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Re: Websites

Postby Mal Tijie » 25 Oct 2016, 16:55

Hey there groovy people, are you trying to pass time during your day waiting for v6 to start? Well me too. So you should go ahead and check out this cool gaming channel, The Alarm Gaming. This totally isn't a shameless plug. But new videos should start being uploaded yet again. But check the link below out.

come on, do it.

No really, it's a not a plug...
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Re: Websites

Postby Diethe » 04 Jan 2017, 01:02

Anyone interested in a relaxed-roleplay site based on DBZ to pass the time? Check it out the people are fun and the rules restrict power gaming. Meet me there are Trouza.

Also from the same group of roleplayers but relatively newer and fewer, this one has a dice system in compared to the freeform relaxed RP.
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