsui » 22 Jun 2010, 05:27

It's official. Rumorbot.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Xe of Greed » 22 Jun 2010, 06:11

Tsao Ziyang.

Nuff said.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby slick » 22 Jun 2010, 23:41

Same as this game. Developer/Scribe. Maybe a slightly higher focus on war, albeit at the expense of charisma rather than pol. Possibly knowledgeable in investigator as well.

Also my character will be a follower of Mo Tzu's beliefs. He will attack people that listen to music and don't do their jobs with 100% efficiency. Literally he will attack them with his staff. He will hate war and protest it every time it happens. He'll also force people to worship ghosts.


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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Leung Sik Gai » 25 Jun 2010, 15:03

I love my rogue character this version, and I finally hit the pinnacle of being the best Rogue built character after 2 tries in 2 versions, so next game its time to try something different. Ill probably try a retainer, or civil build as I haven't tried building one of those yet.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Mangetsu » 26 Jun 2010, 01:03

Still deciding between an aesthetically pleasing young doctor or middle aged masked hero/warrior.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Bei Aoi Rong » 30 Jun 2010, 03:20


Stat's focused on Int/War/Cha. Will wander and preach. Other than that I have no clue on background, personality, ect.
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Re: V6 Character creation

Postby Strong Bad » 30 Jun 2010, 12:52

My initial concept for V6 was to run for a ruler slot as a religious zealot warrior type. Extremely high war, decently high Int and Cha, with any remaining points on Lead. Came up with some nifty RP elements too, but decided against it; besides my prior track record for ruling being what it is, I don't need the headache and elevated blood pressure that comes with ruling. So, I'll remake Xiahou Meng again, this time as a better cavalry general/duelist than I did this version. I underestimated the popularity Raid builds would get this game, so I'll try and make him a lot more focused and specialized in V6.

Xiahou Meng will return for V6. Until then...

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Postby Liu Sun » 30 Jun 2010, 16:57

Definitely a half-orc brutal rogue. Two Kukris, paragon into Shock Trooper.

*shrugs* Probably something as useless as my v5 character.
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