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Re: Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

Postby TheRedArmy » 29 Jan 2015, 04:54

I recently re-watched most of a favorite of mine, Claymore. I believe it was originally a manga that focuses on several characters, which was then adapted into a 26-episode anime with a clear main character, Clare.

Basically, the story is that humanity is in an approximation of the middle ages. There are monsters that roam around the country, called Yoma. Humans are their primary (possibly only) food source. These monsters are extremely fast, strong, and agile compared to humans. They also have the ability to blend in to the population by taking human form. Normal people just don't have a chance against them.

To combat these foes a group known only as The Organization formed a group of fighters that are known as Claymores. Wielding the weapon they are named after, they are infused with Yoma power and called "half-man, half-monster". They are also called "Silver-eyed witches" for their distinctive silver eyes. For some reason, all the fighters are women (this is explained in the show).

The anime is focused and doesn't run on and on, like some. All 26 episodes are relevant and fun to watch. Our main character, Clare, is interesting and the supporting cast is well-done. I remember watching an interview with the main sound producer (I forget his name), and when he first got the pitch, he said something along the lines of "Oh, it's just another show with female warriors". But then when he started reading the script, he was surprised by the deep human feel to it. This is definitely not action-only show. There's some good drama involved, and the actions scenes are mostly great, with only one or two instances of a recycled animation. There are a few emotional scenes that really got to me personally, and the individuals, for the most part, act like actual people. It also doesn't fall into anime clichés too often.

It's really interesting and worth a look. I got the entire series on an impulse buy at the mall for $50. Some searching and effort will likely get it below $40, since it's been out a while. This is an action-packed series with good characters, character development, and solid drama surrounding them. It's definitely something I recommend for fans of this type of show.
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Re: Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

Postby Mal Tijie » 13 Feb 2018, 01:50

Does anyone know if the Sangokushi manga is any good? I usually dont read longer manga bit with the setting it has me interested.
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Re: Anime/Manga Discussion Thread

Postby Paluchino » 29 Nov 2018, 09:08

What's everyone watching nowadays that's new and fun. I binge watched all of My Hero Academia lately and now I'm not sure what to go for next.
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